Theory Oda's Warning! - The chapter 944 foreshadowing!

A new series handeling the warning's Oda layed our for his characters - this time 944 and Zoro!

  1. Rej

    Oda's Warning! - Chapter 944, Zoro and the disliked topic about a nakama's death.

    Hello fam, short stuff ahead: I plan to make an Arcadia-theory and it's also almost planned. This theory should build up on this topic. Warning's are simple: Oda is using Colourspreads and other huge moments in the story in order to set up a common thread of warnings towards our protagoists, hence these are categorized as foreshadowings.

    This theory, which you are reading right now is focussing on an older foreshadowing, but especially the most relevant one right now, because the estimated foreshadowing might happen in chapter 944! Most of you are already into this topic, this one found already alot of discussion within the community, it's the foreshadowing from chapter 784!

    Chapter 784 and Chapter 944:
    Since it's reveal this coverpage became a huge turning point in foreshadowing discussions and theories. Back in 2015 the fellow Oro Jackson member's @Zarus @Vandenreich @gaimon (whoever this fellow was) discussed the topic of possibly "Zoro's death" in chapter 944. Here you can find the thread:

    I decided to revive this topic with my own itnerpretation, while the others work should be honored and even with my newest thought's these guys could be right. So let's start: How did this theory ignite?
    The most interesting part for this is Gaimon's part:
    Here he explains the chapter switch analysis behind Zoro, which is valid in my opinion, you guys can look up most chapters if you want. Oda has this love for detail and expression.
    Back to the Colourspread, this Colourspread is zombie-themed and hence it can show off the close relationship the Strawhat Pirates have with the dead and undead, also strongly reflecting how they succeeded in the Thriller Bark arc, hence they succeeded against the dead. With this in mind let's look at Zoro, a character that has been recently set up anew for Wano, we are about to rediscover alot. Back then the number 944 on the grave was bothering the fandom. You could interpret it as the aiming for a foreshadowing, as Oda did similair Colourspread foreshadowings with Ace and his death.

    More stuff to interpet:
    • A Zombie stretches his arm towards the Strawhat's food (?)
    • The Jolly Roger on Zoro's back
    • Sharing booze with the dead (bonding with the dead)
    Especially latter on is symbolically in the pirate world:
    Besides the booze-sharing we can also see Sanji sharing his fate. I think it is a neat extra but couldn't have much meaning to Zoro.

    Another neat extra in this colourspread is the foreshadowing to Momohige:
    This arguable, but this could be a spaceholder.
    What's that? Oda was most-likely thinking about such a character the past years, but once he arrives to a certain point in the story, he will imply that certain character.
    Simple as that Oda had the Reverie and Wano in mind, even back in Thriller Bark Oda has planted his seeds for the New World, up to the point everything will have a relevance.

    You think Pinkbeard was irrelevant? So why did Oda imply a second "conflict" between the Revolutionary Army and the BBP-alliance/fleet?

    At this point it's simple: We uncover more and more of the story, which leaves us with less and less to discover, in revers conclusion it means, that old foreshadowings are comming closer and closer towards us, same with seeds/plants over the narrative.

    Which is reasoning a spaceholder even more and with that we even get closer to chapter 944 and we can find out for certain: Something is fishy there!

    We dive into Wano, to find about hints and seeds, that Oda planted, and use a possible interpretation towards chapter 944, a possible death or similair event:

    Setting up a huge plotpoint in Wano, refering to Zoro:
    You might ask yourself "Why the heck do you start with Usopp's toadoil trick?". I wanted to start from the beginning and with my current picture ahead I believe that this scene is important and worth an analysis.
    Usopp has always been a character who delivers meaningful messages, and especially in this case at a beginning of an arc, Oda showcases the importance of certain storytelling factors.
    One of these topics handled in Wano is "It is not what it seems to be".

    Looking deep into Usopp's eyes we know there is a trick, but what Usopp actually shows us, is actually a foreshadowing to a future part of the narrative containing the same eye catching symbolism. And throughout Wano, we even had such an significant moment!
    To this very point where Komurasaki has been "killed" by Kyoshiro. We don't know their "trick". But do you see the parallel? "It is not what it seems to be".
    As we figure out Komurasaki is alive and she seems to be Hiyori!
    From this point on Zoro has been thrown into this plotline, into Hiyori's Wano plotline.
    But what happened then? A very significant part of Zoro's narrative on Wano:
    Zoro being massively hurt, to the point where he had to be treated for a night by Hiyori, bonding them and setting them up for the future.

