Theory Strawhats : 13 Demon zodiac

Next strawhas will be based of a demon and a zodiac animal.

    The Strawhats: The demonic zodiac
    Hi everyone! Today I am bringing you a kind of theory I thought I would never do: A theory about present and future nakamas. The reason I am doing it is because I think it is different from previous ones. I am trying to keep this fresh and I expect this can help other people with their theories too.

    I am going to reference (and link) many theories for support, I consider every theory I am referencing has good quality and definitely deserves a read.


    - Introduction : Explanation the basics of the theory.
    - The demonic crew: Every strawhat is inspired by a different "demon".
    - The Zodiac spirited crew: Each strawhat repesents an animal from the asian zoadiac.
    future nakamas?: Using these two patterns to figure out next strawhats.
    -Extra footage: Some ideas that don´t fit in previous sections.

    Edit: The "demonic inspirations" section is original, the "zodiac" section isn't completely (Check the original on a link). Sadly this theory has already been stolen.


    Recently I red the "New nakama profiling" (link) theory by @RikuD in which most of the common patterns the strawhat crewmates follow are compilated (their color scheme, gender, dreams, position... ). But I want to bring two new aspects I think all strawhats share but are not commonly discussed.

    Firstly, I think every strawhat has been partially inspired by a different demon. Secondly, it has been commented that the strawhat crew´s spirit animals resemble the asian zodiac but I haven´t seen it in a proper theory so I want to give my interpretation about that. Then I will do some speculation about future[​IMG]strawhats with the help of other theories and extra hints I and other people found.

    2.The demonic crew

    After reading "The inquisition in One Piece" (link) theory by @MasterD I was really convinced by it. The World Goverment really does give a similar impresion to the spanish and medieval inquisitons. That "absolute justice" theme, the persecution of pirates, the supremacy above other races/cultures, the executions without a fair trial... So I thought: If the WG is like the inquisition and the pirates are their enemy . Shouldn´t pirates resemble the enemy of the inquisition, the Devil? They do! Or at least they are treated similarly. "Pirates are beyond salvation" as Magellan said and they are sent into hell ( Imple Down is based of the hell from "The divinde comedy").
    So which was Inquisition´s main objective? To erradicate the evil from this world like the marines want to finish with piracy. Then it makes perfect sense for Oda to give a demonic or pagan touch to pirates. And that is why I think every Strawhat member has a demonic alter ego. But since the Strawhats are the good kind of pirates these are "nice demons", demons that aren´t necessarily evil.

    This would be a literary technic Oda could use to give the protagonists an aura of outlaws, mysticism and revelious.The same way, the world goverments duty is to protect the gods (tenryubito) even in a fanatic and repressive way. It makes perfect literary sense for Oda to use this references since the marines are protecting living deities such us the tenryuutbito and the strawhats are going to be a big enemy to them. It could even be argued that the World Goverment banner was inspired by the christian cross symbol.


    Of course, every crew menber has more than one inspiration, but one of them is always a demonic one. What do I mean by "demon"? That isn´t an easy question, anything that questions the heaven´s doctrine, that is similar to a monster or many people´s prechristian beliefs were demonic for the catholic church. Let´s do this nakama by nakama:

    Monkey D. Luffy

    This isn´t really complicated, most of you will know this by know. The main inspiration for Luffy is the handsome monkey king named Sung Wukong. This demon also inspired Son Goku from Dragon Ball, who is somehow similar to Luffy too. Sun Wukong is best known for the novel "Journey to the west". If you read the plot of this novel you can find various similarities to the story of One piece.

    One of those similarities is when this naughty demon defies the heavens and really creates a havoc in the skies. After he defeated many of the deities from heaven Buddha appeared and hit him with his palm. Sounds familiar?


    Roronoa Zoro

    Again, this is a fairly easy one: Ashura. Zoro´s personality matches this kind of demons, typical from Hinduism, Zoroastrism or Buddhism. They are different in each religion but they do share some common traits.

    In Buddhism Asura reflects the mental state of a human being obsessed with ego, force and violence, always looking for an excuse to get into a fight, angry with everyone and unable to maintain calm or solve problems peacefully.

    In Hinduism, The Asuras are generally considered divine beings, who are primarily known for doing evil, but not always. It might be better to say that the Asuras are powerful beings who often are opposed to the gods. But some of them were also as pious if not more so than some of the gods. They would, at times, even be more powerful than the gods.

    By the way. Most of us think that Shiryu will be Zoro´s opponent at some point. Did you know that "Shyrōs" are the spirits of the dead people? The opposit force to them are Ikiryō ("living ghost "). In Japanese popular belief and fiction, refers to a spirit that leaves the body of a living person and subsequently damage other people. Maybe this is how the Ashura technic will be explained.


    This is a sneaky one, I wouldn´t have concluded this myself. The whole credit goes to @Saffron Kaizoku. In his "Nami´s next power up: The weather witch.." (link) theory he explains why Nami is inspired by witches and much more. Witches were one of the main objectives of the inquisition and they were tortured or burnt. Witches from Salem, Devon and Zugarramurdi are known for that. Here you have a pic of Nami as a witch:



    This character has many inspirations: Aesop (the african fable teller, that´s why probably Usopp is from Africa), Pinochio, Peter from "Peter and the Wolf".... But non of them is "demonic" but the Tengu.

    The early tengu are the troublesome opponents of Buddhism. They misguided priests and tricked people. Tengus were also established as the ghosts of angry, vain, or heretical priests who were cursed. Fortunately, later the Tengus started to be seen as protectors of places such as forest and are nowaday worshiped as a beneficial kami ( God).

