Speculation Sanji the Spy

The best spies are the ones that aren't known to be one.

  1. Godyonko
    I totally disagree with about Sanji being a spy, when would he had time to join the opposition. And if he was a spy we would of found out on wci
    1. Pawkitt
      Author's Response
      It would have been an agreement made when him and Zeff got picked up on that rock. A 2nd sanji focused arc doesnt seem likely, your right. Its possible they'd quickly reveal him being a spy to get Zoro to accept Sanji's betrayal of the crew, as weird as that sounds. We should know soonish.
  2. RandaAlzifahri
    Well, Sanji already had 2 past story, I dont think there will be more of it.
  3. Arthand
    I actually liked this theory what if Marines found Sanji and he joined them or how will marines allow baratiere in east blue.
  4. RUIYO
    Sure he is smart and had some spyish role in the crew... yet I doubt Oda is going that way with him... the current members will stay without hiccups more likely than not...
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