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  1. Hebi Jotei
    Hebi Jotei
    Nice theory! A forth yet unknown Haki power sounds totally possible! So the 2 ways of obtaining Haki seem to be 1. gaining it through training or being biologically predisposed. That way it can happen that someone has mastered a certain type of Haki while being uncapable of using the other forms. Like Rayleigh said, they are developed unequally. There are several indicators for this : The Skypiean`s "Mantra" and the Kuja´s "Busoshoku". And like @Ryujin_sama alrdy said below, the Minks seem to be born with an affinity to "Electro", while Fishmen have "Water Haki". And yeah we have seen many people use elemental attacks even tho they´ve a completely different DF type or are non-DF user (like the monster trio).
    >> While I agree with everything else, I believe that Brooks ice attack are rather related to the theme of his DF. "The cold" of the death/hell/underworld etc. Similar to how Law´s "Counter Shock" is rather related to medical heart defibrillation than Thunder-Haki
  2. Corazon
    Quite an interesting theory there . Capone and floating island was on pre ts well very good theory.
  3. Monkey D. Gold
    Monkey D. Gold
    Really cool but the one thing u forgot is that there are unknown people with powers higher than the goroseis that tell them what to do.
  4. PaperFlower
    Nice theory and I like the pattern^^
    But I do not fully agree on your possible new crew members.
    I can see neither Monet nor Caesar joining the crew.
    Caesar is inhuman and cruel, he would never fit in there while Monet is 90% dead at this point. I would be disappointed if she was not. Her and Vergo's deaths happened for a reason, to demonstrate Doflamingo's charisma and their loyalty towards him. Also...her death kinda happened on screen, so I do not have much hope for her. However, I do believe it is possible either Neko or Pedro will join. They have good chemistry with the crew and since Neko lost a hand, he is not that strong anymore. And Pedro has shown his faith in the crew, so he is straw hat material, too:-) Same goes for Reiju in a way. She had good chemistry with the straw hats as well and is straw hat material in every way^^ I would add her to the list(she could be a scientist as well)

    But I liked the rest of your theory, keep up the good work;-)
  5. Monkey D. Bone
    Monkey D. Bone
    Awesome read. Hope we do get to see elbaf and Luffy sees Shanks. I think Luffy will act the same way he did when he saw Saw. Ussop not really, never talks about his pops.
  6. Dimi91
    I like your theory but i think the relationship between Luffy and Law its like Rogers and Whitebeards...But who knows Oda maybe is gonna change everythin....
    1. Ousen d ippo
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback. It's likely that Ur right maybe law will turn out like whitebeard but wouldn't that be so boring for the readers. law is a supernova he should be rival to luffy..
  7. Herr Krokodil
    Herr Krokodil
    Interesting concept, but Marco mentioned Teach's odd body, and Oda wouldn't of had him do so if it wasn't important to how he gained the power.
  8. akagami spy gel
    akagami spy gel
    nice theory mate...
    but i have to disagree with you...
    i think Law will behave like WhiteBeard in the future...
    Luffy's ally and a fellow Yonko.
    covering Luffy's ass and stuff like that...
    1. Ousen d ippo
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback. But I disagree ur sayin law will turn out like whitebeard but whitebeard never stated that he's after one piece his plan was to have a family. It's factual and it's stated in the manga that law is after the one piece making him a competition to luffy.
  9. Zero Zero No Mi
    Zero Zero No Mi
    It's quite possible that Law becomes again some kind of rival after Wano's arc but you don't show really proofs of that, even if Law has a cruel reputation, he became one of the best allies of Luffy, and he has been thankful to Luffy because Luffy has beaten Doflamingo.

    I can see Law being jealous of Luffy because of that but I don't feel like he can really betray Luffy and I don't remember Law being interested by the One Piece.
    We still don't know why Law saved Luffy during Marineford war so you have a point there. But as a D, Law maybe recognized the potential of Luffy.