    Coincidentally or not, the chinese tengus are said to ride shooting stars, Usopp´s ammunitions are named "stars", "firebird star" for example.


    Sanji´s demonic connection is the most straight-forward one. His most iconic technic is "diable janbe" meaning " devil leg". But that´s not all, even in christianity there were different personifications of the devil : Satan, Belcebu... Sanji being more similar to Lucifer
    Why Lucifer? Mainly because the myth of Lucifer as the brightest angel who was punished by his tyrant father for not following his will, which is similar to Sanji´s backstory. Where s father (god), punishes and expels his son for not following his rules.

    This myth stems from the phenomena of the morning star: The planet Venus looks like shinniest star every morning later to be outshined by the Sun (god). By the way, Garuda ( Judge´s epithet) is said to represent the sun. So Father god/sun/Judge/ punished Lucifer/Venus/Sanji. That´s why Lucifer is known as "The fallen angel":


    There are many more connections between Sanji and the Venus (the planet associated to Lucifer).If you haven´t you should read this great theory "Sanji´s hidden cosmic power" (link) by @Theo Ries
    A lot of people don´t consider Lucifer as evil, because he opposed his tyrant father. The word Lucifer is taken from the latin which translates "shining one, son of dawn". He is associated to enlightment.

    Luciferianism is a belief system that venerates the essential characteristics that are affixed to Lucifer. The tradition, influenced by Gnosticism, usually reveres Lucifer not as the devil, but as a liberator, a guardian or guiding spirit or even the true god as opposed to Jehovah. And that people should search for personal growth rather than following religious rules.


    One of the traits of Sanji is his habit of smoking. Did you know that when the inquisition sent to jail the first spanish conquistador they saw smoking? They considered this newly brought habit from America to be someting demonic.


    How can the cute reindeer have something demonic to him? Straightly the first time we see Chopper we get the inspiration. Chopper really does look like the Yeti or like Sasquatch.


    But even if the Yeti has been worshiped as the deity of hunt. I can understand it if you don´t consider it to be demonic. Not finding a more appropiated source of inspiration got me worried but fortunately while reading the One Piece Wikia I found that Chopper´s monster point resembles a creature known as Wendingo.

    The Wendigo was gaunt to the point of emaciation and are often described as a manevolent cannibalistic, supernatural being. They were strongly associated with the winter, the north, and coldness. By the way, both Wendingo and Chopper both are from Canada. So is the Sasquatch.

    Coindicentally or not, there is a disease called "Wendingo psicosis". Similar to how Chopper future possible rival Doctor Q can be inspired by " Q fever".


    Probably this is the less obvious one, it was not easy I must admit, but to me there is no a doubt about it. Robins demonic inspiration is no other than the great Hypatia. This greek scholar wasn´t only a mathematician she was also an astronomer, inventor, and philosopher too.


    She lived in Alexandria ( Egypt) just as Robin lived in Arabasta ( the OP version of Egypt), although she was educated in Athens and most likely taught Aristotle, Plato, and Plotinus, in addition to Mathematics. There are a wide array of different accounts of her, some calling her the greatest philosopher and teacher of the age, while other later Christians described her as a sort of Pagan witch.

    It is speculated that she died during the incident that led to the burning of the great library of Alexandria, one of the largest and most significant libraries of the anciet world, just as Robin witnessed Ohara´s library burn down.


    Unfortunately, non of her written works has survived to the present time, but some historians believe she proposed the heliocentric astronomical model. That´s why I think Oda drew a geocentric model in Ohara´s library:


    But after finding this theory I actually trust more Caesar:


    Okay, so she is an intellectual legend, who could consider her demonic you ask? Long story short, Hypatia was a pagan that refused to be converted into christianism. Roman governor and the Bishop of Alexandria, engaged in a bitter feud in which Hypatia eventually became a main point of contention. The Bishop tried to make peaces by extending a Bible toward the governor ; but he refused to be reconciled. Hypatia was seen by the Christian population as being the cause of the continuing dispute. So one day they took her to the church, where they completely stripped her, and then murdered her with tiles and much more horrible things.

    Later bishop John wrote about her, claiming that "she beguiled many people through her satanic wiles".John writes the governor was himself a victim of Hypatia's demonic charm.

    Anyways, hypatia is nowadays a symbol of intelectual resistance against religious fanatism. Similarly, scholars of Ohara were saw as a sinful resistance by the fanatic rulers of the World Goverment and were called "the devils of Ohara", even Robin´s epithet is "demon child".


    But some people have said to me that they don't find Hypatia "demonic" enough abd suggested me that she could be based of Kali. A godess with various hands, an asassin (as Robin) and that is refered to as "The dark one". Robin lines to speak about darkness and morbid-ly, so that would fit. She wanted to call the Sunny "Being of darkness".

