Theory Sanji's Treasure and Will

Sanji needs to realize that his life matters.

  1. 8787NO3Monet

    Hello Oro Jackson no mina-San, i'm going to try and pierce the last secret of our Taisetsu(valuable) Nakama, Curly Eyebrows, Sanji.

    Like everyone learned in the recent chapters, Sanji's family are almost(Reiju) all despicable and cruel toward him for not being like them, they totally despise his gut wishing that he wasn't even born. Sanji suffered a lot as a child and keeps being tortured by his heartless evil brothers. This brings the question of what will he do against that along with the means, how can he do it, considering his situation.

    All the Strawhats have a Treasure that they hold close to their heart, reminding them who they lost, as well as what the dead left them to cherish and pass on. For example, Nami's tangerine tree, Robin's poneglyph knowledge, Zoro's Wado Ichimonji and Franky has the Thousand Sunny or all his creations. In Sanji's case, what is his Treasure, the most important thing for him, of course it's Zeff, his one and only father. But, it will not always be that way, Sanji's current Treasure is keeping him away from his path, His All Blue.

    1. Zeff strenghtened in Sanji's childhood

    In both situations Sanji is trapped in an enclosed environment, the first, alone and with food, while on the other side, he's without food but in company of his savior Zeff. The 2 events share a great deal of struggle at such a Young age.

    Each pictures present interesting contrasts, even in this case, Sanji's mother is linked to Zeff.
    Judge has probably the most powerful and emotional connections related to the Baratie's Restaurant Chef.
    The last chapter supports more this train of thought by showing Zeff's strict parenting when Judge gave him none.

    2. History repeats itself
    Zeff decided to give up on his pirate life to save Sanji, who has the same Dream as him. He relayed his torch to the next generation.

    It's not the first time that Zeff's life is threaten.
    Sanji finds himself in the incapability to respond to anything coming his way, due to Zeff's life being in danger again.
    We have seen before and we will see one more time, Sanji's radical moral code. He gives food to anyone that are hungry, no matter their background. That's why Dong Krieg attacked him after he was done eating. Everything that happened after was because of Sanji's drastic decision.

    3. Reiju's behavior

    Reiju genuinely cares for his little brother Sanji, that's why she helped him escape from this hell and she's also always seen attending to his wounds.
    However, she made one point exactly clear, Reiju will not choose between Sanji and her family.
    She doesn't have the willpower to go against her father and sick brothers.

    3.5 Reiju's hell

    This is where the real theory starts. Like the title mentions it, Reiju is about to live the worst moment of her life. It's well known that Sanji won't hit women, he had prefer die rather than kick a woman.

    Well, Sanji will receive the most painful beating ever in his life by a woman dear to his heart. When the Wedding will end up being canceled for an unknown reason, everything is going to turn into a chaotic state. During the Vinsmoke's retreat plan, Sanji will go to their pursuit. Then the terrible act follows, Judge Vinsmoke will order Reiju to hit Sanji to death.

    From hearing this unbeleivable words, Reiju's eyes turn pale, her mind goes blank, she starts to
    tremble Inside, she can't sense her body. Then her Father says her name, he tells Reiju that he won't repeat a second time. She's mentaly destroyed, She begins to slowly walk toward Sanji, this is unreal, Sanji's cigarette falls off his mouth, he's stunned. Sanji says with his serious darken face to not do this, he he says that there is another way.

    Reiju doesn't listen, she sends a full punch at Sanji, Sanji falls on his back. She quietly gets
    on top of him and opens an unstoppable beating. Reiju's tears falls on the bloody Sanji, she can't stop crying over and over, she just can not see anymore.

    In front of this heart wrenching insane scene, someone was standing near him...

    4. Gin, The Soulmate

    I beleive that Sanji and Gin are very alike.
    The same as Sanji, Gin never had someone who's expressed such kindness in his direction. Sanji was ready to die for Zeff's restaurant, on the other hand, Gin voluntarily poisoned himself on his Captain's orders because he had betray him. The two of them portrayed extreme traits that was not Worth doing so. Sanji only got out of this Dangerous situation cause Gin had no real intention of Killing Sanji. Now the situation is completely different.
    In those panels, you can see that Gin is reflecting on himself, when he's near death doors.
    Gin ask to Sanji to relate his message to Luffy, which is to meet again on the Grandline. When you think about it, those words are more directed to Sanji, but Gin didn't know that he would leave Baratie and become a pirate too.

