Theory Sanji's Hidden "Cosmic" Power

An old SBS may hold a clue to Sanji's true power.

  1. Scretch
    Good Theory, I still think his curly eyebrows are related to the devil, with the fact that one of the common characteristics of the Devil Fruit is that all of them have swirly marks on them. Sanji is sometimes presented as the devil, like when he got mad at Thriller Bark about Nami's wedding or when he got mad again when he fought Wadatsumi.
  2. NamisOrigin
    Nice connection you made there. 1830 was a good referance. Hope this comes true.
  3. Luzoji
    Great theory. fits in really well with the clearly nazi aryan type imagery of germa 66 and them creating genetic supersoldiers. So sanji is a genetically modified ubermensch aka a superman, haha oda is brilliant. But sanji is not just a superman in body but in spirit and soul as well, something his father couldnt change despite trying. I think Im gonna refer to sanji as Mahatma Ubermensch from now on. 4 thumbs up for this theory.
  4. Nessos
    An old and classic theory which is still up to date. Especially with Sanjis RS reveal it should get a comeback :)
  5. Dr Hogback
    Dr Hogback
    What can I say... Data from manga, originality, clearity... You post has all these features! Nice job (:
  6. Rider
    4 out of 5 for me, it is an old theory but it is still actual and believable if we take into account Germa DNA modification
  7. Crono0929
    Very compelling theory, backed by manga cover stories and oda's own words.
  8. monster-trio
    That would fit really well with him becoming the most dangerous strawhat !
  9. Xatch
    Shocked I never reviewed this before know, I know I've read it a wee while ago, anyway, nothing I can say that 100 others haven't said, great job, keep up the good work
  10. Hades
    Good theory..I hope Sanji finds a way to use effectively than all the vinsmokes and it should happen if he is the one who is fighting queen...
  11. Critical Mindset
    Critical Mindset
    Damn, good theory bro! With the RS we will likely find out more about Sanji's lineage factor very soon! Joy boy showed this theory on his channel so well done for getting out there with your content!
  12. Rej
    Mhh bueno. I think Sanjis powers have strong references to the Sun, as foreshadowed some special Strawhat pirates as Sogeking were referenced to the sun and when Sogeking left the "Sunny" appeared. A symbol for the strawhats? I think it makes sense if Sanji will be the one to channel powers of fire and light and hence his raid suit is given!
    The Venus for me is reflecting his character and desire but the true source will be the sun as sun and moon has been shown to be very relevant objects around the One Piece world!

    Keep up man!
  13. Ascaisil
    Wonderful theory. I personally think Oda was just bullshitting us with his answer in the SBS, but you took it and made an amazing theory that is sound. I salute you!
  14. Jonas_Dillenburg
    Interesting points. It's not an idea I would particularly like to see on the story, but you made some interesting conections. I still don't think that, even if Oda goes the cosmic route with it, Sanji's power would relate to Uranous, I think it would be a little to powerful for him, vut, in general, you made good conections, solid arguments and brought up some interesting points. We shall see what Goda has reserved to us.
  15. KingMyth2024
    Sounds Solid, I don't agree with the part about him having a Uranus but rather Venus makes more sense
  16. monkey_d.luffy
    This theory is just great! Blows my mind away on the amount of proof and evidence provided! and very well explained too!
  17. AG Es
    AG Es
    I was imagining Sanji's ultimate attack in raid suit is like a fiery comet descending quickly from the sky.

    With his sky walk and fire power, that's the only thing I can imagine.

    Comet is still related to astrology though. Haha.
  18. Death1999
    I liked the link you made between the devil fruit swirls and twirly eyebrows' eyebrows.
  19. yukobel
    i saw one guy give 1 star, they never knew that Oda, although likes to joke on SBS, still giving us a hints. He is not a true One Piece reader my friend, don't take that to heart.

    to the theory, well written, you back every argument with correlation to each other. I may not agree about uranus power in sanji's body because Judge x Vegapunk working together is not revealed yet, but if its true, then this theory have every right to deserve 5 star.

    great work and fun to read!
  20. Redx
    This is nonsense for the simple fact that you based this theory on some joke Oda made in an SBS. You've even gone as far as to ignore basic logic and reasoning. This is just bad. There are no cosmic powers in One Piece.
    1. Theo Ries
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! You seemed to have such an excellent perspective on what a logical theory looks like, so I went to read some of yours for advice. But... It seems you've never written one before...

      Also, it seems you didn't fully read this one either. "Cosmic" here meaning "having to do with space" NOT "mystical". I hope that helps. X,D
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