Theory The Ending of Whole Cake Island.

Whole Cake Island is repeating BM's most traumatic experience.

  1. Okamakama
    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, Oro Jackson!

    I'd like to preface this theory/speculation with a little disclaimer. I am not of the belief that this will happen. However the implications of this intrigues me and I wish to explore it, and perhaps open your minds to the potential of it as well.

    Let's begin then, shall we?

    Introduction: The Sheep's House

    Let us set the stage.

    As we all know, Big Mom was given to the Sheep's House orphanage by her parents due to her voracious hunger and uncontrollable rampages. Even from birth she was a natural born destroyer and a threat to all those around her.

    Over time Big Mom, or as we shall call her at this point in time, Lin Lin, was a sweetheart who did not understand the implications of her actions. She eventually came to befriend her fellow members of Sheep's House, and they became 'family' to her.

    Yet this whole scenario was fraught with tragedy. Her beloved Mother Carmel was not as she seemed. She sold these orphans for personal profit to the World Government. Lin Lin was intended to be one of these as shown below.


    She was meant to be taken by the Marines to join their ranks. This ultimately would not come to pass, a lost chance for the World Government to bolster their ranks.

    What happened is something we all know by now. Lin Lin, so happy on her birthday, ate and ate and ate without consideration for those around her. She went into one of her famed food frenzies and when she finally became cognizant of her surroundings, everyone was gone. She was alone.


    And she was broken.

    Yet in this instance she had a saviour, or should we call him manipulator? His name was Streusen.


    They would go on to build the Big Mom pirates, one of the most frightful organizations in the world. She was meant to be taken by the government, and instead she became a pirate.

    This is the setting of this theory.

    The Past is Repeating?

    This is not to state that Lin Lin, now Big Mom, is going to to have the exact same events occur, but I think we should inspect the truth of the events at Sheep's House on that fateful day.


    There may be a typo, but it is clear that something very important is repeating. The food that last made her go so delusional that she couldn't see through her tears was a cake. Remind you of something? Yes, of course it does!

    The Wedding Cake that is she is so crazy for right now, the one that Sanji is claims will 'knock her out'.

    Now, we all know Oda. When he makes a character claim something WILL happen, it will either happen in one or two ways. It is either:

    A) A red herring designed to build tension and expectation. Or;
    B) It occurs but still in an unexpected way.

    Think the failed assassination attempt for A and heck, to some regard, the destruction of breaking of Mother Carmel's photo for B. Nobody was expecting it to be Brook to do it.

    There are countless other references I could use that I feel like it isn't necessary to hammer this point home.

    So which of the two do I think will occur? Or at least for this theory to hold weight?


    Big Mom will be 'knocked out' but not in the literal sense. She will not be unconscious. Instead she will be knocked out in terms of awareness. She will go back to that day, all those years ago. The cake will be so 'yummy' that she will lose all her senses and go into an eating frenzy.

    I personally think this is how the prediction of Perospero being killed by BM will come true. She won't discover his lie, but she needn't do so, not under classification B. She told Persospero that if he lies, she will kill him. He lied. It will happen. But how?

    In her feeding frenzy!

    But back to the main point. The cake will make her lose her faculties, effectively 'knocking her out'.

    Now what else is going on?

    Well let's take this picture and theorise what may happen?


    The boats are on the sea. All the tart navy are going for the Strawhats. A battle will likely ensue. Yet, what is the outcome? First of all, let's consider her current fighting strength from the top echelons of her followers.

    Cracker is defeated. Snack was defeated before the arc. Katakuri is being heavily foreshadowed to go down this arc. Taking these three out of the equation leaves her with only one top commander left - Smoothie.

    I'm going to wager Smoothie is on one of these ships.

    So, effectively, most of her strongest force are out for the count. Her other top members are on the sea. The stage is set I believe for a full out navel war.

    Naval War.

    Now, I'm going to suggest something that I know my fellow theorists have speculated on already, yet given that I do not know the original source, I will just state that this is not my discovery. A Buster Call is coming.


    The cake on the cover is clearly an allusion to how the Tamatebako blew up the original cake. And Buster Call being the title may also be a further hint at one to come. It does sound rather fitting given that Stussy of CP0 said this as the Chateau fell:


    This really could be the perfect time to strike for the World Government!

    Now where do I differ from everybody else on this?

    I think... the Marines may have already reached Whole Cake Island.

    Now you may ask me what my personal belief for this is. I'd like to pass it off as just an instinct, for I have no absolute conclusive evidence, but I want to at least explain how it is possible.

    First the Sea Slugs have been disabled by my beautiful lady, Praline~


    If anybody was going to slip through undetected, now is the time. Also, this is the greatest moment of weakness we know of for the BM Pirates.

