Speculation Mihawk's Official Title is not the Strongest


  1. Erkan12
    Official VIZ translations ;

    Translator : Naoko Amemiya



    This is not a fan-made translation, this is a professional japanese-english translation from VIZ media's One Piece volume 06.

    Volume 01


    ''The World's Greatest Swordsman''

    Translator : Andy Nakatani

    Volume 76

    ''I will be the greatest swordsman...''

    Translator : Stephen Paul

    However, the same VIZ media translators uses ''STRONGEST MAN'' for Whitebeard. Which means there is a significant difference between two titles.

    Onepiece wikia also uses the ''greatest'' title not the strongest.


    And for Whitebeard, they are using the ''strongest'' title ;


    The important difference here is, Mihawk isn't stronger than other swordsmen, which means Shanks could be still ''stronger'' than Mihawk, despite being a swordsman. Mihawk is the greatest swordsman, because he is best at swordsmanship, his title is for sword mastery, he isn't the ''strongest'' among other swordsman, he is the most skilled and greatest among the swordsman. Fujitora could be more powerful than him, by using his superior physical abilities, DF powers and Haki level, Shanks is already his superior by being ''one of the most powerful four pirates in the world''

    -Confirmed by Garp.

    That's the important difference between Shanks and Mihawk. Mihawk is most skilled swordsman, Shanks is more powerful swordsman.

Recent Reviews

  1. Black leg
    Black leg
    Nope. Oda used the term saikyo to both whitebeard and Mihawk. Sekai saikyo no otoko for whitebeard and sekai saikyo no kenshi for mihawk. Viz meant the same for greatest and strongest. Saikyo = strongest or best.
  2. Lothar1399
    Not much of a theory or a speculation, more of a confirmation of the already known and yet avoided truth. A lot of people like to believe that Mihawk could win in a 1 on 1 battle versus Shanks, those are just fanboys in my opinion because they obviously don't pay attention to fact. Anyway thanks for this lovely post, it's been nice reading it.
  3. giantbiceps
    Shanks > Mihawk gooooooooooooooooooooooood
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  4. RomanceDawn
    TBH this doesn't seem like theory or speculation, but in proper review I have to say this strongest and greatest thing is just semantics and where your theory falls to pieces is that if he's the "Greatest" swordsman he would still be greater than every other swordsman I.E. stronger
  5. EvilPotatoCat
    1. Erkan12
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