Theory Monet is based of Tinkerbell from the story Peterpan. more inside!

possible return, a Maybe! Monet and Doflamingo based of peterpan story, You be the judge.

  1. Naomi Rose
    Monet and Doflamingo based of the Peterpan story.

    Hello this is a theory on who i think Monet and
    Doflamingo are based off. If this theory has been done let me know, I did check and did not see anyone else mention this.

    This theory will take a other look at the older and other version of Peterpan. You will see what i mean with Doflamingo, and Monet fate. and there is a chance if indeed based of Tinkerbell she is ok, take it with a grain of salt as the saying goes.


    I will explain the point in order to how Monet fits.

    But First,Let's get this out the way, in the original play to peter pan
    This might refer to when Luffy and the rest leave Punk Hazard. After freeing the lost kids(Stolen lost kids)

    But wait! she not dead! there hope, in

    Peter and the Starcatchers-story

    possible return to punk hazard( I will explain this reason later)..Now on to the next important clue.


    We get a clue the Tinkerbell was originally a yellow/green bird who turned into a fairy.Now look at Monet color scheme, she is mostly colored in yellow/green to her design and is now part bird. also Note before she was a human, before Law modified her into a bird later! The fairy!

    In the disney version -yellow hair and green clothes.

    Next the mention of starstuff, Now as we know the stars relate to astronomy, and what was her hinted dream she was studying?

    Astronomy as seen on the books near her. It is flipped but the words so far we see is Astro--which is most likely Astronomy.

    Hey @Dave @Cockycent notice the lion on his back shirt.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Nudge,nudge,wink,wink common cocky,wink,nudge.)(a)

    Now we know at some point, based of the planet oda showed back in Robin home island,people have been talking/making theories about the space hint based of the 7 planets shown here.

    But first, before they can get to space I think, there one thing missing The poneglyphs need to be collected first. And the strawhats will need to travel back and find them,as seen they are more harder to find. (if know a theory similar to this idea, please link will leave it here, have not read up on it much i think only once or twice)

    Now if we go to this part in the story.
    This hints the Return to Punk Hazard, if indeed there is a poneglyph hidden somewhere underground in the island...and the strawhats will meet Monet here again...OR!!

    Whole cake! which @8787NO3Monet did a theory Here <--link to there theory explaining how Monet could get to whole cake island!

    Next clue is her Loyalty to
    One of the main things to note is that Tinkerbell was very Loyal to peterpan only. As seen Monet saw Doflamingo as her savior.and wanted to make him the pirate king, as why we see her studying to help him achieve his goals.

    But again this mention of Fireflyers character, who ever this character is. Will come into the story later.

    So there is this clue she will be friends with someone, and move on since peterpan in the first story forgots who tinkerbell is after she dies, and in the sequel when she comes back he still does not remember.

    So at this point Doflamingo will be unaware that Monet is alive, from this clue.

    will keep this short
    Main Points to be noted with Doflamingo, and peterpan, he seems to be based of the dark version..

    Doflamingo name ties to Neverland with the flamingos.

    In the origianl older story Peter pan was said to thin out(kill) the lost kids when the grow up. (as it stated in the story, peterpan hated adults)

    Doflamingo did indeed took in lost kids. Law,Baby 5 etc and he had no problem of disposing of them when they made there use to him when they where older.

    Again the main thing known about peterpan was that he was immortal. and what was doflamingo main obsession? Immortality!

    also other thing was that he could fly, we see Doflamingo use his strings to fly like peterpan did, and let us not forget peterpan shadow..

    In the story peterpan shadow was said to cause mischief and would run off from him. We see this reference when Doflamingo is the last one seen with Gecko Moria who ironic is the shadow user!

    Also note Doflamingo mentions someone higher then the world government, so It's possible these people will help Doflamingo get out of impel down.

    Do I think Monet is alive or not? Well based of this version of the story and Monet and Doflamingo match up in inspiration/reference traits to TinkerBell and Peterpan. This may seem possible if Oda does follow how the story go or how the characters story goes in traits.

    As don't see him copy paste peterpan story completely. As he is the writer and he uses other people work for inspiration and more to his own characters.

    But if indeed as seen above on how those two fit close to the story characters, then possible he might bring Monet back. After all,Space travel to far away right now. And they have not gotten to Elbaf yet or talked on how they will find the rest of the poneglyphs yet.

    I felt there was more stuff to add, but felt off topic and just wanted to focus on these two. If have a question please ask in discussion, thanks!

    Thank you for reading!

Recent Reviews

  1. Kiejiro
    Oda loves Disney films, so this theory definitely holds some credibility. There are enough points for this idea to be convincing. Enjoyable read!
    1. Naomi Rose
      Author's Response
      Thank ^_^ I'm glad theory is interesting,The Green/yellow bird was my favorite part, when saw similarity.
  2. Goldfish
    good theory. well written and so original :D

    always love to have another theory that support Monet is alive. even if i dont know the original story of peterpan hehehe
    1. Naomi Rose
      Author's Response
      Thank you! :D lol used to watch disney peterpan as a kid, and later saw people talking about the darker version of peterpan and more etc, so had to look it up.

      I'v been thinking about silly blue fairy, which might match to sabo as well. since he fire and she snow..
    Great theory! Inspired me in my chess speculation! I will link this theory
    1. Naomi Rose
      Author's Response
      Thank You Camunai ^_^ and glad you found it interesting, and for the Fireflyers character, he might be sabo after giving it more thought, but the possibility since sabo is dressed in blue and he has the fire fruit, which would match his name..and description of the blue fairy/fire in his title

      Fireflyer, a silly blue fairy..

      well as the saying goes fire/heat melts snow..
  4. jinz
    Great theory, i really like the Peter Pan reference that you used.. :)
    1. Naomi Rose
      Author's Response
      Thank you Jinz ^_^ and same, Hope so far since Oda followed some parts in the story reference.Then he might bring her back later just like in the sequel,shows she alive.
  5. Zero Zero No Mi
    Zero Zero No Mi
    Great topic!!

    I don't remember much about Peter Pan story but I know I liked it a lot, and the parallels with Monet/Doflamingo are pretty good.

    Could Crocodile have a link with it (Captain Hook) ?

    I still wish to see Monet again even if I left a little bit the hopes for her...
    1. Naomi Rose
      Author's Response
      Thank you! :D see the discussion I talked about Crocodile there, and Crocodile did match up to captain hook. I think oda left her snow foreshadowing, but currently he focused on two other right now crocodile and the other, but Monet would still be needed because she fits the crane, see her modified body, and in the story the rabbit wished to go to the moon and only the crane helped them.

      So far Oda foreshadowed Crocodile as the Rabbit, more in discussion ^^
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