    So yes, I think everything up to now could be seeds planted by Oda to maybe fulfill the 944-theory and make us all worry. I could find enough seeds on Wano, but another one was found in the recent chapter, the one we saw the "Arcadia warning" on:
    Tonoyasu, Toko's father got hanged on a cross about to be executed. Yasu was portrayed as an Saint.
    This heavily refering to Jesus Christ and his crucification:
    Jesus was hung and he died, but resurrected slightly afterwards. "It is not what it seems to be"...this counts for Jesus death too, yet we don't know what happened...what trick has been used, what is this story even about?

    Wano is the perfect arc to treat religion, demons and culture, so treatening the messias topic now could also more or less go over to treatening Zoro's demons as a major topic of the arc.
    We can go back and the arc also started off with Hitetsu and his Meito. Many important stuff already leaked throughout Wano.

    At this point it becomes more and more realistic for something happening towards Zoro:
    • Luffy is watching a broadcast
    • Act 2 of Wano is about to end
    • Zoro lost his sword
    • Kyoshiro is there
    Oda could lead the story up to the point where Zoro is facing death, but he might avoid it with a certain trick, either swords/demons/haki or Hiyori's trick. But what I am pointing at is the believe of someone being dead, while it is not the case. This has to hurt the strawhats throwing them into a case they would never expect too.

    Many people theorized about Zoro leaving the crew, this is also possible. Act 2 will mark the end of the Reverie and with that the perfect halftime for Wano, time to start a new journey for Zoro, even if it is a short one. Ofcourse Zoro would never die, but it something the Strawhats don't know about.

    There is a reason why Oda loves crosses and why he gives them such a meaning? Even Mihawk is a crossbearer and the second mentor of Zoro. Even Zoro's first mentor starts to gain relevance. What else is Oda hecking out?

    Also have you ever wondering why the pacing in Wano is so strange? Sometime's sped up, offpaneled or slowed down at point's where it's questionable? It is obvious that Oda aims at something! And 944 could be a reason, to fulfill one of his patterns and foreshadowings as kind of "fanservice"!

    For almost 4 years a theory is roaming around talking about the possible death of Zoro or similair events focussing Zoro. Back in chapter 784's Colourspread, Oda foreshadowed a possible death of Zoro, atleast this has been the most popular theory.
    Now that we are back on Wano, we can clearly see that Wano holds some surprises from Usopp's toadoil, to Komurasaki's death and up to Yasu's crucification. Wano is an arc also focussing around Zoro and it is possible that Oda now plans a "fake death" upon Zoro in order to drive Zoro's plot forward and him as a character, but not also Zoro. This should be something that matters for the whole crew! They all will learn and progress!

    Thanks for reading and until the next theory!
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    Dozens of fans have their own interpretation. Everyone should be honored for their work and research, for the courage of going this far and taking critical views on possible foreshadowings.
    We all made it this far!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Jordo
    Interesting theory, but I worry about how Zoro's death would be received. That's one hell of a risky move to pull. I also get the feeling it's way too early in the arc for him to die. Overall it just doesn't sit right with me. You've put a lot of work into this though and swayed me a little. Here's to finding out! Spoiler thread is up, pending spoilers, but I'll definitely wait to read it.
  2. Zoro Compass
    Zoro Compass
    I appreciate the amount of work that went into this, but I find the premise to be very lacking. I don't see how Zoro experiencing a fake death would advance his character. He's been on the brink of death several times. It would just be cheap shock value for the reader.
  3. TheFrenchNewbie
    I can't see any interest for the plot, IMO it'll be boring for the readers after komourasaki and the pace slowing down
  4. Wekeido
    Really good work right there! Like it a lot and I’ll think about it a bit more later I think.
  5. Izaya X
    Izaya X
    At first i wanted to give you only 1 star xD
    but you put much work in it,so it’s fair to give you 5 stars.
    Good Work
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