    Thousand Sunny

    Many people consider the Sunny as a nakama, so why wouldn´t this work for her too? I explained this in a previous theory, the ship of the crew is inspired by th egyptian deity Aker . The Sunny resembles a egyptian canopy boat. Early foreshadowing of a egyptian boat with a strawhat:


    So Aker is the "ferryman of Ra in his nocturnal bark" and protects the sun god during his nocturnal travelling through the underworld caverns. In other underworld scenes, Aker carries the nocturnal bark of Ra. During the day Ra rides the bark though the sky, as he is the sun-god

    So who exactly is aker ? The egyptian version of Cerberus, the one and only Lion of the underworld. Later on depicted as a sphinx too. A lion that defends the sun god???? Just as the thousand sunny is a lion and a sun??? Perfect match!. (Jaguars were the guardians of the mayan underworld's sun too, so maybe Pedro's soul can end up in the Sunny, or as the guardian of the Sunny)


    There is a specifical myth that can fit perfectly the story of One piece! The myth were Ra kills the World-serpent with his boat! This picture depicts that myth:

    The underworld didn´t have a negative connotation for egyptians but it did inspire the myth of hell for the chrisitan religion. Hell does have negative connotations for christians it is related to sin, punishment and even satan himself.

    If you want to know my opinion on the future of the Sunny please check my theory on the ancient weapons.


    This one has many connections actually, but all are about the same concept: Technology and science. The first I want to star with is the one that this image suggests:


    Maybe it is already confirmed but it is very likely that the name "Franky" derives from "Frankenstein". And there is a good reason for that: He is such a good modern deconstruction of Frankestein doctor and his monster. As you may know, Frankenstein´s monster is a creature made by attaching various parts of different corpes and brought and given life by doctor Frankenstein by his technological and scientifical discoveries.

    Sadly, this creature was never accepted by society. People refered to him by words such as "wretch", "demon", "devil", and "it". The writter sees Doctor Frankestein as playing God by creating life. In addition, the portrayal of the monster owes much to the character of Satan in Paradise Lost; indeed, the monster says, after reading the epic poem, that he empathizes with Satan's role in the story.

    From some religious standpoints giving life is something only God can do. While Dr.Frankenstein triumphantly exclaims: “Now I know what it feels like to be God!”. In this sense the monster of Frankestein was a living heressy. The subtitle of the book was "The modern prometheus", Prometheus being the one that stole fire from the gods to give it to humans, for what he was punished by the gods for eternity. Coincidentally, Frankestein´s monster name was Adam, the same name as the tree he got the wood for the sunny for.

    Many technological achivements (telephones, crossbows, trains) have been demonized by the church. Nowadays cyborgs like Neil Harbison wasn´t allowed by the medical community to implant a camera that makes him hear colors. Although he achieved this in the "black market". The ethical dilemma about cyborgs and AI is already very controversial. And the theme of Franky´s backstory is the same, is about technology´s consecuences. The moral of his backstory is that ships (technology) are not good nor bad, it all depends on how you use them.

    I have mentioned this before too: If you look at franky his most iconic feature is his metallic nose which reminds me to the one of astronomer Tycho Brahe:


    It´s not like Tycho had any problem with the religious institutions as Hypatia did. But there is another astronomer that did have a big trouble: Galilei, who was almost burnt alive for Heressy. Maybe Oda got the name " Galley-la" from this. We meet Franky in Water seven, which is based of the city of Venice, and Galileo worked in the republic of Venice.

    By the way Franky was linked to the underworld in Ennies Lobby and he has threee chins like satan does in "The divine comedy" ( Oda has make references to this book) what makes him more demonic I guess.


    I think Oda show us via this colorspread the main source of inspiration behind Brook:

    That creature in the painting is a Gashadokuro ( literally "starving skeleton" ). The Gashadokuro are spirits that take the form of giant skeletons, said to be created from the amassed bones of people who died of starvation or in battle, without being buried. These Yokai roam after midnight, grabbing lone travelers and biting off their heads to drink their spraying blood.

    Brook is similar, he is the highest strawhat and his backstory is related to death and starvation although fortunately he is not evil as your average Gashadokuro. Another version of this monster says that a man in Bingo province who is in a field at night and, hearing an eerie voice moaning, "My eye hurts," finds a skeleton there with a bamboo shoot growing from its eye socket. He removes the bamboo shoot and offers the skeleton dried boiled rice, upon which the skeleton tells him the story of its murder and its personal history, and rewards him for his kindness.

    Maybe I am biased but I think this story is very similar to the moments when the crew meets Brook. He mentions he has no eyes, he is very grateful to the strawhats for saving him and later Sanji even specifies that they will eat rice. Furthermore, the location where the yokai is from is Bingo province, wich sounds very similar to Binks like in "Bink´s sake" song. It would be funny if people from Wano believe that Brook is a Yokai.


    Let me take Jinbe as an official nakama, if he isn´t already. For now, we have seen many different themes: Demons of wrath, paganism, playing to be god... Jinbe brings new themes.
    So my first idea was that Oda chose to make him a whale shark fishman precisely because sharks ,as a species , are "demonized". If you think about it probably sharks are the most feared of all the animal species. But in reality sharks "just" kill 5 people each year in the whole planet, whereas falling coconuts kill 150. And this is even more funny when you realize that "whale sharks" ,those adorable and calm sea animals, are sharks too. Most of the fault óf t is for the movie "Jaws":

    But not only that. As a fishman he has suffered racism, Oda may want to show us we demonize other cultures or races. During the conquista Africans and native americans weren´t considered to have a soul, for example. During the second world war american soldiers were told that japanese were primitive raw fish eaters just to make them more efficient soldiers too. Mors and vikings were said to have horns by the church too.

    But those two aren´t a specific demonic character it didn´t completely convince me. I have make a bit more of rersearch. After the moment when Jinbe "surfed" that wave created by Big Mom´s hommie I was like ... What if Jinbe´s natinoality is Hawaian? I´m being serious. Japan and Hawaii have very good relationships. Jinbe is a big martial artist and many of the sumo champions in japan are hawaians. Jinbe does really look like a polynesian warrior too.

