Speculation Sanji the Spy

The best spies are the ones that aren't known to be one.

  1. Pawkitt
    Waiters wear bows.
    Spies where ties.

    Throughout the One Piece series Sanji has had the least convincing background. Owner Zeff, Sanji's "role model", saved Sanji and coddled his survival. I believe in Sanji's gratitude for Owner Zeff, but what happened once they were saved?

    I'll get back to that, but for now lets recap.
    - intercepts Crocodiles intercom and weeds out crucial information.
    - manages to avoid Bon Clay's Clone Clone fruit.
    - outsmarts Crocodile using Chopper as the perfect misdirection while destroying the path back to Luffy.
    - infiltrates a marine ship to teach a marine how to cook.
    - does recon for the crew at Water 7 and sneaks onto the Train to help Robin, Franky, and Usopp.
    - naturally uses the Den Den Mushi's on the Water 7 train.
    - wanted poster at Water 7 being hand drawn.
    - desire for the Clear Clear Fruit on Thriller Bark that makes one invisible.
    - is practically declared a possible Spy by Ivancov before the time skip.

    Working up to the main fact, I don't think Sanji wanted to stay on Whole Cake just because he thinks the Strawhats will lose or because Owner Zeff was set up to be assassinated. Sanji probably stayed because he could stop betraying his friends and this "unknown" person or group. This unknown person or group that helped him and Owner Zeff when they were stranded.

    Being stranded and starved, how could their lives and treasure be secured? They made a deal with the devil. Thus is a tough reveal for the end games.

    Tiny tiny hints like Sanji's 007 like respect for woman and "Zoro the Loyal" always getting into fights with him, like he knows on an instinctual level that Sanji's not all too loyal. Its also brought up a lot that Sanji's dream isn't too significant to him and a mix between the island of woman and all blue. There's also a theory someone else came up with that whenever someone smokes they are knowingly betraying someone. If you consider every time he helps the strawhats he smokes, it would mean he's stressing out over betraying someone because he's helping the Strawhats.

Recent Reviews

  1. Godyonko
    I totally disagree with about Sanji being a spy, when would he had time to join the opposition. And if he was a spy we would of found out on wci
    1. Pawkitt
      Author's Response
      It would have been an agreement made when him and Zeff got picked up on that rock. A 2nd sanji focused arc doesnt seem likely, your right. Its possible they'd quickly reveal him being a spy to get Zoro to accept Sanji's betrayal of the crew, as weird as that sounds. We should know soonish.
  2. RandaAlzifahri
    Well, Sanji already had 2 past story, I dont think there will be more of it.
  3. Arthand
    I actually liked this theory what if Marines found Sanji and he joined them or how will marines allow baratiere in east blue.
  4. RUIYO
    Sure he is smart and had some spyish role in the crew... yet I doubt Oda is going that way with him... the current members will stay without hiccups more likely than not...
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