Speculation Logo Theory Redux

Oda has said the answer is under our noses

  1. HisashiGojira
    Oda said the answer to the One Piece mystery is right under our noses and I agree.

    The skull with the big cross bone X is Reverse Mountain, the left side of the hat brim is the entrance to Paradise, the NEP is Paradise, the red figure of Luffy the Red Line, the ECE the New World, and the hole in the anchor where the poneglyphs connect. The lines above and below the logo are the Calm Belts.

    The right side of the hat brim would be the secret entrance to Raftel, which is inside RM, and the OP treasure under where the red ribbon and SH are. The exit is into the CB following thr rope coming out of the teeth, and one benefit of the OP is being able to traverse the CB at will (why the rope is hooked around the CB)

    It's all there from the first cover page from Chapter One, and in a pirate story, X marks the spot.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Tartan Owl
    Tartan Owl
    Yeah, others have done this theory before and have provided superior explanations, parallels, depth and evidence.
  2. RandaAlzifahri
    So many people already write this one an even explain it far better than this
    1. HisashiGojira
      Author's Response
      Oh, I wrote that long before you were reading OP, and I'm sure that whatever I post will be better expressed than anything you could possibly write.
  3. Rej
    I already made that theory with pictures and explanations and thausand times better and more in depth with more parallels. Sry mate it's nothing new :( but nice that you also see it!
    1. HisashiGojira
      Author's Response
      Oh, that's a repost (and translation) from a Japanese message board from 2002. I thought I use them as a way to introduce myself to this board and newbie readers.
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