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  1. Treeko D James
    Treeko D James
    Would of been five but then you mentioned Shockwaves Produced by haki and flying slashes are the same. Please explain pre time skip Cp9 kickin slashes all over the joint.
  2. jeremy tan
    jeremy tan
    finally! a good theory while one piece on break, never thought komurasaki saved because kyoshiro choose not to cut her, its proven by komurasaki bleed when zoro met her,

    i always think its because devil fruit

    great theory mate, you deserve 5/5
    1. Aloe Vera
      Author's Response
      Thank you, it means a lot :D
  3. Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera
    Very interesting theory indeed! Though it gets a bit complex when Kyoshiro is actually Denjiro who is in fact Ushimitsu Kozo... xD

    My only complain would that I'm still sceptical at how Kyoshiro was not discovered to be Denjiro yet.
  4. Guiding Thunder
    Guiding Thunder
    Great theory, I never considered that Komurasaki survived because Kyoshirou's will did not want to kill her but slightly injure, my thinking was that maybe it was a devil fruit's doing, but this makes more sense.
    1. Aloe Vera
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review, much appreciated :)
  5. thodoris5321
    I wouldn't compare Chopper's DF transformation of that of spicies like fishmen or humans, but rather like the Jailer Beasts from Impel Down. These look like animals transformed by zoan DF.
  6. Spranki
    I like this very much, it all makes sense. But what do you mean by "Mihawk chose not to cut Zoro"? We've all seen Zoro's wound during the Arlong Park Arc. So can you explain that for me again? Thanks, I really enjoyed it.
    1. Aloe Vera
      Author's Response
      Actually I meant he chose not to kill Zoro

      We've been told FAH consists in the swordsman being able to choose what he wants to cut or what he does not want to. Mihawk chose to gravely injure Zoro but not to kill him, this was only possible through FAH :)
    Some very good points raised . Especially liked the Monet and Kyoshirou ones and how you linked them to desire . Naming convention of flying slashes of Zoro is also very explained . In fact iirc Zoro only started to use them after his clash with Mr 1 .
    However Mihawk has never been stated as a Mighty Blade . Though one can argue that since he has a bigger title , he is not mentioned to be one .
    1. Aloe Vera
      Author's Response
      Thank you for reviewing :)

      I don't believe I said that Mihawk was a Mighty Blade. Only that the fact that he's got a black blade and that he has taught it to Zoro during the TS seems to indicate that Mihawk possesses FAH...

      And of course as you said, as the WGS it is almost assured anyway that he has FAH :)
  8. yukobel
    80% agree with this theory but can not agree on "Rayleigh or even Roger could have also been part of the rocks"

    just no.

    No can do, Oda basically drew some panel when Roger asking Rayleigh to go on a journey with him, the same like Luffy ask Zoro (they both got declined first time)

    so, no. WB, Kaido, BM might be on Rocks crew but, no. NO. NO WAY that Roger is some part of Rocks Crew.

    KEYWORD : Luffy never liked any idea of himself being a crew, he wants to be free, just same as Roger was.
  9. Izaya X
    Izaya X
    Wow ,was a bit long.
    But it was a nice theory and I’m already curious what oda really plans for the Pangea castle in the end.
    Good work man!
  10. Izaya X
    Izaya X
    A Katakuri Theory hmm tasty as a Donut !
    It was a nice theory ,remembers me at the one scene in MF where the feather goes from WB to Luffy .
    It was a symbolic act back then and now the enemy who has a lot of similarities with WB has a feather tattoo.
    Coincidence? Don’t think so !
    Katakuri freeing himself by stabbing his tattoo,never thought about it tbh.
    Anyway good theory man !
  11. Izaya X
    Izaya X
    Honestly ,
    Joining the fleet yes !
    Joining the crew no !
    Teru teru stuff was really interesting , oda connected her really often in certain things in.
    I always wondered why he put such things in the story,like with namis shirt .
    It’s not too far of a possibility that her connection with Zoro could get even more importance in the story.
    Nice Work man !
  12. Tenshi no Konan
    Tenshi no Konan
    Woah a good one here man! This could lead us to such interesting scenario in the future.
  13. Izaya X
    Izaya X
    Rasputin hmm that pervert old monk xd , and Lord Urouge .
    Their connection is pretty clear, and I believe his DF could might be a Paramecia .
    Anyway nice theory, I liked the parallels between the ability’s .
    Good work!
  14. Izaya X
    Izaya X
    First of all , good work
    You put a lot research in it .
    But may you expanded it a bit too much like with Shanks father or Shanks Red Force , don’t think that behind every single thing is a certain meaning.
    But what I liked the most was probably the part with IM Sama !
    The part with Zoro,swords and co.
    was interesting!
  15. Rej
    What a hot take, nice point, I don't know yet, I could easily make my own thoughts about it, but nice bringing it up!
  16. Donal D. Trump
    Donal D. Trump
    Basically a click bait theory. I found it peculiar why you didn't posted any screens of the chapters seeing you want to make a case.

    They are talking about a guy who's eyes TURNED red after getting piss-drunk. Also, Mihawk's eyes aren't red... and it made 0 sense to begin with that Imu would walk around the living getting piss-drunk. He/She kills liabilities and wouldn't create some in the first place. Everyone in Baratie would be dead if that happened but it didn't. Dunno why I take this "theory" even serious to begin with lol
    1. GangMemberLeo
      Author's Response
      Never said Mihawk's eyes were red lol.
  17. Spranki
    I reread the manga and even if the anime is right about the eye color this time. There really not much to go on here. Same color of eyes. We don't even know de red eyed dude's eyes were "mihawkish", just that Johnny mistook him for Mihawk. And to add, Zoro's eyes have been red in Asuraform, Franky's cyborgeyes have been red, even Katakuri's eyes during his "futuresight". I don't think this is something.
  18. shadowbadger
    would be very interested if true, I would wonder how snake like oda would make the fully transformed version
    1. ImmaIvanoM
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. Yeah the transformation would be interesting since the Basilisk doesn’t have hands in its normal form. Maybe the hybrid would
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