Theory Shanks and Mihawk vs Blackbeard and Shiliew

The Red Hair Pirates, Mihawk, and the Straw Hats vs the Blackbeard Pirates and the Kid Pirates

  1. Two Piece
    Many people subscribe to the theory(first posed by Celestial D. Dragon) that Shiliew has obtained Diamond Jozu's devil fruit, and will use his new power to take down Mihawk, eventually leading to a Zoro vs Shiliew fight for Zoro to become the greatest swordsman in the world and avenge his mentor.

    Many people also believe Shanks will eventually die in the series at the hand of Blackbeard to serve as extra incentive for Luffy to take down Blackbeard. If Shanks and his crew were to have an all out battle with the Blackbeard Pirates, I can definitely see a scenario where Mihawk aids Shanks in this battle. In this scenario, Shanks would be taken out by Blackbeard and Mihawk by Shiliew.

    We could also see the Kid pirates allying with Blackbeard since we know they want to take down the Red Hair Pirates, fall to the Straw Hats in a fight that features Luffy vs Captain Kidd and Zoro vs Killer(saw this theory first in a RogersBase video).

    Could you guys see something like this happening in the story? If it did happen it would probably end up being my favourite arc...
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Recent Reviews

  1. Cinera
  2. TopMAN
    Well, this is interesting. Kidd and Killer are under Kaido's control right now, so this will definitely happen after Wano. If this battle happens, it would be extremely late, and that would potentially rush the storyline. However, it makes some sense to me.
  3. King of beasts kaido
    King of beasts kaido
    Kidd allying with BlackBeard?? Nah.. he is more likely to be allied luffy if he was saved by law or luffy in Winter island if Law or luffy decides to go there
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