Theory Red Herring - The Failed Recruitment

Just because someone seems like a shoe-in to join the crew doesn't mean they will.

  1. Theo Ries
    Theo Ries
    This is so well written! You presented counter arguments (Momo) and excellent support for your own. I was especially surprised by all of the connections between Vivi and Carrot! Thanks for the good read; it's a nice way for me to spend a sick day.
    1. Tokiro Oumaga
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the rating! I hope you get well soon!
  2. TheHeroOfSyrupVillage1030
    Great theory, outstanding effort man ! I already saw pudding joining the crew more likely than carrot, but you brought out very solid evidences which supports it more . Pretty sad about that carrot idea though, I liked her more than pudding, she has a cute character, lovable and funny, but puddings identity disorder is so cool ahah, she may be really fit to join . Nice work :-)
  3. PurplePandaSage22
    Very believable with some strong arguments.I personally don't find carrot as appealing as some of the Strawhat's past recruitments.
    1. Tokiro Oumaga
      Author's Response
      May I ask what you took a star off for? Maybe it's something I can improve upon.
  4. SteelSkull
    Believable evidence and though room for errors, it's mostly due to the evidence present in the story right now that I feel it could go either way.
  5. DevilChild93
    The most unlikely idea that Carrot will join is that her initial letter name is the same with Chopper : C. So far there is no SH crew with same initial letter. Carrot will probably the same like Vivi, Rebecca, Conis, Shirahoshi, and any other supporting female ally.
  6. Xatch
    4.5* bit I round up..

    You definitely have an eye for recruitment patterns, Good job as usual...
    1. Tokiro Oumaga
      Author's Response
      I'm a bit scared to, but may I ask what you docked the .5 for? Maybe I can improve on it.
  7. Okamakama
    A very interesting theory with a cool twist. I personally find Pudding for Nakama unlikely despite the fact I'd like it because I ascribe to the theory that Pudding saw the future when she was talking about Sanji during her introduction.

    Carrot is lovely, and it would be sad if she doesn't join the crew, but... you know what, you've been making a lot of cool theories recently and I think your deductions are very well articulated. Let's see what the future holds :D
    1. Tokiro Oumaga
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you've been liking my theories! I agree, it would be really sad if Carrot doesn't join, but it was sad when Vivi didn't join too, so I definitely wouldn't put it past Oda. Now, some people are saying that Caesar is the Vivi of the New World, since he was their first enemy (lie Vivi at Reverse Mountain) who they ended up taking on their ship for multiple arcs and who ended up helping them along the way, and he'll grow attached to them but still choose to leave for whatever reason, possibly for the sake of his former subordinates. That'd work better for me because it would mean Carrot has a chance, but it feels like wishful thinking. Either way, thank you for the rating and the compliments!
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