Theory So about Imu...


  1. Rej
    So I had a random shower thought...

    Imu = Imullinati = Illuminati


    I found One Piece secret Illuminati leader

Recent Reviews

  1. Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose
    LOL, Rej!!!

  2. jeremy tan
    jeremy tan
    BRILLIANT! never expect! best theories i've ever read. why i cant submit 6 star?!
    1. Rej
      Author's Response
      Means much to me bro. I am so fucking glad you enjoyed it. My most honest thoughts! <3 live a great life man <3
  3. Su Long Bepo
    Su Long Bepo
    I think Orojackson is broken, it wouldn't let me give a 7 star rating.
    1. Rej
      Author's Response
      <3 thank you very much man, great words from great men (bears)!
  4. Zagrash
    What a fantastic post :)

    Some other/additionals ideas:
    In Norse mythology, Im or Imr is a giant and his father is a very wise giant. He/His father lives in a big hall.

    Imhotep was a chancellor of the farao and also a high priest and he was the father or medicine.
    1. Rej
      Author's Response
      Thank you alot :) I also appreciate your thoughts! Have a nice day and cya!
  5. Nessos
    And Robin is actually based on Robert Langdon and will solve the JoyBoyCode^^
    1. Rej
      Author's Response
      that's right my friend :D thank you <3
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