    So I found this hawaian deitiy: Kanaloa / Tangaloa:


    These deities can be considered to be the same character. Both gods relateed to the sea. Kanaloa is also considered to be the god of the Underworld and a teacher of magic. Legends state that he became the leader of the first group of spirits "spit out" by the gods. In time, he led them in a rebellion in which the spirits were defeated by the gods and as punishment were thrown in the Underworld. Maybe the story of how the fishme ended up in fishmen island is similar.

    However, depictions of Kanaloa as a god of evil, death, or the Underworld, in conflict with good deities like Kāne are likely the result of European missionary efforts to recast the four major divinities of Hawaiʻi in the image of the christian satan.

    In adittion, Ive read people saying that Jinbe reminds them of a genie, that makes sense since the word genie comes from the word "Jinn" and his first mate is called Aladdin. Muslims consider the devil ( Iblis) to be a genie, although not all genies are evil.

    Anyways, maybe I am overdoing this, some people just say that Jinbe resembles an oni.

    Conclusion: For literary purpposes each strawhat resembles a character that is a demon or has been demonized, so the next strawhats should also be inspired by a demon. Probably this demons aren´t completely evil.
    Video of this part, in spanish:

    2.The Zodiac spirited crew

    Let´s go for the second pattern. Two months ago I found a post on Reddit talking about the spirit animals of the crew in which one of the comments suggested that they could be based of the chinese zodiac, so I concluded that the new strawhats that will join will also have a zodiac related spirit animal. Then I wrote all this section later to discover that someone has done this before ( its a bit outdated though). If you want to check an earlier theory here is the link.: https://www.reddi****m/r/OnePiece/comments/3y10qr/new_straw_hat_theory/

    I even posted this section of the theory of the theory on Reddit a month ago and no one told me about it. But since my interpretation is quite different let me give you my version. The idea is that each strawhat´s spirit animal resembles an animal from the asian zodiac:


    Oda has drawn many colorspread related to this topic, some of them for the new chinese year. Each year has a single zodiac animal. In this one for example you can see 10 of them:

    Okay, so which are the strawhat´s spirit animals? In an early SBS Oda said that if the strawhats were animals they would be the following ones :

    Luffy= Monkey, Zoro: Shark , Nami = Cat, Usopp = Armadillo, Sanji = Duck, Chopper = Reindeer, Robin = Crane, Franky = Bull, Brook = Horse. And the best thing about it is that he had previously foreshadowed some of them by drawing some of those animals with a strawhat (Million thanks to @cardboard_douchebag @Naomi Rose and people from the BrainTrust chat for pointing this out):

    strwahats animals.jpg
    (A tiger, a cat, a bison and a hotse with strawhats)

    Remember Oda did the same with the Thousand Sunny too. (the color sprad with the egyptian boat with a strawhat).

    Anyway, this doesn´t mean that all of these are the spirit animals of the nakamas, for example Sanji´s personality isn´t the one of a Duck ( I will explain that later). In pagan religions and systems, a spirit animal is meant to be a representation of the traits and skills that you are supposed to learn or have. In a next colorspread Oda did really show the crew´s spirit animals, which are completely cannon:


    Please, pay attention to each´s animal. Some of the animals aren´t exactly the ones of the zodiac but there is a good reason why. Now I will explain why each of the animals resemble a strawhat. Again, let´s go one by one!


    Obvious reason , Luffy is based Sun wukong the "monkey king" and his family name is "Monkey D." . Monkey zodiac´s personality: Fun, motivator, jokester, love compiting.


    Zoro's spirit animal is the tiger. This is no coincidence since in the oriental sword martial arts usually the tiger-style is an style that relies on physical strength and speed, just as Zoro does. The opposite of the tiger-style is the dragon-style, which relies on strategy and technic. We have seen various colorspreads were a tiger faces a dragon. I recommend you seeing the film "Crouching tiger and hidden dragon".
    So, did you know that Zoro's main rivals are related to Dragons?:
    Dracule Mihawk: Dracule means "son of a dragon"., Mr. 1 (Daz Bones): Wears a clothing with dragons on it and with his ability his hand looks like the claw of a dragon, Ohm: He manipulates a cloud as the oriental dragons do, Kaku ate the gitaffe fruit, but gitaffes are called "Kirin" in japanese, just as the mythological creature that looks very similar to a dragon, Ryuma: "Ryu" means dragon and he is a famous dragonslayer, Shiryu : Shi means death and ryu means dragon, so "dragon of death".


    India has always been represented as tiger while China as a dragon. Zoro's Ashura technic is based of an indian deity. The swordman from the gorosei looks like Gandhi, who was an indian activist, maybe he fights using the tiger-style too. Probably thhe rival of Zoro in Wano can fight in a dragon style.

    People under the Tiger symbol are courageus, agresive and leaders.

    Nami= cat

    There are many reasons for this. Nami´s epithet is "Cat Burglar", as mentioned before she is based of a whitch, whose pets are usally cats, and the most funny one: The maneki-neko ( or the "beckoning cat" ) which is a figurine of a cat that is supposed to atract money, being nami a money seeker.****m/1267-large_default/daruma-koban-neko.jpg​


    If you are already familiarized with the chinese zodiacs you may know that the cat isn´t a part of it but in other zodiacs such as the vietnamese the cat replaces the rabbit. In the chinese zodiac myth it is even explained why the cat isn´t a zodiac animal.


    usopp= chameleon=snake

    At first Ussop´s previous animal was an armadillo, which fit him because the these creatures are defensive . His new spirit animal, the chamaleon is a reptile, so is the snake sign. I believe that Oda was going to give the snake spirit animal to Usopp, since the snake are a symbol of deception. It is just that a chameleon is a more personalized "version" of a snake for Usopp.

