Speculation O-Tama's capture will trigger "Linlin4Nakama"!

How the plot in Udon might go forward~ O-Tama & Big Mom.

  1. Rej
    This speculation is just a small one and will take the job in being a kind of "Prologue" to my overall Wano-plot megatheory.


    Udon, Linlin and Tama

    Since some chapters Oda builds up Linlin to me a fellow traveller alongside the alliance. This includes creating dynamics with Chopper and Tama. Tama is noteable here, she is held by Linlin while both are amusing themselves with the thoughts of Shiruko. The food Tama at recently as her birthday meal.

    Real life Shiruko!
    So Tama at this point has a similarity with Big Mom: Finding new friends and having an "extraordinary birthday". For Linlin this should be a familair experience, while for Tama this is the first one of this kind. But as we see Momonosuke is going through a change right now. In the first panel of this post you can clearly see him...uhm...progressing himself. Also Tama makes experiences...in combat situations and similair psychological ones as Linlin.

    937 also confirms that Queen posses a bunch of Shiruko and he uses it to motivate Luffy to fight his Sumo Inferno. We learn it's the favourite food of Queen probably and now guess...Kiku and Chopper were leading Linlin with Tama and Momo towards Udon, the prison where Luffy and Queen are right now. Coincidence? I think no, Oda is foreshadowing that Shiruko is a plot-device that furthers the plot and furthers Tama's character growth.

    Capturing Tama

    Tama has been captured once and we still remember Tenguyama's words. I believe the interest is not fading off and the plot drives Tama towards Udon for hell a reasons. Tama will be captured again and she is the person that can make the gifters actually relevant, and we know some of them are stationed on Udon.

    Tama clearly can shine again, but she is not out of danger just because the alliance is collecting. No she is in danger because the alliance is making their move. Kine'mon said their goal is to take dwn the commander's heads, and now Queen became relevant, but is it neccessary to bring Tama along? Is Kiku enough to protect her? No, from the protagonists perspective it is a huge mistake to bring Tama along, and this is what Tenguyama warned them off. But from a narrative point of view, this is neccessary, because it makes the Tama-plot on act 1 relevant again.

    This leads us to the conclusion that Tama will be kidnapped during the Udon-plotline.

    But what happens with Linlin? Linlin now bonded with Tama and we know that Linlin does everything for her "friends or family". Linlin isn't called "Big Mom" for any reason, she really takes a "mother-role" and it would be reprehensible from Oda if he wouldn't continue with Linlin being the mama on Wano.

    1+1 Linlin would be the first one to rush over and go on to rescue Tama, and this is where Luffy will see this and understand the situation with Chopper's and Kiku's help. And this mess is perfect for Raizo to rescue Kappamatsu.

    Linlins personality we got to know about on WCI, will shine with Tama bonded to her on Wano and this makes it a gateway to Linlin fighting alongside the Strawhats against the Beast Pirate's army.


    Tama will be kidnapped again on Udon, which will trigger Linlin to go rescue her. Oda built up the bond between Tama and Linlin, which will make the positive aspects of Linlin (from WCI which we learned) shine on Wano. It is not clear how Linlin will evolve but this is it for Udon for now. I am sure Luffy will understand what's going on upon explanation of Kiku and Chopper and the SHPs will go along with it for now, even if this will be a huge shock for Luffy.​

    Thanks for reading guys!

Recent Reviews

  1. Hades
    good theory....I am really looking forward to her development as a character..and I am more interested on what will happen when she regains her memories...I think she would be an ally rather than nakama
    1. Rej
      Author's Response
      Thanks <3 nakama is just overhype and I used the term for fun^^ yes she will be an ally. But it might backfire once the real climax (fire festival) might happen.^^
  2. Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose
    Nice, had similar thought to tama would make big mom remember her past if she get hurt later. Do like big mom for nakama!
    1. Rej
      Author's Response
      Awww yeah I knew you had some ideas about it. I was also thinking about you making your version on it :x
      I will copy this theory and spread it on other boards that was my idea. :3
      We can also make a collab out of it but soon it might be to late uuffuuffuufuf :D
  3. Nanami
    I can see that happening and I am looking forward to Linlin action and development in this arc ^^ idk about becoming Nakama but for sure she will be an important ally :D
    1. Rej
      Author's Response
      Thank you alot! :3
      I never meant her to be nakama, but I hope this will be a "running gag" that's where I shadily point towards. xD Just imagine Linlin doing some good stuff or suddenly changes her motives into protagonistic ones...this would change the mindset of alot of fans and we will definitely view Linlin from a different point sooner or later.
      No she won't become a nakama because I personally see a deathflag on her in future, but she can increase her bonds to luffy and co to the point they consider her a real "friend".
      Rox? Big Mom was known to join another crew and make herself a name. This happening again is not far off :) but this time it's the SHP, but see it will be nothing that will last forever.
  4. NoxDRaz
    Honest Reviewer mode on, which doesn't discriminate between friend and foe.
    It's not actually much different from what I said in, my reviews..
    We all know Tama is just a plot-line Time Bomb during the whole Wano arc and we all saw it coming that Queen would face Big Mom in Udon. It was so obvious.
    That aside your point about Tama getting Kidnapped again in Udon is something which is not exactly what I had in mind.
    I had just thought that some of the gifters would recognize her and try to capture her but Luffy and BM will save her in turn Luffy becoming friends with O-Lin.
    Anyway Keep up the good work.
    1. Rej
      Author's Response
      Its all fine man thanks still :)
      For me it's not like this...Tama is not simply driving the plot as a device, she is driving the plot also as character. There is alot of personal motives for her if you look closely at her character. She has much left for us than just being a device, there is determination, a dream and there has always to be something that opposes this determination, be it just in the arc or overall in the narrative. :)
      But more or less she is a timebomb xD you are right. I rly look forward to the next chapters and hope that she can be used to connect Luffy and the Linlin group together.
      Thanks man and have a nice day!
  5. SotonskiMuflon
    I don't understand where did you get the idea that BM is a good person/good mother figure? She literally killed her own son (don't remember why and who but it was around the first time se saw her on WCI), she exiled her daughter's Lola and Chifon's father, she exiled Lola because she didn't want an arranged marriage. And yes, she forces her children into an arranged marriages to expand her own influence and power. Not to mention her children weren't very emotional in the recent chapter they presumed she could be dead, they actually started arguing about who should take over, which shows to me that her own children don't really love her either.
    1. Rej
      Author's Response
      Heya thanks for the review mate!:)
      For me its obvious she has a positive nature. The way she acted as child etc the thing with bear and the wolf and more stuff proving that she is good nature. Well she is dictating her family. But thats because of wealth and power. Big Mom changed and the reason is her addiction and the bad influence from MC. May it be flashback relevant or physical right now. We dont know. Big Moms memory loss obviously triggered the good Linlin we saw in her childhood or for example while singing.
      This is all in all not about her family....this is just about Linlin. She still protects everyone close to her. Moscato alive...Cracker probably too and well Katakuri is still first commander I am sure of it. Somehow Daifuku implied it recently.

      Anyway hope it helped ya. Have a nice day dude!
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