Speculation Robin and the Poneglyphs

Robin didn't read the Ohara's Poneglyph

  1. Hawkranger
    Just bare with me for a moment ...

    I don't think that Robin knows what's in the Poneglyph that was in Ohara ... i think probably Clover knew the name of the ancient kingdom from that certain Poneglyph ... and Robin was just new to reading them and didn't get the chance ... because if she did read it ... or even if she had access to all the data collected by the Scholars there as it has been stated that she used to spy on them with her ability .. she would know the name of the ancient kingdom don't you think?!!!

    My guess is that she studied reading the poneglyphs and knew the characters and understood the language but never really got the chance to read it ...

    unless she knows but she just doesn't talk about it which is strange since she specifically asked Rayliegh about the will of D .. and didn't mention the name of the kingdom right?!

    and probably since the WG destroyed Ohara and probably took the Poneglyph to Mariejois for safekeeping ... and probably they have more than one there to keep them out of reach from those who can read ...

    Then my guess there will come a time where the Strawhats decide that they need to sneak in Mariejois and steal those Poneglyphs maybe even before they reach raftel ... or who knows maybe Sabo and the rest of the Revolutionary Army's main objective is to find and copy those poneglyphs since.. you know .. Dragon wanted to meet Robin so much .. maybe he also had one of or two poneglyphs that will be revealed later that robin read for him

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  1. RandaAlzifahri
    Nice and fresh speculation, but I have another one

    Robin already read Ohara's poneglyph. But that poneglyph didn't (directly) mention the name of ancient kingdom

    When talk to Gorosei, Clever said he want to tell temporary result of his research (include the name of ancient kingdom), which is based on many poneglyphs around the world, not only Ohara's poneglyph.

    And I think it would be a little strange if an important information like the name of ancient kingdom reveal in Ohara (so far Ohara is not related to ancient kingdom, and even now Ohara has gone)
    1. Hawkranger
      Author's Response
      but since she studied the poneglyphs and no one knows that and she just revealed it at the end ... then how come she never read their researches or knew stuff from the void century just like Clover did .. If the name was indeed from researches around the world then it should be written down in some kinda note where robin could access while studying ...

      but then again ... maybe the ohara people just hid it very well and she never got the chance to read everything they have
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