Theory Reverie Aftermath : Fate of Alabasta

The Final strawhat

  1. Dave
    ppeG2kX.jpg Hi there its been a while since my last theory mainly due to OJ shut down and my laziness :kappa: so I m here with another theory for you guys

    [Standard disclaimer:few parts of this theory may overlap with @Rej Discussions due to him making bunch of vivi theory but this is my prospective of it :kappa:
    as usual if you’re one of my regular readers you should know this gonna be a fucking long theory so be prepared ]

    Introduction :

    As most of you may already know
    The state of arabasta is very contradictory in nature, given it was one the 21 families which destroyed ancient king and other hand it’s a country which is protecting poneglyphs a duty which is only given to allies of ancient kingdom like
    Kouzuki clan , shandians ,fishmen etc… hence it is safe to assume that alabasta must be ally of Ancient kingdom and joy boy so why it is that alabasta is sole member of World govt unlike others ?
    This can be solve by a famous quote

    “ History always repeats itself “
    Similar to how joy boy met a young Poseidon and promised her and fishmen a life on surface, luffy met shirahoshi and promised her to adventure in surface world.Hence similar to how luffy met vivi princess and helped alabasta ,joy boy must have met prince/princess of arabasta and became there ally.Given how vivi made a decision to protect her country instead to becoming a pirate like she wanted,

    • Friend of joy boy may have also made same decision to protect his/her country given that all countries who were allied to ancient kingdom were destroyed
    • Vivi was given a mark of nakama from strawhats symbolizing she’ll always be a strawhat even if they are far from each other

    • Similarly friend of joy boy was given poneglyph of pluton and duty of protecting it as mark of their friendship

    • Given arabasta became part of world govt it’d serve as cover to protect the poneglyph basically a spy for ancient kingdom,

    This also fits vivi’s character as she was 1st introduced as a spy of arabasta infiltrated into Baroque Works
    Note : the word Baroque is inspired from Baroque architecture is the building style of the Baroque era, begun in late 16th-century Italy, that took the Roman vocabulary of Renaissance architecture and used it in a new rhetorical and theatrical fashion, often to express the triumph of the Catholic Church.
    640px-ChambordRoof.jpg Mariejois_Infobox.png
    Structure of Mariejois is originally inspired from Château de Chambord at Chambord, Loir-et-Cher, France which is also a creation of Baroque architecture style


    As we all know world govt was formed by 21 royal families after void century and Nefeltari family was only one who remain to stay while others moved up mariejois (this was mostly likely to protect poneglyph)
    Only demerit to this plan was time yes time given most likely all 21 families know what happened in void century and this knowledge has passed to them generations after generations this apparent from Donquixote family’s testimonies like ,How children are taught to be afraid of Ds and how celestial dragon’s are preparing for war for hundreds of years
    78929ad1eb7ae8bfb766ac24a753042f0d2ea281_hq.jpg 1-2.jpg

    Finally Doffy’s epic speech this this indicates how much they feared ancient kingdom hence they banned poneglyps and spread fear among abt using it
    Why I said time was demerit for joy boy and nefeltari clan’s plan bcoz while celestial dragons lived with a constant reminder of ancient kingdom

    Nefeltari clan forgot original purpose why they were protecting poneglyph with no recollection of joy boy which is clearly bad sign for a “spy“ to forget its mission to add to their foolishness cobra is now going to ask abt poneglyphs most likely throw suspicions on arabasta

    What I believe will happen is celestial dragons will immediately shut down the topic with some excuse coz they don’t want rest countries to find out real truth
    7.jpg 8.jpg

    Fall of Arabasta

    Now reviere will pass as usual with abolishing shichibukai system been biggest topic

    Since celestial dragons can’t take action based off a king asking a simple question that arabasta such a large , ancient kingdom and one of founding members of world govt.The main action of celestial dragons will be taken after reverie ,they will most likely dethrone cobra by sabotaging their rule (as we know how naïve cobra is when it comes to his faith in world govt )

    Fun quiz : who comes to your mind when you listen sabotage and assassinations ?
    Answer :Rob Lucci and CP9 yes return of Rob lucci!!
    Lucci has been following strawhats which became apparent during epilogue of dressrosa as he asks
    Its possible that he is following and investigating all strawhats since their journey from east blue
    Which means Vivi and her journey with strawhats will also become apparent, so will existence of poneglyphs and pluton
    Given that world govt are not so stupid they don’t have anyone who can read poneglyphs ,they will successful in finding pluton which has been original mission for former CP9 team
    Nefeltari cobra : will be charged with treason against world govt for hiding poneglyphs ,ancient weapon pluton and sheltering strawhat pirates
    Nefeltari vivi : will be charged with working with pirates and treason
    Looking at their beloved king and princess accused of unfair crimes will lead to rebellion by people of arabasta
    Given that world govt has a justified cause (rebellion) to attack arabasta .Arabasta will become 1st test subject for pluton they will erase arabasta from the Map [Buster call version 2.0 ]
    Of course Vivi will be forced to escape arabasta along with pell and khouza I presume
    To me Vivi is a legit strawhat but only thing she lacks is lose of a loved one cobra and arabasta fill the role for that one and since pell died last time its chaka turn to die :kappa:

