Theory Luffy's Awakening 2 :Red and Blue Demons

consequences of Awakening :Road to gear 5

  1. Dave
    Hey guys this theory is kinda a sequel to my last theory luffy’s awakening so if you haven’t read it yet link is given below please read it 1st .Now let me make it clear to you in this theory doesn’t have names like gear 5, 6 ,7 etc.... because it’s not a gear it’s a natural physical condition which a devil fruit user is able to attain which effects not only his own body but also his/her in environment

    Again quoting from my 1st theory
    In this theory we are going focus on luffy’s natural growth in power as oda sensei planned to do by the end of series and current demerits of luffy’s fighting style

    Luffy’s Growth:

    As many of you may know oda has a very natural way of boosting the power level of characters slowly over the time they grow stronger through their fights

    Hence no matter how desperate situation you are in

    1. Rage won’t make you a super saiyan (Dragonball logic) wont get sudden high level power ups to save your nakama (fairy tale )

    So lets see how luffy’s fighting style has changed overtime
    Devil fruit limitations :
    Like all devil fruits user luffy also has weakness in his devil fruit and fighting style

    Time limit : its a fact that every gear luffy uses has a time limit whether it be gear 2,3, or 4 luffy cant be in one constant form for a longer period this difference was shown in his fight against lucci and doffy
    Taxation on body: using gears puts lots of taxation on luffy’s like

    Gear 2 :by reverse pumping the blood luffy creates a doping like method normally it’ll lead bursting of blood tissue since luffy has rubber it allows him to do it but still it does put lot of pressure
    Gear 3: lead to shrinking into chibi luffy
    Although Both Gear 2 ,3 through training have resolved some problems don’t disappear
    Gear 4: unlike G3(air) luffy blows haki along with air which again put lot of pressure on luffy’s body as mentioned Rayleigh cherry on the cake king kong gun is like one shot gamble it nearly consumes all haki of gear 4 again only a short term solution

    Hence to point of all this the fundamental difference between a awakened DF user doffy and luffy is limitations on their devil fruits , Doffy despite having birdcage in progress while controlling people in town via parasite while treating his damage internally and fighting luffy and law at same time managed it effortlessly displaying potential of a awakened DF user

    So what can we expect from luffy’s awakening?
    Luffy elasticity and stretchability also has a limit which will also disappear making

    Time limit on gears will disappear and luffy will be able to fight a longer durations along with continuous gear changes (although cant say surely about gear 4 as it uses haki also)
    Taxation: taxation on luffy’s due to gears will disappear he can freely use gears like he does his base form again increasing longer durations

    Now why will that happen ?

    As i mentioned above key ability of gomu gomu no mi AKA luffy’s devil fruit is elasticity
    Well in luffy’s case he will be able induce his devil fruit into other objects
    Like doffy did
    We can also assume that diamante was also a awakened user as he could also change his surrounding including ground as flag
    So did crocodile
    So awakening is basically a Transmutation ( refers to change something completely, especially into something different and better: A few centuries ago alchemists thought they could transmute lead into gold.) ability where a DF user changes any substance into substance which his/her devil fruit is made of for example doffy changes everything to strings ,crocodile everything to sand ,diamante everything to ripples similarly luffy will change everything to rubber but how oda makes him use this ability is up to his creativity

    Part -2: Red and Blue demons

    Dragonball the popular manga from oda sensei draws a lot of inspirations from, uses this metaphorical symbolism a lot like this
    4157379-9111310648-goku_.png Goz_and_Mez_Ensenji_Tree.jpg
    And lots of other works like
    Oda himself did it once in thriller bark Red oars vs blue nightmare luffy
    maxresdefault.jpg also this one thanx to @Beli Rich 0118-023.jpg
    And i think oda will repeat this again in wano as Red dragon (kaido) vs gear 5 (blue-nightmare luffy 2.0)
    2bbf75d952208e50ba1fd452e2b79788.jpg One-Piece-one-piece-28308669-2560-1821.jpg
    NO I DONT BELIVE MORIAH WILL HELP LUFFY ,As i said above gear 4 is designed for commander-level of yonko of course it will have some damage against a yonko but not enough hence luffy needs gear 5 inorder to have a proper fight against ,
    and WHY BLUE LUFFY ?
    Nightmare luffy was upgrade version of luffy power of it enough to play with oars ,so what made it so powerful (of course shadows ) but something else inducing of so many shadows at once inside luffy lead to a forced awakening by changing the nature of natural rubber luffy posses into Nitrile rubber another type of rubber
    If can see fight between oars and luffy again u can see elasticity has decreased considerable in fighting style on the other hand power and toughness has increased
    multiple times ,i believe luffy will develop this after whole cake island and this will be 1st step to his awakening
    credits to beautiful cover @Yasin

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Recent Reviews

  1. AdvancedLuffy
    Wow. Really awesome theory.

    I really like the forced awakening stuff.
  2. Rej
    Hey I see you put nice effort in it. I really love the whole concept and I am buying this. Still I am not sure about the gear 5 form with this new rubber. A possibility but nothing that exceeds that. I really love the demons research tho. Great job!
  3. Zukuhimu Sharuh Senpai
    Zukuhimu Sharuh Senpai
    Well, a nice block of possibilities! The Usage of Odas typical Anthologies was well placed.
    1. Dave
  4. NikyuTai
    Great point about the Nitrile rubber, I didn't even think of a nightmare luffy type upgrade before awakening. There's still so much to go through before the end of the series (hopefully!) so there'll definitely be another gear or upgrades before luffy's awakening. Loved this theory and the depth it goes into over your first one! Thanks for posting!
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx mate glad u liked it :D
  5. Kindaichi
    exallent theory I agree withe you I think there gear 5 before awakening.
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx mate glad u liked it ^^
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