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Wano arc traitor

  1. Tejas
    First things first, everyone is damn sure that the message and the symbol got leaked by Kyoshiro after he attacked Komurasaki. He was even seen holding the paper. But it is a red herring. It is not so simple. Otherwise the traitor wont be spoken about and that too two times, once in Wano and once in Zou. If anything, Kyoshiro silenced Komurasaki by attacking her after she reveals that she is a Samurai's daughter. Also he was protecting her from the Shogun. That explains why she is alive. Hence Kyoshiro is a good guy. And a good guy with such an important role would be none less than one of the Nine Red Scabbards, i.e Denjiro by deduction.

    Then for the traitor plot to come to a conclusion, the revelation must be shocking or it is of no use. And greater the trust, more impactful the revelation. Hence, the traitor must be one of the Nine red Scabbards. You can also make the case for other lessser Samurai like Shinobu but she saved the SH's from Kaido's Boro Breath. If she was the traitor, she could have just saved herself. The Tengu is also ruled out since he is living in isolation and was raising Tama. I doubt he has anything to do with this plot line. I dont think it is Yasu since one of the Nine Red Scabbards being the traitor is more impactful than some new character like Yasu going by Oda's style.

    Now let me list the Nine Red Scabbards in the order of their appearance.
    1. Kinemon
    2. Kanjuro
    3. Raizo
    4. Inuarashi
    5. Nekomamushi
    6. Okiku
    7. Ashura Doji/Shutenmaru
    8. Kawamatsu
    9. Denjiro/Kyoshiro

    Kinemon, Kanjuro and Raizo are ruled out since we know them from prior arcs and they have been on the run in different islands. They were with Momo and did not cause him any harm
    Inuarashi and Nekomamushi are also ruled out since we saw their loyalty in Zou.
    Ashura Doji is also ruled out since he is a thief and refused Kaido's recruitment request.
    Kawamatsu is in the prison for years and barely talked to anybody and hence ruled out.
    Denjiro is also ruled out for the reasons stated in the first paragraph.

    Then that leaves us with Okiku. Okiku was in Wano alone and was in speaking terms with Urashima. She may even have Raizo's Vivre Card that Jack obtained to reach Zou. She may not be bad but I think it is more like Nami and Robin's scenario.
    Two more things:
    1. She wasn't shown bowing to Lady Toki in the flashback (typical Oda hint)
    2. Allowed Momo to travel to Udon

    And by researching some Japanese folklore, I found some thing interesting.
    "Hosokawa Katsumoto, the lord of Himeji Castle, has fallen seriously ill. Katsumoto'sheir, Tomonosuke, plans to give a set of 10 precious plates to the shōgun to ensure his succession. However, chief retainer Asayama Tetsuzan plots to take over.Tomonosuke's retainer, Funase Sampei Taketsune is engaged to marry a lady in waiting, Okiku. Tetsuzan plans to forceOkiku to help him murder Tomonosuke."

    Credit to @kom5

Recent Reviews

  1. PurplePandaSage22
    Not exactly convinced but there are tiny nuggets pointed out by you that makes me call to question certain things for sure
    over all a good speculation , but i will wait for more clues to buy into this fully
  2. J.mena13
    I don't know why you say that let Momonoske goes to Udon, is a sign of be traitor.They go with a Fu***g Yonko, One StrawHat (Doctor), and one of the Nine Scabbards ( who has a strength of 100 soldiers)...
  3. ZoroDSwordmaster
    New and fresh theory. I always like to read those ones. Yeah makes sense, everyone could have done the math you did for us. Its like the answer was right before our eyes. Her being the traitor makes sense, since everyone first thought the traitor was a mink and now nobody has her in their sight as the traitor. I too believe that its a Nami/Robin scenario
  4. Monkey D. Harambe
    Monkey D. Harambe
    Nice read. It will be interesting if she indeed ended up as the traitor. Well, anyone trusted by the crew is enough to me but I'll like it even more if she's the one since even us fans (me included) likes her right away. So there's definitely a surprise element there.
  5. Donal D. Trump
    Donal D. Trump
    Another super hot take! Good reasoning and that "not bowing" is a great catch!
    1. Tejas
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much.
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