    Why else do I think they might be here? I don't know why but I find myself somewhat on board with the following theory by @Echi

    Yet I do not believe it was anyone mentioned by him. It could be an indication that the World Government has already arrived and are beginning their operation to systematically dismantle the BM pirates. Oven is a threat to the Buster Call with his ability to heat up the ocean. Furthermore he was vulnerable.

    So where does this leave us? The Buster Call is coming on one side, but who else?

    Well, we know the Firetank pirates are also coming with the cake, but don't forget the Germa Double Six!


    So, converging on this point are a wide variety of people. The Germa with their clone army. The Firetank Pirates. The entire Tart Fleet. The Strawhats. And as theorised, the World Government (but I think they'll intervene at the very end of this conflict).

    The Last Meal

    Now, even with this huge army of allies, can the SH pirates really prevail in this situation? Common sense dictates no. Even with the Germa and the Firetanks, they may not be able to win against these odds. Yet, let's go back to Sheep's House. If the theories are to be believed, Big Mom ate her own family when she reached that state of bliss.

    So this is what I am theorising. The Big Mom pirates will start to get the upper hand in the conflict, and it will start looking rough for the SHs and their newfound allies, but then, one man changes the tide of battle.

    Sanji and his cake.

    As his brothers look on, he will prove to them that his path was not wrong. That cooking is something to be respected. He will feed Big Mom, and she my fellow One Piece lovers, will be the tide turner!

    She will go into a frenzy of absolute joy and kill Perospero. She will then decimate her own happiness (her family) like she did all those years ago. This time not out of rage but euphoria. She will chomp down of her Tart Ships much like she did as a child when she ate the table. She will repeat the past and the SHs and Co will have their opportunity to escape.

    The Finale: Coming Full Circle.

    The woman comes back to her senses. All around her is destruction. Her family is in ruins, her kingdom tattered and everybody has 'abandoned her' once more. She breaks down, crying, wondering where everybody is and then, somebody comes for her.

    But it's not Streusen.

    It is the World Government.

    In earnest the Buster Call now surrounds her. Ready to take her away, much like they should have all those years ago. This time not as a member of their ranks, but a prisoner.

    The past has repeated itself, but this time fate is not her friend. And this is how I theorise the Whole Cake Island Arc will end, leading into some very interesting implications for the Reverie!

    Epilogue from the author

    This is not a theory I foresee coming to pass. Yet I wanted to offer up an alternate end to the arc than most people have been proposing. It was very fun writing this, and I hope you all enjoyed!

    Kind regards,


    Special Thanks:
    @WayToTheDawn (For his wonderful comment on my speculation which prompted me to go into more depth).
    @beck (I highly admire your youtube channel and I wanted to write a theory like you do~)
    @Tokiro Oumaga (You're the up and coming theory maker. Love your stuff.)
    @Rej Discussions (Much like Tokiro, I love your work.)
    @Flower (Whilst we have our disagreements, I admire your conviction in sticking to your guns regarding BM going down. For both you and @Cardboard who is no longer with us, I'd like to offer this theory).
    @dizzy2341 (We both love the Germa. I want them to be part of this. You as the Germa's #1 fan deserve a place in this somewhere~)
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Recent Reviews

  1. VergoManiac
    Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
    1. Okamakama
      Author's Response
      ...I guess it was, excellent? :)
  2. Camie
    That was a fun read. Would actually be an ending where a lot of people can respect. Great job.
    1. Okamakama
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much! I doubt it WILL happen this way, but it certainly is something I'd like to see happen :D
  3. Baba
    Wow. I really liked this one. Although I'm still not sold on the idea of WG/Marines being already on their way to WCI, it'll be a very interesting end nonetheless. This, however, makes me feel so bad for Big Mom and her family. Such a dark ending. I love it.
    1. Okamakama
      Author's Response
      Thank you Baba~ <3. I had a feeling you'd like it! It is a rather dark ending though, so I'm not sure how applicable it would be for a One Piece arc. The dark of OP tends to be in the flashbacks after all!
  4. SpiderHendrix
    great theory if this happened this might be my favorite chapter to date
    1. Okamakama
      Author's Response
      Haha! I'd love to be right about something for once. But ultimately I am just happy to contribute something to the community.
      I'm happy you enjoyed it!
  5. Lordnib
    Interesting theory, i would prefer an ending like this. They would need some crazy strong prison to hold Big Mom, maybe one deep under water with no outside connection. Impel down is just too weak to hold a Yonko that could probably bench press the entire prison with one arm.
    1. Okamakama
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. Yeah, keeping her imprisoned is so bloody hard. I'd almost say they'd want to execute her asap.
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