Theory Momonosuke retained/Inherited Oden Memories.

Voice of all things-D Clan-Kozuki Clan- Poneglypps- All Connected.

  1. Sanji W. Smoke
    In simple words my theory is- Momonosuke retained Oden's memories just like he inherited the ability to hear Zou and order it.
    The voice of things is an ability that only D clan people were able use/show so far in the story- Only they were to hear Sea kings and other things.


    So My guess is Kozuki clan might also be a part of this infamous D clan. They are the ones who made the actual Poneglypps.
    And to safeguard this knowledge n information to read n write the Ancient Poneglypps Kozuki clan had- they developed some way of passing it through the memories of Main family line i.e Oden and now Momonosuke. Or simply said this ability is probably just specific to their clan( just like Three eyed eyed can read Poneglypps). Like from father to son , from one generation to next memories passed through Centuries.

    It explains how he had Rodger n Inu-Neko being Friends memories (even tho hazy) from 24 years ago even tho he is just a kid. So yes i do believe those Graves are fake.

    Also equal Credits to @Buusatan94.

Recent Reviews

  1. Critical Mindset
    Critical Mindset
    I think it's a good theory but I would like to see you compare it to competing explanations, that Wano has some kind of time loop or one other possibility being that they were frozen in time. I would like to see some mor examples of him having Oden's memories inherited that couldn't be explained by other alternative theories like the ones mentioned above. But I like the idea. Keep up!
  2. Buusatan94
    While I am not sure of it myself, I think that the Kozouki clan has indeed a safeguard way to transfer its knowledge from generation to generation so it wouldn't be lost in case the clan leader died before telling his children about the clan secrets, otherwise Oden's knowledge might have been at least partially transferred to Mononosuke and he might awaken it progressively otherwise the clan knowledge will be lost forever since Oden died before telling Momo about it.
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