Momonosuke IS Uranus

There is evidence to sugegst Momo has a power no one else has, is this the power Uranus?

  1. Joy_Boy
    Alright guys, got a potentially game changing theory for you guys after reading the last chapter.
    Hope you enjoy.

    Here's a speaking version of this on YouTube!

    The Identity and Powers of Uranus

    I think its possible we just found out the identity and powers of Uranus.

    Currently, we really only know the specifics of one Ancient Weapon, Poseidon a.k.a Shirahoshi.

    Her power is that she is able to control the sea kings, who seem duty-bound to fulfill her wishes, whatever they may be.

    This last chapter we have seen something remarkable similar. Yes, I am talking about Zunisha not being able to defend herself without direct orders from Momonosuke.

    Zunisha received an order from long ago to walk the world for eternity, and she is unable to break this command without a second order from someone specific.

    This specific person isn't just someone that can hear the VOAT, as we are told that Luffy can’t give her that order. This is also true for Gold Roger and Oden Kouzuki.

    The person who can is.... Momonosuke. This is eerily similar to what Shirahoshi can do, and her power was remarked upon as an Ancient Weapon capable of destroying the world.

    Do you think Momo power could destroy the world? I think so. Zunisha just one shotted Jack, and her size alone could crush islands.

    There is also the possibility that there are MORE elephants roaming the world, or its even possible Momo can control other creatures.

    I also wonder if the order that Zunisha received long ago was given by the Uranus of the void century, and Momo, like Shirahoshi, has been born with the power of an Ancient Weapon that often skips many generations. I do think its very curious that we are already lead to believe someone in the distant past had the power to command Zunisha just as Momo can...

    Although I can’t yet see the ties between Momo’s power and that of a sky god, his power is next level and completely overpowered.

    And later we learn that Momo has chosen to stay on Zou in order to try to speak with Zunisha again to better understand his power. Oda has definitely highlighted that Momo has a very important ability.
    Let me know what you think.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Nessos
  2. D Rayo
    D Rayo
    I really like this theory. I personally don't think he can control other Seakings level animals. But he's ability allows him to interact with them. Which can be really useful. Because he could befriend them or perhaps learn about the void century. In my opinion Zunisha could know more about The Void century. The d clan, and VOAT. Because she seems to be more related to the humans.
    Some people in One Piece Amino believe that he really is Uranus because with his artificial df. He meets the criteria. If that makes sense.
    After watching your theory I think is definitely 69% possible. Because i just can't find an explanation to his unique power.
    I don't know if you have think about the possibility of Momo and all his ancestors being able to share their memories. This could explain why he said he met Roger.
  3. Divvens
    Precise and to the point, explained with manga facts.

    However, would two of the ancient weapons have an almost similar power? That is, communicating with huge monsters to command them? In my opinion, that wouldn't happen. The poneglyphs also contain information about the location of the ancient weapons, if 2 of them were humans (and that too with the possibility of some generations skipping the power) it'd be too unreliable as well as the timing of two of the weapons being alive in Luffy's generation would just be too convenient.

    Momonosuke definitely has an important role to play, but I don't think he's Uranus.

    Good read, keep it up!
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