Speculation On the Origin of Series - Zoan Taxonomy (pt 1)

Just how closely related do two Zoans need to be in order to be counted as the same series?

  1. BucketLover
    Really long, though i can tell a lot of thought had been put into it. I personally believe it doesn't actually have a logic since df were around for a long time most of the names could be traditional names from people from before scientists started studying them and officially naming them. Anyway, good job on this one! :D
  2. Hades
    the hell with this theory...lol...I think I have read some taxonomy subject instead of theory...I lost somewhere in the middle...but I can tell you it is really interesting.....
  3. Xatch
    5* for the return of an old theorist... plus I love world building theories and not mainstream hype... glad your around
    1. Tokiro Oumaga
      Author's Response
      This is the most validating thing I've ever heard. Thank you so much my friend.
  4. Donal D. Trump
    Donal D. Trump
    Honestly, I hope p.2 will rock my socks off and will be filled with more relevant stuff. After reading the theory I didn't learn anything on how devil fruit function and this is purely an academic attempt to determine if Oda is paying attention in his naming scheme. Otherwise for the hard work I got to give some respect, especially if the theory is so well written.
    1. Tokiro Oumaga
      Author's Response
      Haha, that's more or less all that I really wanted it to be though. I don't think part 2 will be anything ground breaking, but I hope you find it interesting.
  5. Nessos
    I think you could keep it much shorter. By explaining
    Horse fruit => all odd toed ungulate
    Bull fruit => all even toed ungulate

    With Cat and Dogs we can say for sure: Taxomie for mammals are either "order" or "suborder".

    Same for Reptile, because we have Turtle("order"), Birds("order") Snake("suborder") and Dragon aka Lizard("suborder")

    For insects I would say the taxomie is "classes".
  6. yukobel
    really nice Observation Haki you got there, mate!

    but I think Onigumo ability is just like Kumadori from CP9, if I'm not mistaken its called "Senmei Kikan"

    I don't have anything to back it up tho, just my own speculation hehe
  7. Rej
    I rly enjoyed your theory, you elaborated everything perfectly, took all sources into consideration. Even tho I doubt there is any plot-relevance, the analytical part and the comparisons are on point.

    Please keep up mate and welcome back!
    1. Tokiro Oumaga
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much! It's good to be back!

      I've always liked being analytical just for the sake of analysis. Part 2 isn't going to be any more plot-relevant, sorry to say, but I hope it comes across just as well thought-out.

      I do have some plans for plot-focused theories, but they're not really my main focus. I'm more interested in the lore and world-building.
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