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Vast world that Goda has blessed us with

  1. Cockycent
    I made 2 theories on the different parts of the OP world and the possibility of Kinemon, Kanjuro, and Raizo using magic opposed to DF abilities, but I changed my mind to make them into a 1 because it would be more fun.
    Goda has blessed us with many facets of the OP world. There is the
    - Pirate side
    - Science
    - WG (they make use of every other side - science, pirates, etc) has Marines, Gs, CPs, Royals, CD, science division, Warlord system and others
    - Underworld
    - many more to come
    I want to suggest some for the One Piece World with evidence that was hinted. Are there more than showed already? I think that there is.
    1. Sporting world - wrestling, boxing, sumo wrestling, kick boxing, possibly soccer, baseball, racing, and martial arts.
    2. Magic world - possibly that is the basis for Mink's electro, Luffy having Ace's fire, abilities of Momo's retainers, McGuy's sword.
    3. Creatures and humans relations - Boa uses her snake in battle, Mohji and Richie, 1 of Shanks mates and Doma work with monkeys, and Ussop uses the plant life and possibly bugs.
    4. Bounty hunters, mercenaries, and assassins business
    5. My favorite, the possibility of a Demon aspect to OP - Oars Sr and Jr, some of these characters with horns or bagged eyes intrigue me.

    upload_2017-3-4_11-47-13.png upload_2017-3-4_11-47-26.png upload_2017-3-4_11-47-33.png
    upload_2017-3-4_11-53-4.png upload_2017-3-4_11-53-11.png upload_2017-3-4_11-53-20.png upload_2017-3-4_11-53-29.png
    upload_2017-3-4_12-7-41.png upload_2017-3-4_12-7-50.png upload_2017-3-4_12-7-57.png upload_2017-3-4_12-8-2.png

    upload_2017-3-4_12-23-16.png upload_2017-3-4_12-23-24.png upload_2017-3-4_12-23-37.png upload_2017-3-4_12-23-43.png

    upload_2017-3-4_12-27-23.png upload_2017-3-4_12-27-29.png upload_2017-3-4_12-27-36.png upload_2017-3-4_12-27-44.png

Recent Reviews

  1. MiniSar
    Very Hard to believe the 5 Rating.

    The text is terribly constructed.

    Maybe should've been a comment in and other more relevant post.

    OP said "This is a "basic" (as you called it) speculation where I can state assumptions without firm evidence and arguments."

    It seems like spam for bounty points, which would be very sad.

    The lack of purpose is almost revolutionary, in a Rauschenberg kind of way...
    1. Cockycent
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your input, I will try better next time
  2. Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose
    This is good, and agree with this. and all the evidence you used, the demon is interesting and like to see oda explain further on them.
  3. Denref
    can you explain this theory/speculation, the readers not got it..
    1. Cockycent
      Author's Response
      If you have any questions, I can explain in discussion section for you
  4. Danny D. Dragon
    Danny D. Dragon
    What's the meaning of this theory? Is this even a theory? I clearly lost the purpose of this "theory"

    Sorry buddy, but this ain't good enough to be called a theory
    1. Cockycent
      Author's Response
      I apologize if you didn't understand it. It is a speculation. Thank you for your input.
  5. Blue gear
    Blue gear
    I honestly got lost with this speculation, not sure what you intend besides showing some points but without clear connections and conclusion.
    1. Cockycent
      Author's Response
      I provided examples of existing worlds in OP, then suggested that there were others. Then I proceeded to show the hints of them. If that went over your head, then I apologize and will do better next time. Thank you.
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