Theory Piracy on a Budget - Who Holds the Purse Strings?

The Straw Hats are no strangers to money troubles, and Nami's greed might not be helping.

  1. Tokiro Oumaga
    A short while ago, I wrote up a theory on how Monet could apply her skills as a secretary, such as record-keeping, to a role as a chronicler for the Straw Hats. While writing that theory, I realized that there was yet another position the Straw Hats were missing that could use those same skills just as well, if not better: purser.

    To summarize, a purser, also known as a burser or clerk, basically keeps track of a ship's finances and inventory, such as food, bedding, etc. This means divvying up earnings, keeping track of the supplies needed by the individuals in the crew, and procuring goods from merchants as needed.

    Now, we never actually saw Monet do anything secretarial, but a secretaries duties tend to include things like keeping schedules...

    Scheduling 1.png Scheduling 2.png

    ...being up to date on their information...


    ...and most importantly, budgeting, including retrieving goods when asked.


    Given that Monet was a secretary, and a particularly thorough person to boot, I think it is fair to assume that she possessed all of those skills and more. With those skills, Monet could easily handle the finances of the Straw Hat Crew, keeping track not only of their current funds, but also working with Sanji to keep track of the food stocked in the pantry, Usopp, Robin and Nami to keep track of gardening needs, Franky to keep track of wood and tools, and bring it to the crew's attention when anything dips below acceptable levels. This will ease everyone's burdens, allowing them to focus solely on their duties rather than on their inventory. It will also keep all of the inventory issues in one place and allow them to be dealt with preemptively, rather than needing to filter them through whoever is currently handling the money, who is almost definitely Nami.

    None of this is to say that Nami cannot handle these duties, but she has her navigation to worry about, and quite frankly, she is the last person I would want handling the money. I admit, she's definitely the most fiscally responsible of the Straw Hats, but that's not necessarily a good thing, as her responsibility comes almost exclusively from a place of miserliness rather than a strong understanding of economics.

    Because Nami controls the money, she decides the allowances of the crew.


    Whatever the allowance is, it's only slightly greater than 5000 Berries. I don't know how much a Berry is worth, but either it's a surprisingly small amount, or Nami explicitly looks for ways to rob her own crew of their allowances every chance she gets. The latter is probably true anyway, though. Either way, that's not a quality I would want in my crew's purser.

    She also doesn't tend to divide the crew's earnings evenly in the first place, giving herself 80% of the crew's treasure after leaving Skypiea.

    Earnings Division.png

    Yes, she goes on to say that she was kidding, but only because she was actually putting that money aside for Merry's repairs. In any other situation, though, no one would be surprised to hear Nami kept an exorbitant amount of money for herself.

    She's also a cutthroat loan shark. At Logue Town, she loaned Zoro 100,000 Berries with a 300% interest rate, which is frankly an absurd amount to ask for.


    Zoro returned the money without spending a cent of it, but at Whiskey Peak, Nami insisted that he still owed her the interest.


    Anyone else would have forgiven that debt, or better yet wouldn't have asked for such an unreasonable amount in the first place, but not Nami.

    Up to this point, Nami's cutthroat policies have been left unchecked, and may well be a detriment to the crew. Naturally, she wouldn't be happy to have someone else come in and cut in to her ability to make a profit, but the rest of the crew would likely view anyone who could balance the checkbook more fairly as a savior.

    That's really all it comes down to; the crew doesn't necessarily need someone who can hold on to the most money, but who can make the money flow the most efficiently. Nami can't be expected to keep track of the food and Usopp's Pop Greens and Franky's materials, as she needs to focus on her own work, but a dedicated purser, whose entire job is to keep track of such things, would take a significant burden off of the entire crew.

    I still believe Monet would make a fantastic chronicler, but that role has a very limited impact on the crew as a whole. A purser, though, would have instant effects, and would put more of Monet's skills to work, allowing her a more fulfilling crew experience. There would also be nothing stopping her from writing or researching astronomy in her spare time, so if she wants or needs to apply her skills to chronicling and star navigation, she would be absolutely free to.

    Thank you all for reading,
    Tokiro Oumaga
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Recent Reviews

  1. RikuD
    A nice thought. I have used the possibility of a potential 'purser' in a previous theory of mine but I do not consider it likely.
    Mainly for two reasons:
    -This person should be able to command Nami how much money she'd get: impossible
    -A purser isn't a full-time occupation, the Straw Hats don't got loot that often. I guess this means they have to save money more efficiently... What I mean is money isn't a big factor on board the Sunny, more a tool even. Nami's the only one caring.

    Nice thought bringing in Kalifa, I'd forgotten how she did as a secretary. Thorough work as always. I felt the reasoning behind why the current system (nami dividing the money) could've been stronger. She is unfair, true, but that is part of the SH fun, I missed the necessity why it needs to change. The crew doesn't need to recruit a guide-dog because of Zoro's direction-skills. It's just a characteristic in my opinion.

    Also, IF there should come someone to take over the money business I think their full title would be Chief of Staff not purser (that would be just one of his/her duties). Sabo is a CoS, Buggy has one, Tsuru is one I believe. I even thought Barto had a staff guy somewhere. I haven't seen a purser around to my knowledge.

    Keep up the good work
    1. Tokiro Oumaga
      Author's Response
      In my defense, I wasn't saying that Nami can't cut it or that they need a dedicated purser, they've clearly done just fine as they are up to this point. I just wanted to point out what a purser was, the types of skills that could go into it, and why having one would be nice. I think my main mistake was writing this as a continuation of my previous post, which set this up as a "what would Monet's job be" theory rather than a "what does the crew need" theory, but if I'd tried to do it that way, it would have just ended up being a rehash of everything I said in said previous theory. Not my best work, I just didn't know how else to get this information across in a fresh way. Thanks for the rating!
  2. Kaitou D. Kid
    Kaitou D. Kid
    I doubt Nami has any alarming impact on the crew's allowances. It's a crew all about cooperation, plus it's full of alpha males who've encountered Nami's personalities before (even worse, honestly). I mean let's face it, would a former street gangster like Franky get conned by anything Nami does? He's bought the Adam Wood on the black market before, so I don't see it happening.
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