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  1. Babyswagmonster
  2. Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose
    I agree with her leaving the crew part, the number chapter confirming them joining is interesting. and Robin still does not have number chapter.

    Really good point.

    will see when happens, maybe something upset her and she leaves but comes back, or as rej mention someone kidnaps her and sh have to rescue her again..
  3. Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose
    Good speculation, what if this guy is the lurking legend,since he is imu right hand man, meaning he very strong and will come and attack the sh, because as shown imu aware of luffy and rest.
  4. jeremy tan
    jeremy tan
    this is new, but... need more evidence about this. nice try, keep make theories!
  5. hce-alp
    This is interesting. I could see it coming.
    However, keep in mind that Katakuri is (was?) also a commander. While he clearly is Big Mom’s right hand, his position is (was?) not above Smoothie and Cracker. Maybe something will change after their defeat, just like Snack’s demotion from the commander rank.
  6. Shishio
    lol ripped bounty poster = Scar now?
    lol ripped bounty poster = Scar now?
    lol ripped bounty poster = Scar now?
    lol ripped bounty poster = Scar now?
  7. Sanji W. Smoke
    Sanji W. Smoke
    Loved it man. Explain lot of things, Zoro n Cracker scene makes sense now.

    Also "shanks is sitting very close to whitebeard yet he dodges the bottle he throws without even blinking in freaking sitting position his body reacts to attack "
    --Luffy and Sanji dodges are also pretty much the same, subconsciously. You probably made this theory before they did it.
  8. Sanji W. Smoke
    Sanji W. Smoke
    Could easily be one of best theory of the month. : D

    Even though i haven't watched star wars, i could feel the connections. Really great work.
  9. Ace1994
  10. Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose
    Great theory and good points, agree with buggy character growth from start till now how he becoming better person.

    Also maybe if something happen to shanks or other emotional thing between luffy and buggy moments to awaken it (Or his crew, because even in special movie, it hinted which is better? searching for treasure and not having friends. etc

    But buggy shown to care about his crew, i think maybe end his crew life will be chosen over the treasure he wanted, because friends can't be replaced.

    And love weevil, and caecar idea to joining him. They do fit the theme!
  11. Zcyn_D._Reaper
    I believe Im is the highest power. It's like illuminati and ish.
    If you're that high up you don't need to move a finger, you got subordinates under you wich make the dirty work.
    no one knows of IM except the gorosei and maybe Doffy.
    He is the puppet player who pulls the strings not just an other villain luffy's gonna fight head on. If you want to destabilize power you'd have to have some kind of power over people too, or a big following like luffy.
    Also Power doesn't only mean strenght. Just look at the CDs they're not strong but the have influence wich is another form of power. maybe he's just the all seeing eye of the one piece world and that's the only power he's got.
    So if his CoO is as strong as I think he would sense everything in the world and even the future like katakuri.
    This is one of the greatest powers in one piece because if you can see in the future as far as IM can plus the army he got. You could easily alter fate and the future and keep things hidden from the world.

    Maybe he's an ancient weapon who knows...
  12. Rej
    Well done theory, it is basically my theory or atleast very similair, but good you pointed out the similarities between those 4. and I think yea the CP-0 are the ones to fight this arc!
  13. Lily
    5/5, make me fall in love with Brook...I especially like the bones and skull interpretation.
  14. jinz
    Excellent theory bro, great analyzation about Luffy, BB, Shiraoshi and of course Vivi. ^^
  15. black dove
    black dove
    Not bad very interesting. However, i doubt the vegapunk aspect. We have no solid evidence to say he is a revolutionary but I do see that smart mink revolutionary army commader utilising kuma though
    1. ZeMolho
      Author's Response
      Yes! I completely agree, I forgot Lindbergh. Then again, this was more of a "food for thought" theory :P
      Thanks for your comment!
  16. Herr Krokodil
    Herr Krokodil
    Good thoughts but not as well developed as I would like to see. But it's a question that I've had myself and the idea of Skyislands be involved offers an interesting solution.
  17. Roronoa_Zoro
    Totally possible, after the wano war the wg will have a good idea about the strenght of wano samurais so maybe then they'll capture the wano.
    And I also think that Im-sama truly rules the sea by playing politics with yonkou etc
    1. Sniper king ussop
      Author's Response
      Thanks. I just thought that after this war all these powerful parties will be at their weakest and this will be their time to strike. Plus we need a reason for the straw hats to go after the marines again. They declared war on the wg and Akainu killed ace but luffy doesn’t really seem like someone who will follow up on fighting this war. He probably forgot he declared war on the government
  18. Sniper king ussop
    Sniper king ussop
    Well we see that the world has tons of underground criminal organizations I would say there is a service for criminals to travel across the red line and calm belts.

    I can’t remember his name but there was a broker at sanji and puddings wedding who was introduced as the shipping broker. Now shipping I would say is illegal things like maybe slaves that aren’t owned by the government, drugs and other illegal things but maybe he also smuggles ships and crews across the sea. I mean if you think about it a lot of pirate crews would probably fear going up reverse mountain Incase they crashed. I might actually write my own theory about this service because if you think about it, this kind of service makes sense
    1. flappy
      Author's Response
      It is not a question of who did it but how!
  19. Rej
    I haven't read your theory, but the title tells me: YES!
    Aren't you the first one on OJ to do such a theory? Are you?
    Lmao people flame balls on me when I say marines will invade Wano, take care with dat theory duu.
    1. Sniper king ussop
      Author's Response
      I’m not sure if I’m the first one here but this was inspired by something I saw on YouTube I can’t remember who though. I just added the stuff about the marines setting the yonko to fight each other along with luffy and weakening the wano forces
  20. RandaAlzifahri
    Appoo is not be caged, he's alliance of Kaido, I forget in which chapter, but he made a contact with Kaido via den den mushi. It appears in anime too, even more clearly that it is Apoo.

    And about Law that give a life to Luffy, ope ope no mi would give an immortality, not just a second life. So luffy's execution will be useless. Even if Luffy become immortal by this way, there won't be a challenge anymore to him in this story.

    I know this is just what if theory, but still, it should relate to current story
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