Speculation Not Luffy but Zorro

Just speculating

  1. PapiZoro
    Hi Guys,

    Just speculating about some thoughts I have. Haven’t read any speculation like this before but if there is one or several I apologize. Well, let’s get to the point.

    I think the one that will defeat Kaido is none other than Zorro.

    For one simple reason. Ryuma was known as the most legendary Swordsman and known as the only man capable of killing a dragon. This reminded me of the moment Kaido came from the sky out of nowhere (except the clouds changing). For all we know the same might have happened with Ryuma. It might be that the dragon Ryuma fought was not fully evolved but Kaido certainly is. We also know Kaido’s skin is probably the hardest thing to break/cut. If there is anyone that can overcome this it would be Zorro. Making him stronger than Ryuma.

    It might not be that he is going to do it all alone but I think the final blow will be by the hands (swords) of Zorro.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this would make the people of Wano want him to be the leader of the Samurai instead of Momo. But Zorro not wanting to be ‘stuck’ decides to let Momo ‘defeat’ him. This would also mean character development because I don’t think Zorro would want anyone to win from him in any way.

    Just running some thoughts here but the main point is Zorro will defeat Kaido because Ryuma did it in the past and Oda likes to let history repeat.

    Hope you enjoyed this small speculation.

Recent Reviews

  1. ZoroDSwordmaster
    *sigh* we all know Oda doesnt let Zoro fight the boss when Luffy is there. Even though he is capable of doing so sometimes. F.e. he would have defeated Hody if it wasnt for the strong current
  2. Nessos
    Zoro won't fight a Yonkou now. In Ryumas one shot already confirmed he killed a western Dragon like Zoro did in PH. Kaidou is an Eastern Dragon.
  3. MadGenius
    Poor theory.. the Story of Ryuma doesnt make Zoro is the one. Kaido in just another level for Zoro, just take care of Yonkou Commander or Shogun first then we'll see what he can do against Yonkouii Anyway you all forget Zoro isnt captain, Luffy is. Luffy always take down the boss villain. Dont make a theory because you are Zoro fanboy here, please.
    1. PapiZoro
      Author's Response
      Instead of taking down one’s speculation by saying it’s a poor theory, you could also try to rate it for what it is and it’s speculation instead of theory.
  4. Maxpower818
    I also think Zoro landing the killing blow might possible, especially since Zoro has now killed 2 people in Wano.
  5. Mochi Mochi Katakuri Desu
    Mochi Mochi Katakuri Desu
    I really believe that Zoro will do some big damage to Kaidou, but it's not from Oda to let anyone that not the protagonist to land the final blow, but i still consider the possibily of Wano wanting him to be the new leader, considering that Momo eventhough is 28, he has still the body and mind of a boy and Zoro will refuse, perhaps handing over the title to Kinnemon. I also dare to believe that the scar in Kaidou's chest was caused by Ryuma, while a a zombie controlled by Moriah. I dunno, just guessing
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