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  1. Ban Midou
    Ban Midou
    One of the best theories I have read in OJ and with the new chapter out,.,. :) :) you deserve a pat on the back. Well done bro
  2. Dr Hogback
    Dr Hogback
    Very nice topic! I have two theories that relate souls to devil fruits; you may find them interesting!
  3. ArinDee kinas
    ArinDee kinas
    best of the best always comes near the end....really enjoy read it..
  4. flappy
    A very original idea. The Sunny will need some repairs because it has been damaged fleeing big mom. So why not put some extra's in it .
    1. Monstertrio333
      Author's Response
      Right! Thanks so much for the review!
  5. Wado
    What a thrill to find such a theory in the closing days of orojackson! - I love how your goal with this is to lay the groundwork for.. basically everything that has to do with not only one piece, but our own existence, history and mysteries of our known and unknown world - I think you are doing a great job in trying to display the underlying themes of creation, mythology, religion, philosophy and spirituality throughout mankinds own history - I must say, It reminds me of a lot of a french documentary about the pyramid of giza, that has a very similar approach in seeing so many connections all around the cultures of earth, and, without wanting to spoil it, heads in the same direction with an "Ancient Kingdom or tribe", that connects everything. Anyway, I digress: If you have time check that one out, you'll find it on youtube: "The revelations of the pyramids" :) - Looking forward to your next instalments on youtube, I hope you'll stick to it!
  6. D jango
    D jango
    You know what, I really luv myths. My theory always about myth.

    Already subscribe..:)
    1. Zagrash
      Author's Response
      Aww Thank You!
  7. yukobel
    hope this will be done before 31st August

    I really hate seeing theories in YT, I enjoyed reading it more in forums

    can't wait for your next chapter
    1. Zagrash
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the Review <3
      If I have time until then, ill do it.
  8. Nessos
    For me this is written like an encyclopedia. You listed a lot of stuff, but somehow I lost quite fast the connection between them.

    Nevertheless you pointed out cool connections between One Piece and many different cultures, mythologies and fairytails and you also used science to explain things. This is great and seemed to be a lot of effort and for that alone you deserve 5 stars.

    I am a bit suprised, but somehow you almost completly left out eastern mythology and culture. The way I see One Piece Eastern Culture and Myth plays a bigger role in One Piece than the Western things.

    I bet you would like to conter this telling me that there is a lot of Things in One Piece refering to Western culture and myth. I don't disagree with that. Oda uses a lot of culture, myth and fairytale from all over the world, but they have one thing in common they are Arc and region(Islands/Cities/Nations) based and doesn't appear again and again. You can even use this to predict future stuff like "Wizard of Oz" wasn't really used yet and will most likely appear in a future arc.

    If you look at eastern myth stuff you will notice that this will appear again and again. And These are not Just minor details.

    You have the Admirals based on Chinese Zodiac, the Yonkou representing the 4 Symbols of Chinese constellation or how the Gorosei interact with each other hint that they represents the 5 eastern elements (Earth, Metal, Fire, Wood, Water/same order you used). On top of that we got with Shirahoshi, Momonosuke and Luffy the reincarnation theme which Playa a big role in buddhism.

    Definetly a great work, but if you keep ignoring the eastern culture I doubt you will fulfill the promise of your introduction solving all the secrets of One Piece.
    1. Zagrash
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review and inputs! It helps me a lot if I get constructive critique. I just started with making theories and
      my wrting is far away from optimal. You said you lost connection between the things I mentione fast, thats something I wasn't
      really aware - I thought it would be clearer. Thats something I will work on in the future. Thank You!

      About the content, you say: "The way I see One Piece Eastern Culture and Myth plays a bigger role in One Piece than the Western things."
      This is where I made a mistake, I probably should have written this better on my side. Let me explain - first we have to differentiate the story layers:

      Level 1: Character and Object References:
      Oda uses various symbols to give things a certain touch. He makes Wano Japanese Edo Style. Lucky Roo is probably based on Lucky Loo. Oda also hides easter eggs.
      The entire first Chapter looks very "Wild West" Style. Is that story relevant? No, in my opinion this is just flavor. The symbolisms is
      there to give scenes a certain touch to the scene.
      There are also theories that Shanks Crew is based on the Red Legs. Thats possible, but in my opinion again, this is just flavor to make the world feel "real"

      Level 2: Arc Stories
      Oda creates story arcs often based on tales, cultures and their problems, cities. He adds Level 1 references (substories, myths, figures of that culture).
      Example: Wano has acts, like the Kabuki Theather. These Arc stories are in my opinion not directly connected to the entire story. There is a problem, luffy fixes it.
      These stories are Stand-Alones. In all Arcs, there are more hidden things tho...

      Level 3: Arc connections
      Each Arc offers small insights into the bigger thing. Some countries have Poneglyphs, Roger connections, Information about the world, etc.
      On Alabasta are a ton of symbols of the story in Skypea. And I mean a TON.