    5. Underworld Broker and Gin

    Sanji had no choice to go with Capone, the reason being that Big Mom learned Zeff's existence and his value to Sanji. The question is how could she knew such crucial information with her network, who could possibly knew that he had so much respect for Zeff. The answer is Gin, Since Gin previously stated that there is Nothing else he would want to do other than being a pirate. A pirate does what a pirate does, meaning he makes decisions on his best interest.
    Don Krieg is one of the underworld brokers showcased on Punk Hazard's transmission.
    Gin still sails under Don Krieg's banner, they are connected directly to Big Mom. Furthermore, they are invited to Big Mom's tea party and that's how Gin will reunite with Sanji. The positions will be reversed , at first, Don Krieg is going to be an enemy, then he will be revealed as an ally.

    6. Sanji's resolve through Gin's message

    Like it's been explained above, Sanji is absolute and extreme regarding his convictions and the ideals he beleives in. This type of attitude doesn't make sense and will just bring more troubles to Sanji.
    Sanji has already forgot Luffy's speech over him being ready to die for the restaurant and that he won't be able to repay his debt that way.

    Actually,Sanji can't repay his debt, he will never be able to repay his debt, he just has to accept that someone saved him for who he is, because Zeff's the first person in his life who actually truly cared for him.

    In this same sense, Sanji won't remember Luffy's word until someone says the right words to him.

    The only person who can open Sanji's eyes is Gin, his Soulmate. Just as Gin, Zeff's ambition became Sanji's ambition. Gin needs to show to Sanji that he must live for himself, Sanji must do things of his own will with his own way, he can't live his life in Zeff's shadow forever.


    To conclude, Sanji will respond to Reiju's distress in this tragic moment. Prior to that, Gin needs to awake Sanji's true self, so he can remind himself Luffy's thoughts on Sanji's unreasonable behaviors related to Zeff, which he admires and respect, along with going against his own Survival and Life.

    Zeff taught to Sanji to never ever kick a woman, although he never said he couldn't punch them. Sanji's hands are his Treasure and Zeff's Legacy, he will put some table manners into his precious sister Reiju to save her and be a HERO!

    Credit to @SpeoX thank you so much for the cover and the assembly on the second picture.

    Credit to @Captain Hot Shot thanks for the wonderful '' content icon '' picture.

    Credit to @Yasin thank you for your help.
    Credit to @Blue Rose and @RedNome thank you for the connections with Judge and Zeff.


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Recent Reviews

  1. g2zach
    this theory is very unclear, im not sure what you are trying to prove, just that sanji will save reiju? that goes without saying. lots kf grammar and spelling mistakes, 3 stars for effort, continue working hard.
  2. Spike Spiegel
    Spike Spiegel
    Ever since the "Sanji Arc" had been mentioned I always wondered whether or not Gin's return would be soon. I'm honestly all in on your theory! Great Read! Keep on pumping more theories out. I'll read them so mentioned me. U_U
  3. BadassSanji
    Even today, this theory fits. I always thought Sanji's code was flawed and that he knows it the hard way. And i also think Zeff could scold Sanji for that very reason : not hitting woman. When stakes are high, when you have to save Robin, you just have to do the right thing. It's funny we had Zoro warning elegantly Monet and doing more pyschological damage than physical to her. Sanji needs his final lesson, if he really means that Luffy will be the KaizokuO, he needs to fix his moral code. If he really means to find All Blue, same shit. Sanji definitely needs to get stronger psychologically. I also want the lesson to be learned the hard way ahah. Sanji's emotions are so vital to him that he won't stop running and burning all the way and that will make him earn a badass epilogue in this arc, i hope. Fingers crossed.
  4. G_Da_Jungle_King
    AMAZING!after reading this i have gotten me so hyped, you do not know how long i have thought about the idea of gin coming back. but hold up a moment i think what has gotten me so hyped is the pure fact of how detailed you theory is. you used so much manga, so much parallels, omg amazing, i just want to say that was so good. i have read and watch an enormous amount of theory's, but that was by far one of the best. my friend, make a YouTube channel and you will instantly become a success
    1. 8787NO3Monet
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for your review, it makes me truly happy that you enjoyed reading it. :D

      The more i thought about it, the more it made sense and yeah, there are so many parallels between Baratie and Whole Cake Island.^^

      With the latest chapter, there's definetly a plan with Reiju from Oda, she said she think she deserves to die too, cause her hands are dirty.

      I can't wait to see how things play out, thanks again!
  5. Law Heartstrong
    Law Heartstrong
    Well done Monet :)

    Oh yeah, another thing. The idea of Gin and Krieg's return during the tea party just blew my mind!!! I wonder how Oda actually manages to keep track of all his past characters with so many possible links between them. The possibilities are really infinite!
    1. 8787NO3Monet
      Author's Response
      Thank you Law. :D

      With the last chapter, Sanji has lost his last ray of hope, i Wonder what will happen.^^

      Haha, Gin and Krieg for the win. :)
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