    Chameleons hide themselves by changing their color, in that sense you could say they are "liars", deceiful, as people under the snake symbol. But more importantly chameleons are shooters, they have a great vision and they use their tongue as a proyectile.


    On another level, did you know that chameleons are seen as "mesiah´s" in many africans countries? ( Usopp is from Africa). Copy-pase from wikipedia:
    "Missionaries have often adapted the myth of the chameleon to evangelize Bantu Africans; the chameleon, who brings the good news of eternal life to mankind, is thus equated to Jesus Christ."

    This is probably a coincidence, but if Oda took inspiration from here for " God Usopp" it would be crazy.

    Another minor point: Chameleons share a common trait with snakes, they have no exterior ears nor inner ears. And Usopp hasn´t shown his ears since timeskip. I know this may sound stupid, but people have used this same argument for another theory: The theory of the cover page with the 13 cats resembling the strawhats. I will talk about that later.


    At first, Sanji was a duck, probaly because his backstory is very similar to " The ugly duckling" fable, but that wouldn´t fit in the asian zodiac. Instead, now his animal is the Ram the animal related to Lucifer (his demonic alter ego, as I explained before). By the way Germa 66 ( G66= 666) can e a reference to the number of the devil. And I saw a comment that said Sanjis and Pudding´s son would have 3 eyebroes in a "666" shape.


    By the way, Oda said this was going to be Sanji´s year, and it is the goat´s year in China.


    Personality of the Ram: Charming, romantic and well-mannered.

    Chopper= Racoon Dog = Dog

    Chopper is usually mistaken by a Tanuki, also known as "racoon dog", which is a type of dog, not as a racoon as many translators interpret. The Tanukis are surrounded by a lot of myths, they are shapeshipters which fits perfectly chopper since he has 7+1 transformations. There is a saying " The fox has seven tranformations, but the tanuki has eight".


    The dog symbol is very appropiate too because the marines think that Chopper is the mascot of the crew.

    Personalty of the dog: Helpful, loving and in constant worry.

    Robin =Falcon= Rooster

    The only reason I can think of is that a " robin" is a type of bird. The only bird in the chinese zodiac is the rooster. Falcons are migratory birds like Robin, who had to move from one place to another to survive. She signed and painted a rooster for Bartholomeo (Credits to @aptop6 )

    Personality of the roast: intelligent,witty, straightforwaed,thoughtful,industrious,disciplined and love to pursue the novel things.
    You could say that her outlook is similar to a falcon too (Big eyes and neak-like nose). If someone knows of another possible reason, please tell me.


    Franky=Bull= Rhyno

    Franky was previously a bull, which is fitting since he is the bulkiest of the crew and people under this sign are said to be hard-workers . But again Oda choose a more personalized animal: A rhynocerus, which is still from the same order of species but resemles more franky. Why? Because rhynos have their horn in their nose (Franky has a metallic nose) and the rhynos have a specially hard skin as Franky has a metallic skin that even can take bullets. They are pachidermos, which literary mean "hard skin".



    At first Brook was a horse, but again Oda personalized it even more. Previously I mentioned that Brook´s is based of a giant yokai, so the giraffe being the tallest animal and Brooks being the tallest crewmember is even more appropiated. People under this sign have good sense of humor, fall in love easily, are extremely energetic, like to shine on stage and have a great sense of humor but are inmature.

    (Earlier foreshadowing: In the coverpage were the cat (nami) wears a strawhat we can see a donkey playing the piano with a skull neclace.)


    The next Strawhats should also have a spirit animal of the zodiac (or similar) and there should be a good reason for which animal they fit. Which animals are left then? The boar, the rabbit, the dragon and the rat.

    4. Future strawhats?

    So with the two main previous conclusion maybe we can make a typcal next nakamas theory. Remember: Future strawhats must be inspired by a demonic creature and an asian zodiac symbol. In his interview on China today three years ago Oda said that more members will join the Straw Hats! "And there will be new nakama, they will show up successively."
    But first I want to add some conclusions from other theories which I agree with.

    ⦁ This color theory by @CipherPol19 how and why the strawhats follow the RGB color pattern (link) . The RGB colowheel has 12 color, for it to be 13 we must add another one, it depends on your interpretion of Brooks and Chopper´s colors but the conclusion is the same. In my opinion Oda showed the color pattern of the strawhats in this color spread:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    We have 9 strawhat´s here, Zoro is taking a bottle and Usopp asks for three more, maybe symbolizing Jinbe was joining but we still have three to go. But the important thing is that three colors are left: Light and dark green and magenta. We have 13 sits here = 13 nakamas.

    ⦁ The coverpage with 13 cats: Very popular theory lately. Some cats resemble a strawhat, others are fututre nakamas. (link):


    3 of the cats don´t have whiskers (1, 8 and 12), which is interpreted as the three females of the crew. The cat that doesn´t show his ears (9) is theorized to be Usopp, as I mentioned previously. We have 13 cats = 13 nakamas there.

    ⦁ The Male-female-male-male pattern. This isn´t necessary but it is very probable. Which would mean 13 strawhats.

