Theory Sanji's Hidden "Cosmic" Power

An old SBS may hold a clue to Sanji's true power.

  1. KingMyth2024
    Sounds Solid, I don't agree with the part about him having a Uranus but rather Venus makes more sense
  2. monkey_d.luffy
    This theory is just great! Blows my mind away on the amount of proof and evidence provided! and very well explained too!
  3. AG Es
    AG Es
    I was imagining Sanji's ultimate attack in raid suit is like a fiery comet descending quickly from the sky.

    With his sky walk and fire power, that's the only thing I can imagine.

    Comet is still related to astrology though. Haha.
  4. Death1999
    I liked the link you made between the devil fruit swirls and twirly eyebrows' eyebrows.
  5. yukobel
    i saw one guy give 1 star, they never knew that Oda, although likes to joke on SBS, still giving us a hints. He is not a true One Piece reader my friend, don't take that to heart.

    to the theory, well written, you back every argument with correlation to each other. I may not agree about uranus power in sanji's body because Judge x Vegapunk working together is not revealed yet, but if its true, then this theory have every right to deserve 5 star.

    great work and fun to read!
  6. Redx
    This is nonsense for the simple fact that you based this theory on some joke Oda made in an SBS. You've even gone as far as to ignore basic logic and reasoning. This is just bad. There are no cosmic powers in One Piece.
    1. Theo Ries
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! You seemed to have such an excellent perspective on what a logical theory looks like, so I went to read some of yours for advice. But... It seems you've never written one before...

      Also, it seems you didn't fully read this one either. "Cosmic" here meaning "having to do with space" NOT "mystical". I hope that helps. X,D
  7. Afro Iceman
    Afro Iceman
    This One and Half Year old theory still have potential as we don't know much about Germa Science.. nice one mate
    1. Theo Ries
      Author's Response
      Thanks, Iceman! I had a moment where I thought about marking parts as "proven wrong". When I looked through it, I noticed that there's still a thread of hope. (Also, I'm really hoping to get 100 reviews. So... close...)
  8. Mugiwara_Necoke
    Interesting connections you made with germa and the types of science they relate to. Sanji is still a regular human that's why he and judge have blonde hair according to oda. MY guess is sanji could ask judge what kind of mutation he was aiming for with sanji. Sanji's diable jambe could be a foreshadow for something.
    1. Theo Ries
      Author's Response
      Yeah, I'm afraid that this (year and 1/2) old theory is starting to run out of steam. I'm just glad people still enjoy it after all this time. Thanks for the review!
  9. einfamous
    Sanji has massive potential. Considering that the swirl on his eyebrows gives him a lot of potential. And the fact that he is the only Vinsmoke sibling that displays emotion will be key for Sanji's growth strength wise.
  10. Rohan
    Absolutely brilliant theory. Loved reading it, keep up the good work! :)
    I think that the origin of this might have been the relation between Lucifer and the planet Venus. Also, did you know that Venus is called "the metallic planet" in japanese? Maybe this hints Sanji´s DNA awakening. It could be that Oda got inspired by sailor moon´s planetary warriors too. I thought I had already reviewed this.
  12. kingfifi10
    One of the best i read really really really reallyr eally like this :D
  13. Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose
    Like the connection you made with sanji and his sister/brother based of solar system this is really interesting.

    also that cover with Ufo Hint with sanji and the animal, It reminds me of animal foreshadowing, not to sure who that is,

    but their is other foreshadowing with space hint with sanji and the bear.
    sanji has 3 cards, and bear has 7, that relates to hidden (oda has done this before in other cover)
    suna suna no mi 3.7
    https:/ /en.wikipedia . org/wiki/Japanese_wordplay
    Bear has the star pattern on their shit (space) and they are seen with Sanji.
    second bear female, luffy holding binoculars,hint to owl.

    and also these two, are touching the suit case with star pattern (space hint)
    as already explained who the owl/rabbit is foreshadowed. in theory and brain trust :D

    Really good theory! and point you did, and makes me wonder on other stuff i found. Sanji for sure at least is pointing to secret suit case and space travel hint, or he will lead to these characters.

  14. SamEarl13
    Very interesting theory, a lot of good points and I definitely believe that Sanji still has his genetically modified abilities and this would be awesome (although not sure what new attacks he would learn).
  15. Vaquita
    Very nice i like the apace theme :D pew pew pew pew ñom ñom mroww
  16. Corazon's Law
    Corazon's Law
    Wow I absolutely love this theory. All of your points are backed up widely open my eyes to look for the smaller details that Oda has left for us to try and figure out!
  17. FollStion
    Amazing theory. You put a lot of effort and thinking into it. Really, well done.
    But I doubt even Oda thought as far as angles and things like that.
  18. Name Is C
    Name Is C
    Pffff...(Sanji's nose bleeding after reading) Great theory, but if it's true: Judge is a looser, because he uses too much resources to get power but still got oneshotted by Big Mom...
  19. OnePieceNation
    Great theory dude, I have literally spend hours wrecking my brain about Sanji and his powers and how they will increase and here you are writing this great theory. I really hope this will turn out to be the case and knowing Oda it just might, since he likes his foreshadowing like how Sanji called himself Mr. Prince in Alabasta and now we know he actually is one.
  20. theGozha
    This is very great one. Clear explanation with relevant pictures. STILL, my 5++ stars go to ODA. If what you're writing here is correct, then our GODDA has already think something like this, and some more things as in theories/speculation, far far far before he draws the manga.
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