Speculation Nami's connection to Romanian lore and a bigger role to play in Wano

Nami and her abilities may be inspired from Solomonars, Romanian weather wizards.

  1. BucketLover

    Today I am going to explain why I believe Nami is connected to the Solomonars.

    "Known as both good and wicked, the Solomonar is revered as the great sorcerer of wind, thunder and storms, ruler of all lakes, high mountains and deep caves, creator of fog, frost, and hail and to whom, even the Dragon’s obey any command given. [...] Tall, pale skinned, red-haired, with powerful eyes, often dressed in a white long garment"​

    In Romanian mythology, Solomonars are wizards that are said to be able to control the weather. They are depicted as old men with flaming red hair.


    As we all know, even as a child Nami has been interested in navigation and cartography, being extremely talented and showing great passion. Before reaching Alabasta, Usopp crafted for her the Clima Tact, which since then has allowed her to control the weather, by creating clouds, thunder, rain, wind and many other phenomenons which Nami has used in fights, proving her abilities and outsmarting her opponents.


    "Taken away by an old Solomonar, the boy is trained for two score years at the Solomonar’s academy, somewhere at the End of the Earth, in a mysterious cave. "​


    Solomonars are known to take apprentices and teach them their sorcery, similar to how Haredas taught Nami everything Weatheria had to offer. It is true that Weatheria is not a "mysterious cave", but the phrase "End of the Earth" could work in this context, since a sky island is a place that not many people know about and is out of reach for most people.

    "They use their extraordinary powers in controlling the spirits and the elements of nature. They are seen is extraordinary circumstances: walking on the clouds riding dragons, flying through the sky and using their will can bring the rain."​

    Some sources say that Solomonars also had a connection to Zeus the greek god of thunder and who is Nami's newest ally? Also, they own powers which allow them to "control spirits" and Zeus is a sort of spirit since he is animated by part of Big Mom's soul.


    Solomonars are widely associated with dragons and we all know that Wano is full of dragons starting with Momo!


    With who we already know Nami shares a bond with since she finds him to be an innocent and sweet boy. (We know differently though) This could also mean that Nami might play a bigger role in Wano, something to do with her "power" to control Zeus and her friendship with Momo. Remember, Zeus is still on her side and Big Mom is still under the effects of the amnesia so at this point anything can happen.

    Anyway, this is just something I thought of and shared, even though it might be a bit far-fetched. If you have any thoughts please let me know!

    Edit: 12/4/2019 I just reworded and reformatted a bit. I also added a few references. An update will come soon.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Izaya X
    Izaya X
    Sounds good ,the similarity is clear,old man,dragons,red hair,
    a controlling women.
    Nice theory bucket
  2. Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose
    Nice Connection! Love the Idea! ^^

  3. Hades
    good theory...four stars for your effort..but supporting claims are not enough to convince me...anyways good luck with that..
    1. BucketLover
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I'll make sure to try and improve! :D
  4. NoxDRaz
    Don't mind the stars I am just an honest reviewer!
    While some of the points were interesting, I would need a better explanation of things if you know what I mean.
    1. BucketLover
      Author's Response
      Yep, I totally do! This was actually kind of rushed and I never really got the chance to fix it, you know? Anyway, thanks for the review! The stars don't really matter to me but simply taking the time to leave one in the first place means more to me! :D
  5. Nanami
    Such an interesting connection you made there :)) I can't wait to see what Oda is planning for Nami
    1. BucketLover
      Author's Response
      Yesss, I really want to see more of Nami! I really love her as a character and I want to see her be even cooler in the future!
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