    Also, keep in mind Oda´s interview in ChinaToday: " More members will join the Straw Hats! ..And there will be new nakama, they will show up successively."

    Aditionally, probably a coincidence, 13 is a number associated to satan since his is alluded 13 times in The Bible.

    Four new animals in the crew

    The boar
    So even if we are 99´9% sure Jinbe is joining we need to figure out which his spirit animal should be in order to know which the other three spirit animals of the next nakamas are.

    From the four resting zoadiac animals the one that resembles Jinbe the most is the boar. The main argument I have for this is his physical appearance, his tusks and robust body resemble a boar. This argument isn´t particularly strong but remember that other nakamas such as Chopper, Brook, Robin and Franky do have physical similarities with their animals. But that´s not all.

    Do you know how boars are called in Japan? Yama-kujira! Which literally means " mountain whale", being Jinbe a a whale shark fishman. Oda could still personalize it more and substitute it by a hypopotamus, for example. By the way, some religions find boars as an unclean animal.

    To back up this a bit check this color spread:


    In my opinion this is an early depiction of Jinbe´s reunion in the sea forest. Jinbe reunites with Luffy here for the after the timeskip to promise Luffy he will join his crew later. We also have two random glasses of water in the middle of the image, a chinese dragon (as the Ryugu Palace did), a poster saying "sea food" and the crew with some boars sharing ramen cups with a skull symbol on them. That maybe could symbolize a (future) exchange of sake cups.

    Also, Oda did foreshadow Jinbe joining by drawing a whale with a strawhat like he did with many other nakamas previously. (remember that boars are called "mountain whale" in japanese):


    It is likely that some could think of Jinbe as being the dragon, due to his Kimono and beastly outlook. That could be the case but the personality of the boar fits Jinbe better: Peacemakers, Loyal, Avoid conflicts. On the other hand, there is a myth about certain fishes (carps) that can transform into dragons that can speak with any sea creatures and control the elements makes me doubt if Jinbe could be the dragon. For now I will stick to Jinbe being the boar but you can interpret it your way. We will have to wait for Oda to give us Jinbe´s spirit animal.



    The easiest connection is obviously Carrot, many theories of her joining the crew have been made and that is definitely a possibility. So it could be that her spirit animal is the rabbit although it feels a bit too straight-forward.

    The problem I have with Carrot, for now, is that I don´t find a clear inspiration related to a demon for her, although rabbits were seen as unclean animals by jews and christians. The only famous rabbit I can think of is the jade or moon rabbit, but that isn´t an evil creature. For now, I can only think of a possible "demon" after reading many other people´s theories about the moon affecting the minks, and that would be the werewolf. One of those theories is @Dave ´s "Wano Theory chapter-1: Minks". . He doesn´t speak about werewolves but does talk about different yokais so check it.


    The idea is that Carrot and the minks can shapeshift with full moon, as the werewolves do. And in medieval times humans who could turn into wolves were associated with the Devil by the Catholic church. Men who were accused of witchcraft were sometimes accused of being werewolves as well. There were in fact, werewolf trials as there were witch trials.


    To back the idea of Carrot being a werewolf Carrot calls Chopper "Bropper" or "Chopbro". She is calling chopper brother basically. As I said before Chopper is based of a tanuki, a shapeshifter creature. So both being "brother and sister" and shapeshifters would make sense. It is debatable wether werewolves are "nice demons", since they ren´t under control of their acts. Also, we got this picture in a colorspread of a tanuki wearing a strawhat. Can Carrot be that tanuki? Maybe, but probably it´s a reference to another future nakama.

    Carrot´s color is the lime green, a color that the strawhat are missing.


    But just because Carrot looks like a Rabbit it doesn´t mean she has to be the rabbit of the strawhat zodiac ( Chopper is a reindeer and his spirit animal is a racoon dog). And now is when the possibility of another Mink joining comes into play. And that is no other than pedro.

    I know, I know... Pedro should die after that explosion and , for a good plot´s shake, I hope he did die. But keep in mind that Big Mom still has Pedro´s fifty year lifespan, do you think that Oda would put that into the story for no reason? And remember that it is not only his lifespan it is a part of his soul, it´s his personality too. Nitro the jelly ( Pudding´s "pet") has Capone´s soul on it and it´s just a miniature version of him. Pedro´s lifespan could end in an object and he would still be like the Pedro we know.


    There are many theories explaining how this could happen. Previous "Pedro for nakama" theories and I do really think they are right.

    I suggest you to read :

    @Dr_Ali ´s "Next nakama with profs": (link)

    @Beli Rich ´s : " Pedro the copycat ninjaguar..." : (link)

    Pedro as nakama foreshadowed as the previous nakamas (as with Nami, Franky, Zoro;Brook, Jinbe and the Sunny). Zunisha and Pedro with a strawhat:

    But then why whould the rabbit fit Pedro? The hare and the rabbit are often associated with moon deities and signify rebirth and resurrection. In various myths the rabbit is a symbol of sacrifice too, that´s why Jesus is depicted with a rabbit sometimes. A rabbit dies by jumping into the fire for someone else later to be resurrected in various moon rabbit myths. As Pedro exploded in fire to save others he may be resurrected too.




    A jaguar with a rabbit hat. Why though?:


    So then, which demon is Pedro based of? Remember how I said the Sunny is based of the egyptian guardian of the sun? The same goes for Pedro, which would be based of the mayan nocturnal guardian of the sun. This fits too well. Pedro is a guardian of the zou tribe, he is part of the night squad, his pirate crew was called "Nox" (which means night), and he is based of the protector of the sun in mexican (mayan) mythology. Shouldn´t he be the protector/guardian of the Thousand Sunny?