    Nefeltari Vivi

    Vivi is inspired from two real life princess one of them

    Nefertiti (Egypt)

    Currently flag symbol of arabasta is also based of Aten cult the sun disk
    320px-Aten.svg.png Alabasta_Flag.png Tutanchamon_(js)_3detalle.jpg
    Before we move on 2nd princess lets have arena battle here
    Nico Robin vs Nefeltari Vivi

    When you look on outside they look they different character with no connections at all but when follow their life closely you’ll find the follow complete opposite life
    Childhood :

    • bullied as a child robin had no friends was a basic introvert who drowned herself in books
    • she had no parents to count on with poor and shabby appearances
    • she related herself more to grown ups (fellow scholars ) more then then kids
    • her home was destroyed and she lived life of wanted criminal and feared as demon all her life
    Vivi –
    • loved by everyone around her surrounded by friends of suna suna clan she was a basic extrovert
    • she was rich princess and her parents loved her very much
    You can even see in their childhood pics how of contrasting characters both are
    Robin- poor and dark & gloomy life
    vivi- rich and cheerful life
    9e6da34b52b01fb92735034fb494b8924949c821_hq.jpg Vivi_3rd_outfit_as_a_child.png
    Adult life:

    Robin –
    • Renowned as demon child who did anything she could to survive
    • She was introduced as the enemy to story and strawhats later became nakama
    • Beloved by all in kingdom vivi is truly befitting of a princess
    • Also introduced as enemy in very short span became equivalent to real nakama

    You must be thinking why m I comparing these two ?
    This is bcoz vivi will fulfil role which robin was to supposed to fulfil similar to how robin role that was supposed to taken by vivi (position nakama ) ,Vivi will become New light of revolutionary army .

    Similar to how ohara are seen as ones who fought against world govt and sole survivor robin become light of hope for Revo army .Same thing will happen to Vivi she will be seen new light of hope after destruction of arabasta

    The Final strawhat :
    Now comes time to introduce you 2nd inspiration for vivi

    Pingyang (China)

    Similar to how cobra might rebel against world govt
    Vivi ‘s escape
    Minor foreshadow to vivi becoming The Army of the Lady.” has already been shown
    She will be one to unite all allies countries of strawhats like dressrosa ,fishmen island etc…

    Note : Army of ladies also defines group of princesses luffy has saved and will save in future like ,Rebbeca-viola (dressrosa ) ,shirahoshi (fishmen island ) ,reiju (germa66) and boa hancock etc..
    Given that luffy and strawhats will meet vivi in the Revo arc along with dragon ,sabo and rest of army vivi might not still join them as due her mission

    Note : although not canon it sabo vs lucci in One piece gold movie ,given that Vivi had good relationship with both ace and luffy it is possible that she may work under sabo

    Now why I said Vivi as final strawhat bcoz she is the trigger to what whitebeard has already Said “a war that will engulf whole world “

    She will be one who will expose void century truth and truth of world govt to the world and start the world war; she will also join in the war as final strawhat with her own army

Recent Reviews

  1. Able Lightning
    Able Lightning
    Wow! Just wow! Also one last thing where does the last image u have come from? i cant seem to find it.
  2. Arcana
    Very well written. Enjoyed reading it!

    Revolutionary army is my favourite
    (I hope BB didnt defeat em)
  3. AdvancedLuffy
    What a wonderful story, I am really impressed bro. Feels really good to read your story...

    Now if Vivi is the one who is gonna expose the world government's dark history to the world, she should know about it's dark history, how would you be sure that she is gonna know the entire history? By reading poneglyphs(Robin)? or from Revolutionary Army(It seems like Dragon knows the history)? or did the Celestial Dragon themselves gonna tell that to the Vivi family while they try to lock her and her father?
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      dragon needed robin for reading some poneglyphs means he is intrested in void century too ,i think aftr strawhats finsh raftal and they will meet dragon ,vivi and all revo and tell the truth of world
  4. Tokiro Oumaga
    Tokiro Oumaga
    I've felt for a long time that Vivi's return to the Straw Hats was going to be motivated by the events at Reverie, and your thoughts on how this will go down only make that feeling stronger. I particularly like the Army of the Lady angle, and I honestly hope that that plays into it. Of course, now that we know the Tonta Tribe is going to be escorting the Riku family, it's even less of a jump to see how Vivi will reconnect with the Straw Hats.
  5. PurplePandaSage22
    Pretty interesting theory and you pointed out some very interesting bits of the history of the nefertari family being very weird sounding and it does peak my interesting.I do have to grant though there isnt much evidence you presented , it was beautifully written.Ps
    It involves Vivi , so 5/5 from me
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