      Level 4: The deeper Story
      You say: "If you look at eastern myth stuff you will notice that this will appear again and again. And These are not Just minor details."
      EXACTLY! But why did you guys notice that the eastern myth stuff appears again and again? Because you looked into it. And I did the same with other

      The thing is this: One Piece is not about Norse Mythology, not about the Aztecs, not about Japanese Mythology, not about Bhuddism. None of them.
      Its about the story that all myths explain. They explain the same stories and teachings My intention in this post was to explain exactly this, but it seems I failed :(

      Many people figured out the connections between Alchemy and the different hierarchies as you explained (Chinese Zodiac, the Elemental Pentagram and the Turtle Symbolism).
      But what if I tell you that all mythologies and cultures have astronomies with a Zodiac, the Elemtens and a reincarnation/inherited will theme? And you had
      references for those in all Arcs for various cultures. There are differences in the Zodiacs of different cultures, because they live in other areas. In northern Europe you won't find Tigers, which is part of Chinese Zodiac. But you will find the same symbolism and meaning in the other Zodiacs too. The Rooster represent the Voice of Creation (3 Rooster = Trinity). In Norse you have simply the first Giant that Yawns/Yells.

      Different Cultures = Different Symbols, but same meaning.

      Of course the eastern myths and roots are as important as the other ones, but don't focus too much on it.
      I promise you, One Piece is not just aboout that one Mythology. If you want to really understand the depth of the story, then you can't simply look for symbols that fit, but you have
      to understand the meaning and its roots. Oda can't make it more obvious, or else we would have figured out the entire thing a long time ago.

      I am definitively not ignoring easter culture.

      There are 2 reasons why I didn't include it here:
      1. As you said in the beginning, this looks like an encyclopedia for you.
      If I added all the mythycal references, then this text would simply containt hundreds of very long lists.
      Because of that I decided to only name a few.

      2. You may argue and say: Why didn't you pick one example of each culture through the entire text to show the range of different cultures?
      The reason I didn't do this was because this would look like im picking random stuff that fits. My goal was to show that there is One thing that connects everything (on Level 4!)
      Since Oda almost copied Atztec texts, and those are very similiar to norse mythology, I decided to use those as an example.

      Again, thank you for the review, Im glad if people tell them what they don't like, so I can improve.
  9. telias
    That was a nice reading ,great theory mate you have done a good work!
    1. Zagrash
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Glad you liked it!
  10. Donal D. Trump
    Donal D. Trump
    Best theory ever. It explains the entire deep lore of One Piece and that it is a story of the history of our world.
    1. Zagrash
  11. Haki Master
    Haki Master
    Great theory keep it up, I’m looking forward to see/read your next theory and I would like to you explain me (through mythology) what conqueror’s haki is and what expect from it.
    1. Zagrash
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the nice words! I will look into Haki as soon as we are done with symbolism.
  12. Theo Ries
    Theo Ries
    I thought OJ closed it's doors by now, but I checked for some reason and discovered... THIS. I'm so glad you wrote it!!!

    I'm an old dude that remembers being so sad as a child when Pirates of Dark Water got cancelled. Now I worry that One Piece will suffer a similar fate. Oda may get carried away and not finish the series before he dies of old age.
  13. DontGetSuckedIn
    Nice theory...what about Karasu? He also wears a maybe...
    1. Tokiro Oumaga
      Author's Response
      Perhaps. I didn't think of him, but I think the fact that he doesn't have wings in his base form implies that he's human.
  14. Andrago
    King Neptume said Joyboy lived during the void century. So he couldn't have been what u said
    1. Donal D. Trump
      Author's Response
      Don't rate theories that you haven't read/understood. I about 10 times mentioned what you just wrote and never said anything different. The entire theory is about Joyboy's being from the Void Century and the Ancient Kingdom is from a time before that...
  15. RUIYO
    Lol Ace was not a double spy trying to kill WB... he would have died for WB. Let's assume that was the case and at the beginning we do know Ace did try to kill WB, why would Kaido send Ace... he looks down on the current Super Nova's who are currently stronger than Ace was or at least Luffy is why would Kaido send Ace to kill a man Kaido himself would have problems dealing with or would/could potentially defeat Kaido... That doesn't make any sense. And then go after the man that is trying to save his spy that he got attached to? I do like the Ace, King, Queen thing but everything else just doesn't fall into place
  16. flappy
    A speculation I like a lot. There certainly must have been a fonfrontation when Ace arrived in Wano. Ace could'nt have been just a normal pirate who was under someone.
  17. Sakkeru
    This is an awesome theory, so consistent and well thought out. I really like the observation that both Hitetsu and King are masked. Hitetsu also mentions that he cannot enter Okobore town, which I had interpretted to suggest that he may be Denjiro. Perhaps he just does not wish to reveal the existence of his race.

    The existence of Birdfolk would actually add layers to many aspects of the history of the world.. the celestial dragons suppressed the Merfolk to be hidden beneath the sun. The Birdfolk could have been put into practical extinction through the take-over of "the heavens", and perhaps the Birkans/Shandians are distant offspring. Their introduction in Wano as Tengu would be verrry fitting.
  18. RevolutionaryOfThe6Paths
    Thank you for all the great theories . Have you considered moving to another forum after OJ doomsday?
    1. Tokiro Oumaga
      Author's Response
      Yeah, I've been told to go to Thriller Bark. I'm gonna try to migrate all my stuff over there soon. Glad you liked my work!
  19. yukobel

    this little yet on point specs is easy to read and digest

    you might hit the bullseye tho! nice work!
  20. yukobel
    well F me

    this was so far consumed me, I did somehow vaguely remember that series, thanks to this, I refreshed a bit. Now that you made this, the similarity was real.

    Even Oda himself said he already know how OP will end. Based on this amazing theory, I can assume Oda felt unsatisfied with the series, and make OP based on this, with the ending of his own.

    Oda is some serious sh*t when it comes to storytelling

    Man, 5 stars does not do justice to this theory. KEEP UP THE GOOD EFFING WORKS!!!
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