    View attachment 30232

    Actually, there are tons of myths related to jaguars in mesoamerican cultures. Sometimes as of guardians of xibalba "the land of fear" in the underworld. As a god, God L was considered the true "Jaguar God of the Underworld". Jaguars where also animal of the apocalypsis, mayans thought that the world would end when jaguar would escape the underworld and eat the sun and moon. They also thought that jaguars created eclipses. When the gods created humans the jaguar was observing and they gave humans weapons to fight the animal. Probably Pedro has a spanish because that´s the common language in mesoamerica.


    The Naqual were also a kind of Chaman that could turn into different forms but usually a jaugar. A very similar creature were the "werejaguars". His blueish green color also fits the color spread and previous theories.

    As many other people I think this cat resembles Pedro. He hides his left eye, he is jumping to a higher position and he has tiger-like patterns:


    I almost forget about this one. Everything I said in Pedro´s section about sacrifice and resurrection can be said about Monet, who sacrificed herself for Doflamingo. In adittion some of her attacks have the form of a rabbit. And some chapters after we can see some rabbits following the Sunny. Many speculate that she can imprisoned in Big Mom´s library.


    Her demonic alter ego could be a harpy or a fairy, which chistianity has used to describe illusory spirits (demonic entities) that prophesy, consort, and transport individuals they served. Some fairies kidnapped people, for example. Or as @DevilChild93 suggested me she could be based of Yuki-onna. A yokai thats steal people's vitality and take livers out of children and freeze people to death.

    (@Naomi Rose explains why Monet could be based of a fairy here: (link)


    The only fitting character I can think of is Momo, who ate the aritificial dragon zoan fruit. Not only that, he is also the heir to a country with oriental thematic. Royals were associated with dragons in oriental countries. Momo´s color is also the magenta, a color a future nakama should have according to the theories based of colors and the color spread I posted before.

    But then, Momo would still need to have a demonic alter ego. And this could be the same as his spirit animal: The dragon. In Europe dragons did really have a negative connotation, especially for the church. Dragons were always depicted as the enemy, the creature of apocalypsis and even satan has been said to take the shape of a dragon in the bible. In fact, there were some notable Christian saints who were well-known dragon slayers.


    Even Kinemon and probably most of the Wano country feel a deep hatred toward Dragons. How will Wano citizens react when they discover that their heir transforms into a dragon? I hope that the view some have totwards these dragons change into the idea the oriental countries have of these mythical creatures. In chinese culture dragons are wise and benevolent and in Japan the godess of mercy rides a dragon among others.


    Some people may think that Momo needs to stay in his country but I think that isnt necessary. Momo will probaly want to recolect all the ponelyph his ancestors carved or something along those lines. If we get speculative, Momo is based of Momotaro, a boy that is born from a peach in a japanese tale. What if Momo has a sister that is based of kaguya from a similar tale where a girl called Kaguya that is born from a bamboo tree is actually from the moon? Just as "Kouzuki" reads moonliht, and the kouzuki family symbol has a crane with the moon cycle on it. The crane took the rabbit to the moon in a myth too. Just as Vivi, Rebeca and Shirahoshi it could be that a princess it may be that a female heir becomes tthe ruler of the country. That would allow Momo to travel with the strawhats.


    Some people speculate that Momo could be older and that he could go back to his real ae during Wano, making him transform into a great dragon. Oda could paralell the famous chinese myth of the carps that transform into Dragons: On the Yellow River there is a waterfall called the Dragon Gate. It is said that if certain carps can climb the cataract they will transform into dragons. This Dragon Gate was said to have been created after the Flood by the god-emperor Yu who split a mountain blocking the path of the Yellow River. The gate is a cultural symbol for courage, perseverance, and accomplishment. Could Momo flight the food calamity?

    If Momo joined the strawhats this would also paralell the journey of Oden and Roger. Other possible "dragons" could be someone from Wano or a former celestial dragon, for example. In norse mythology a dragon lived in Ygdrasil´s roots (the world tree), so why not someone from Elbaf. Previously I said Jinbe could be the dragon too.


    I left this for the end because it could get a bit confusing. First, remember that the spirit animal we are lookin for doesn´t exactly need to be a rat. It could be another rodent, such s the squirrel, beaver or a hamster, for example. I say this because Oda has drawn many squirrels already.


    Why carrot? Because her inspiration is probably the hamster character from an anime Oda loved when he was a child. This series is called "The adventures of Nils". @Naomi Rose told us in the "Brain trust" chat that in SBS 16 Oda said that some characters are based of this series and that the pet of the protagonist was called carrot:


    Reader: Are the names "Kuina" (Rallidae) and "Tashigi" (Snipe) actually taken from the names of birds? Please tell us! By Bird Encyclopedia Checker.
    Oda: That's right. More specifically, they are the names of birds that cannot fly....I saw a duck fly in an anime I watched when I was little, called "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils". By the way, Nojiko (Yellow Bunting) is a bird's name, too.


    If Oda gave the name of a character of a series he loved to Carrot I thnk he didn´t do it for no reason. Maybe Carrot´s spirit animal is the hamster. At the end of the day hamsters, rats and rabbit are all rodents.

