Speculation Strawhats VS BB Fleet; the ultimate sea battle

The awaited legendary battle unfolds on SEA!

  1. Moey Krimz
    This is my first post actually and it isn't an actual theory. I'm just posting how I predict the SHs VS BB war to play out in order to test the interaction between my fellow nakamas here.:yaaa:

    1. Luffy will not mobilize his fleet against Blackbeard. Instead it will be a coincidental meeting (as most theorize) on Raftel’s sea. Instead it will be very similar to the Edd war were Roger and his crew aboard the Ora Jackson fought Shiki’s fleet of 50 ships. This time, the SHs consisting of Luffy and 12 crew members aboard the Sunny against BB’s 10 massive ships.

    2. The war will not be on an island as usual but will rather finally and epically be true pirate style on sea. Similarly to one of my most favorite fights of the series, Luffy VS Don Krieg, which was entirely on Don’s gigantic wrecked fleet. At first Luffy was jumping from place to place until he found a large surface where he began delivering offense after offense. Even though all the characters abilities will be of such a high caliber, it isn’t impossible seeing as BB possesses 10 gigantic ships of which “at least” one can accommodate San Juan Wolf. Further on mobility would be a certain quality of the 2 PK level crews.
    3. Prior to the final matchups we will first witness probably 2 chapters of some awesome moments including all of Sunny’s (much more advanced) weapons, tag teamwork, destruction caused to a number of BBs ships, Nami at BBs treasury etc. Then, of course, all the grand scale exchanges will render BBs entire fleet’s fodder numbers redundant and that is when all the long awaited final matchups begin.

    I'd rlly appreciate your reviews and comments below. Again I repeat this isn't one of my actual theories; its just how I predict the SHs VS BB Fleet to play out in order to test out the interactions aboard the Ora Jackson:D
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  1. IceAge
    Interesting. But it would be better of Blackbeard had a bigger fleet by then. Probably 50 just like Shiki
  2. DeathWink
    I believe that it will be crew's individuals against the other and not the fleets... But anyways I agree with your speculation... It also is a nice thing to happen... Keep up bro...
  3. SARAH
    Goodness, good one mate, the part when you said it would be epically pirate style on sea and won't be on some island! I like the way you think! Srsly!! I never thought of the idea of a battle on a sea with the SHs! It's gonna be epic
  4. 100 Beast Kaido
    100 Beast Kaido
    Love how everything unfolds
    I can so see Nami at Blackbeard's treasure chests lol
    A very unique battle too especially the parallels with Roger's fight on see against Shiki 50 VS 1
    Great theory bro
  5. Flower
    Awesome idea^^
    I would like them to have a classic pirate style sea battle.
    And I'd also like it if it takes place before Raftel and not on it because reaching Raftel should only be possible for one crew and not two:-)
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