Theory Luffy's Awakening 3 :Haoshoku Haki

The return of True King : Applications of Conquer's Haki

  1. Carrotlaststrawhat
    What a Great theory which give us another perspective on haki. One of the best Theories i have ever read!
  2. Captain_BreLion
    Outstanding theory! Evidence for all points! Easily one of my favorite theories now. Perfect similarities between the two!
  3. XyroGod
    A really well made theory. This just feels so true! I hope we can see it fulfill itself. Good work!
  4. monkey_d.luffy
    One of the best theories ive read so far! the amount of proof and evidence isnt a lot but satisfying at least! There is a possibility of this happening!
  5. Sanji W. Smoke
    Sanji W. Smoke
    Could easily be one of best theory of the month. : D

    Even though i haven't watched star wars, i could feel the connections. Really great work.
  6. Redx
    The similarities are staggering. I had no idea just how closely Haki resembled The Force. This is makes so much sense I can't imagine it NOT coming true later. Well done.
  7. red admiral
    red admiral
    CoC is the strongest force in one piece and the king of CoC is the king of all fighters
    don't know why people look down on this power in one Vs one
    think cause they hate Shanks to be stronger than others
  8. Cpt.
    Cool connections between this and Star Wars. I understand Oda is a big fan of that as well as DBZ so it would make sense for him to incorporate some elements of it into One Piece. I wonder how similar haki will be to the force EoS.
  9. AdvancedLuffy
    It was a very nice theory. I would really like to see all those challenges Luffy has to face before becoming the Pirate King. But do you think we have enough chapters to do all those?
  10. naraboy
    really great effot..lots of details and comaparison..salute

    I wonder how long One Piece will be
  11. L E T F A R
    L E T F A R
    You earned your 5 stars. That was one hell of an effort. Good job! :)
    1. Dave
  12. yond
    I like the basis of Haki being the Force, because it gives us more potential developments and variety in Haki powers going forward (which I am really hoping for). However, I'm not sure about your Trials idea.
  13. Arthand
    Really nice can you make a theory about Sanjis resemble with Luke skywalker also his potential of getting gasu gasu no mi while becoming a jedi knight who can use light saber ,force choke, force cloak etc...
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      haha thanx for review i m not sure i can do that but sanji already has power up theory very popular one cosmic power something in top 5 u should chk that :D
  14. Kurohege125
    Well written and thoroughly constructed
    The author had put quite a lot of research in his work.
    Interesting read
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx whitebeard san glad u liked it ^^
  15. Monkey D. Yongyu
    Monkey D. Yongyu
    As a star wars fan, I am really hoping this is gonna happen, even if just a few of the powers you mentioned. Great job finding examples to back up each one too, not just from the manga but other ones as well. Probably on of the more interesting reads I've seen lately
    1. Dave
  16. Zukuhimu Sharuh Senpai
    Zukuhimu Sharuh Senpai
    This Theory is way to speculative. Even if it has some nice Points it is impossible to draw a solid conclusion. The reading was quite interesting though and it was a good Piece of research
  17. Steins;Gate
    Naaah. I hope you know this story is called "OnePiece", not "StarWars".

    I don't even know what your intention is with this speculation. Do you wanna say haki works in the same way, Oda has stolen the concept from StarWars? Or to show what we can expect from the future?
    Sure there are similarities, but this is going to far in my opinion. :x
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      hmmm did u miss the reference from other mangas or just chose to ignore it and concept is universal in all mentioned cultures china ,korea and india etc other mangakas George Lucas adapted
      it and and oda copied it ? are u dumb or u never read OP oda has influence from various works not just star wars like recent setup for whole cake island was copied from alice in wonderland ryt ?
  18. Mr. Tiddles
    Mr. Tiddles
    I dun like it, it lackz connuctionss..

    Nah, just kidding. xD But really, you did an awesome job with that. You've opened my eyes to a lot of things and possibilities with this, seriously. Haha!!

    I also loved how you connected the qi (or chi) element here, and the observation that other mangas have been inspired from such a thing (especially Nen). I also loved the Venn Diagram thing with the body, spirit and mind and seeing clearly how you connected to the different types of haki, it really makes hell of a lot of sense, especially when you take Rayleigh's explanation into account. It's beautiful, man. :P

    The qi connection makes a lot of sense, as Japanese culture is very spiritual and sees the spirit, and will of a person as his strength. Fights are even viewed as a contest of wills, where a person who wins a fight is not just because of strength, but because of willpower and determination, which is the spirit, or qi, that gives victory.

    Fun fact: Some people can even light a bulb while holding it with one hand, using their chi and concentrating it on the bulb. Heck, CoA and its attributes in OP could even be an emphasised version of what some martial artists in China have done using chi in order to emphasise their strength. Chi in fact, is everywhere in harmony, and exists in all of us. It appears in various forms such as killing intent (Sakki), having courage (Yuuki), weather (Tenki), health (Genki) etc, but for people to use chi effectively to their advantage, they need to control and train it, and concentrate their body and spirit to it, which is what some people in RL have done for years. (Bruce Lee's former rival was one of them).

    I know. You might call me some kind of quack artist or something, but I got interested in this chi stuff since last month, when a chinese doctor visited the med school I went to, and described what it was to all of us, so being the interested clown I was, I got in some research. xD The points you've included here were interesting additions, and it complemented the whole aspect to it. :)

    The trials too, are a very interesting read, as well as the kaleidoscope of possibilities connected with Haki. I also loved the whole Jedi references - was interesting to read regarding them. xD

    Tl;dr - Gr8 job m8. 6/5. ^_^
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx mate i m very happy read and understood lol and applications of haki and chi qi etc so many so i couldnt just cover them in one theory and i come from india so i wont call ya quack artist lmao again thanx very much ^^
  19. Tiago
    Well written and interesting.

    Needs a correction or two, but other than that, well done.

    Correction (WB didnt suffer 2 punches in his belly from Akainu, he suffered 1 in the belly followed by one in his face, splitting his face in 2)
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      Refernce from
      4 different cultures china,india ,korea and japan
      3 well established mangas Hunter x Hunter ,dragonball and Naruto
      28 connections to Star wars franchises and u say i lack connections !!! if u dont wanna review then its fine but dont say bullshit
  20. Veljko
    Very good one great ...
    You probably spent much time on this.....
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx mate glad u liked it ^^
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