    The Tanuki-Ninja

    But let´s not forget one of the most important keypoint here. And that´s not other than the "Tanuki gate". I mean, the tanuki with the strawhat from a color spread. If 6 of the previous nakamas were hinted this way this has to mean it too. And again we can see the 1+3 bottles from Zoro and the skull in Usopp´s card as we got them in the color spread with the boars, which in my opinion foreshadows Jinbe joining.

    This is actually a "Bake-danuki", not the racoon dog but the mythological animal. Which isn´t a dog, this creature has been depicted as a wild cat, a beaver...

    So knowing how bake-danuki are we can know what type of character will join the strawhats. They can shapeshift into other things,shapeshift people and possess human being. They humorous kind of monster,and they often played the part of foolish animals. Tanuki like to fool make people make them seem stupid.

    In previous nakama theories this picture has been used to argument in favour of Jinbe and pedro Joning:


    Jinbe is said to be the blue bear and Pedro the purple Jaguar. So then the pink snake would be Momo and the three birds symbolize the Sunny ( If you want to know why find it out in my "Ancient weapons" theory). Then in my opinion the squirrels, who are wearing typical "incognito" accessories, can be "the rat" of the crew. Remember Tanukis like to change their appearance to fool people...


    Squirrels are very similar to tanukis, actually since tanuki doesn´t have its own kanji character it can be written usin the "flying squirrel" character. And since the whole crew is playing cards (Kaido´s theme) and eating japanese food I think this nakama can show up in Wano. More over, I think it can be a Ninja. If you think about it squirrels move like ninjas in the trees. Some squirrels even fly like ninjas do with their kites (the tanukis do this too)

    Even more, both tanukis and ninjas like to change their appearance to trick people. And Ninjas were thought of actual magical shapesifers. That´s why I think that´s why Usopp has the card with the skull in his hand (the same skull as in the Jinbe foreshadowing), because the new nakama will be similar to him or that he will be impressed by him. The zodiac of the rat would be very appropite for a ninja too since ninjas speciality is to spy people and to break into buildings.

    Maybe this ninja can be based of the hystorical character Nezumi Kozo (rat thief) . A popular legend says that he gave the money to the poor, turning the petty crook into a posthumous folk hero similar to Robin Hood. He even has kabuki plays after him.


    The demonic alter ego of this strawhat could be the tanuki, which are feared in china or the ninja, which were feared in japan because people thought they had actual magical powers, similar to a witch. Ninja were tortured once captured.

    His position in the crew: Spy, informer and Taylor.

    Other possibilities for the rat

    Since the squirrel of the color spread likes to dress up maybe some can interpret it as Pudding, who is specialized in acting. Pedro, is another possibility since Ive seen theories where its said that he could have a ninja training, he moves between trees like the squirrels do.

    One of the very few mythological rodents is Ratatorsk. A squirrel who lived in Ygdrassil, the world tree from norse mythology. So maybe a new nakama awaits us in the giant tree of Elbaf.

    An important fact about tanukis that can play a role in the story is that they are supposed to be friendly but in the famous japanese " Kachi-kachi yama" tale a rabbit punishes a tanuki cruelly. If Oda uses this story as an inspiration maybe Carrot and this character have a confrontation.



    As usual , like in some of my previous theories, I have proposed a pattern or inspiration by Oda but I don´t have a definitive conclusion or interpretation. As much as I would like to I don´t have a definitive answer for the next nakamas. But if I had to do a bet I would say the following:

    • 10th strawhat, the Boar= Jinbe
    • 11th strawhat, the Rat= Female Ninja ( or Carrot or Pudding)
    • 12th strawhat, the Rabbit= Pedro reborn (or Monet or Carrot)
    • 13th, the Dragon = Momo ( or someone else we don´t know)

    I will update the theory whenever we get more information. I know I used a lot of previous theories for support but I don´t think that´s a bad thing if you credit people who made the original theory. If any aspect of this theory helps you with a future theory that´s great.

    If you have any other interpretation that´s great, let me know!
    Hope you enjoyed the read!:>

    Extra footage

    Many people have theorized thta the Strawhat pirates and the Blackbeard pirates willfight each other one vs one due to the aparent symmetry between the crews. If so. the common speculations back up some of the inspirations I found:
    • Luffy vs Blackbeard: The monkey king vs the Oni. Monkey statues are used against onis.
    • Zoro vs Shilliew: The ashura vs the Shyryo, both demons of wrath.
    • Nami vs Devon: Nami is a witch, Devon is town known for witch burning.
    • Usopp vs Van Augur: Usopp (The tengu, who tricks priests) Vs the Augur (a priest of ancient Greece.
    • Sanji vs Laffite: The fallen Angel vs the angel (Laffite has a flying zoan). Also, the okama-traumatized vs the okama. And Simbad vs the bird person.
    • Chopper vs Doc Q: Diasease vs disease: Wendingo paranoia vs Q fever.
    • Robin vs Avalo Pizarro: The historian vs the conquistador

    Related Theories & Content:
    A year ago Zero Zero no mi already did a zodiac theory:
    So did Beck:

    I should have researched better before.


    1. sketch-1510998113070.png

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    Joaquin Sablada
    if caesar clown will be a strawhat i think he is also inspired from another demon called krampus. a half goat half demon, evil version of santa. i also saw a theory about carrot inspired from a werewolf and jinbe from a genie. btw this is theory keep it up
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    Tut Wuri Handayani
    i couldn't wait , until strawhats is officially fits on all the crew gather
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      This is just an speculation with the characters we now have. Will be updating it!
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      Yeah, I had not doubt she was. But that detail you menion is really an awesome point! I will post it on the theory, thanks!
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