    I think they will stay allies for a good time.
    IMO the only real rival of Luffy among the Supernovas is Eustass Kid.
    1. Ousen d ippo
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback. So ok u say that law is indebt to luffy and dat he's not interested in one piece. In the manga law himself said to his crew don't worry the one piece isn't goin anywhere. Therefore implieing that he's after one piece..
  10. Marco the Phoenix
    Marco the Phoenix
    I also think Sanji will awaken his powers and demonstrate to Judge and the others the virtue of perseverance and development through gradual progression instead of rushing to quick results. Maybe then Judge will realize the error of his ways and remorse the loss of his wife due to his rash arrogance, consequently proceeding to atone for his sins in some way (e.g. maybe sacrifice himself for his children during the wedding near the end after Sanji demonstrates his honor, which then could to lead to Reiju assuming the throne after his death - barring the possibility of a conflict of ascension with Ichiji as the first born of each gender - and then making Germa another kingdom allied with the Straw Hat Crew). Excellent points all around.
    1. DeathWink
      Author's Response
      I also totally believe in Judge atoning and then sacrificing his life for his children while regretting his deeds... But I don't think there will be any mention of conflict b/w the siblings after that... Thanks for reading and reviewing, mate. :D
  11. Maceldrei
    It is a really cool concept to think about, and the detail of the ring is truly mysterious. But could use more depth, other than that. AWESOME! :)
  12. Mugiwara_ya
    Great theory. I have always thought nitro looked too similar to bege. I agree with your theory generally but certain specific details are still questionable.

    No doubt, I strong belief pudding and bege are working together. That's why bege was so hard on capturing Sanji. And pudding kept thinking about lolas freedom, which signifies there's more than what we heard from her.

    The name swapping part is a little far fetch. I think at most she altered some of big mom's memory.

    What's her true motive I'm not too sure. I guess getting married to someone of her choice is one of them
  13. Shanks1994
    Good points, Law from the start saved him saying that they are ennemies but there is no point in letting him die (MF), and everytime luffy talks about alliancces as nakamas , law gets mad because I think Once they will take down kaido they will part ways , but at some point later in the story they will fight. I don't think that will be betrayal

    Once they achieve their objective, there will be no need for them to stay gentle to each other. That's just how piracy goes.
    1. Ousen d ippo
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review appreciate the response
  14. Black leg
    Black leg
    Nope. Oda used the term saikyo to both whitebeard and Mihawk. Sekai saikyo no otoko for whitebeard and sekai saikyo no kenshi for mihawk. Viz meant the same for greatest and strongest. Saikyo = strongest or best.
  15. GUDUman
    nice link
    This add to the moriah and kaido link.
    Blue form seems like another state of luffy where as doffy was in the same base form in his awakenning
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx GUDUman ^^ glad u liked it
  16. Jai Jana
    Jai Jana
    I will post further thoughts in the discussion thread..gist of it is.. I actually don't agree with the theory that sengoku is directly related to Sora. No comment about vegapunk coming in to picture.. What I can say is that you are on to something..
  17. DeathWink
    Flawless.... I totally agree with your idea of Buggy being safe if a Haki coated blade slashes him... Keep up bro...
  18. Syphin
    Interesting interpretation and nice research. Unfortunately, Oda already confirmed that Monet has the Yuki Yuki No Mi. Nami mentions in the manga but Oda mentions it again in the volume 79 SBS when he confirms that "superior devil fruits" are a thing - he notes that Monet has the Yuki Yuki no Mi.

    Plus the Yuki Yuki no Mi fits so well with Monet that it would be hard to see her having any other Devil Fruit. It has become apparent that Oda developed her character with the Yuki Yuki no Mi in mind - cold and mysterious with that evil charm.

    Thanks for sharing and tagging me =).
  19. Pirate king buggy
    Pirate king buggy
    send this theory to @trollonepiecetheories or troll one piece theories.
  20. Pirate king buggy
    Pirate king buggy
    I really enjoyed watching the video, I did not read the oro jackson.
    My tip is to be next time please lower the music volume if you are using your own voice, as your voice is very low compared to the volume of the music. music should be just something that plays in the background and nothing else.
    1. DeathWink
      Author's Response
      Wow Buggy... I have watched your videos and the most legit I thought was Buggy being affected by Haki coated sword or not... Thanks for reviewing the theory and yeah I will keep my BG music lower from now... Thanks again...