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Who wrote the devil fruits book

  1. BambaDevil
    So it was talked alot about the devil fruits, their origin and more...
    But there was one thing that was barely mentioned so far, and may have huge implication on the story.
    Who wrote the devil fruit book?
    Here I will write what I think the most possible options, but I also want to hear if any of you can think of something else, or even expand on my idea.

    So as far as I noticed the devil book was mentioned by Sanji and Blackbeard.
    Since the book was rarely mention I believe it is very hard to find, and only people with special connection can get it. Which if we find out who wrote it, it may help us find out the truth about blackbeard.

    The first and most likely option is that it was writen by Vegapunk. It can explain how Sanji got access to the book, since judge is scientist. The problem is that Blackbeard was read this book long ago, and as far as we know about Vegapunk research of devil fruits, he got to his breakthrough only few years ago.

    Another interesting idea is that it was writen by the Celestial Dragons. We know that the Celestials Dragons give devil fruits for their slave for fun. So it is possible that they use this to document what the fruits are doing.

    So what do you think about my idea? Who do you think wrote this book, and how do you think Sanji and Blackbeard got this book?

Recent Reviews

  1. kikX
  2. Donal D. Trump
    Donal D. Trump
    Pssssssshhhhh, don't think about this subject anymore until I release my theory. JK, there are only a handful of options concerning who the author of this book is and I am pretty sure who it was. Lets just say that Vegapunk is a "rebel at heart".
  3. RandaAlzifahri
    Since this is a book, of course there is ab author of it. If you tell us more about who do yu think thar write this book, I could give more stars
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