Theory Limit breaker: Basic and Advanced Haki

Advanced version of Armament and Observation Haki

  1. Dave
    ,.jpg Hi guys I m back again with another theory for you guy this one is kinda sequel to my
    Luffy’s awakening 3 : Haoshoku haki

    There I explored the concept that Haki maybe inspired from George Lucas’s Star Wars universe and its concept of Force I mainly explored Concept and applications of Conquers Haki there so in this one we’ll discuss rest of two that is Armament Haki and Observation Haki

    So one basic thing we all must understand that ALL POWER UPS in one piece are divided into two levels like basic Devil fruit is Level 1 then Awakening is Level 2 ,Similarly if Conquers Haki’s basic is to Conquer will of weak minded people leading to them fainting this can be said as Level 1 of CoC and I have discussed Level 2( applications) in Luffy’s Awakening 3 : Haoshoku haki

    Busoshoku Haki [Body- armament haki [CoA]]
    Some basic Uses [Level-1]

    Advanced Form [Level-2]
    This Color is specialized form which can only be attained via mastery of CoA its called Color of Intimidation and elemental haki

    Color of Intimidation

    Same way Conquerors Haki can make weak minded people faint ,Color of intimidation makes people freeze/paralyze in fear similar to Conquerors Haki this one is usually very rare but unlike CoC this Color can be attained through training and mastery of Armament Haki So far we have seen this in top class swordsmen

    1st mention of it was in east blue saga [barite arc] by Zeff referring to world’s strongest swordsman Mihawk that stare from his Hawk eyes can paralyze people

    2nd time it was displayed by Zoro in Punk hazard when he used it on Monet displaying his strength even similar haki user swordsman tashigi couldn’t figure out was happening or how strong zoro has become
    14.jpg 17.jpg

    3rd time it was displayed by big mom [also technically a swordsman ]who uses it as a condition to steal life span although it’s not mentioned that its absolute that one should fear so that she can take your life span example to these are jinbei and pedro .Pedro voluntarily gave his life span and Jinbei refused to give it

    But weak willed who fear big mom like her son here are easy targets to Color of intimidation

    4th time it was shown by Cracker another top class swordsman as u can see luffy who has mastered basics of all 3 colors cant figure out what it was but homies dried out with fear in anime its clearly mentioned by cracker as intimidation as he uses it on luffy
    vlcsnap-2017-10-24-00h55m48s785.png vlcsnap-2017-10-24-00h31m42s529.png vlcsnap-2017-10-24-00h50m40s445.png

    So from above its safe assume Color of intimidation as real Color of Haki and Level 2 of armament haki

    Elemental Haki [Optional Personality based ]:
    as we know Haki is basically spirit energy so its also seen that Haki Users and even some non haki can use their spirit energy to create attacks based on Different elements

    Like pre-time skip sanji used to rotate in-order to create fiction for diable jimbei but now he can use it without fiction using his haki Similarly brook a non-haki user can create Ice via his soul solid
    Big mom used her soul to create fire and cloud [Zeus and Prometheus] and Kinemon’s fire style swordsman ship

    "Thunder Lord" McGuy is an infamous New World pirate who worked for Whitebeard. He was somehow able to channel electricity through his blade, increasing the damage done.

    Above are some of examples Elemental haki user’s I’ll explain more abt them in another theory lets now jump towards

    Observation Haki [Mind – observation Haki [CoO]]
    Some basic Uses [Level-1]
    Power Scaling :
    as mentioned Haki is inspired via many concepts which are available in both real world and popular manga and fiction like
    All of this forms have one thing in common that you can know Power level of a Person by feeling their Ki/Nen/chakra/force same concept applies to One piece also
    Blackbeard 1st mentions this in Jaya observing luffy’s haki
    Luffy can tell looking or sensing that opponent is strong or not example inuarashi
    Sanji also displayed this by sensing nekomamsuhi
    And again in case of big mom sanji mentioned she looked like ball of iron
    Pound – even basic level user like him can tell tell diff between power levels of Luffy and Nami

    Advanced Form [Level-2]
    From this point all reference are from Star wars universe
    Precognition [Force visions]
    As many of you might already know this Katakuri already posses this ability and can has Future visions other then him
    But this is only basic application of this ability symbolizing katakuri has only beginner level in this hence he can future for short time
    or as suggested by @RikuD and @GUDUman luffy also dodged as he had precognition like katakuri in marineford
    Force visions
    As I said precognitions are just basic application but force vision is very and very powerful ability so far in series ( as far as I know ) only 3 characters have shown this abilities
    Shanks : everything he said in conversion with whitebeard has came true so far

    • Ace’s death (hence asked to stop ace)
    • raise of Blackbeard (who is a yonko now)
    • bet on luffy to be next pirate king
    Abt Blackbeard its isn’t confirmed but shanks could have seen this future since he met him which explains his obsession with Blackbeard coz shanks isn’t type to carry a grudge
    12222.jpg 1311.jpg 16asa.jpg

    Madam Shyarly:
    Madam Shyarly She is a fortune teller living on Fishman Island, As a fortune teller, she has the ability to see the future. She is also very accurate in her predictions as she predicted
    • the Great Age of Pirates
    • as well as Whitebeard's death
    • She recently made a prediction that a man in a straw hat, who she presumes to be Luffy, will destroy Fishman Island.
    But events that Shyarly foresaw can happen anytime from a day to a year later
    God Usopp : yes him i m not joking damn it stop laughing Usopp was originally latent CoO user and ALL HIS LIES COME TRUE

    b2bdcf826e3c96cec56fe9c366a1f184.jpg 94676cd5d7ebcf25207d04da8b6e4be3133a0397_hq.gif
    List of Usopp lies becomes the truth:

    1. Pirates are attacking the village (chap 23). Kuro's army really attacking. Check.
    2. A giant goldfish with poop as large as an island. (chap 24). Dorry and Broggy confirmed it. Check.
    3. Country of Dwarf (chap 24). Dressrosa arc confirmed it. Check
    4. Wanted to see a huge mole in Kaya's mansion (chap 24). Fight with mrs. Merry Christmast. Check.
    5. A cerberus (chap 40). Actual cerberus in Thriller Bark Arc. Check.
    6. Same with no.5 this time A dragon (chap 40). Actual Dragon in Punk Hazard. Check.
    7. Claimed Luffy's first bounty is his (chap 114). Got his first bounty at 30 million Berry. Check.
    8. Usopp is an expert in sniping (chap 42). Birth of Sogeking. Check.
    9. A beautiful swordswoman has come with meat (chap 458). Rebecca. Check.

    Credits to Paladin_Knight on mangastream and @Naomi Rose our own OJ theorist
    I’ll do a detail on 3rd part of this theory Limit Breaker 3 :usopp

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This ability is only display one character so far by Rayleigh at his 1st appearance
    Look at how he is able tell what happened just observing who to attack and who to protect etc.. only 2 others who may posses this maybe dragon and shanks
    Comprehend Speech [Voice of all things ]

    Only added twist to this thing by Oda VOAT also to works on non living things like poneglyphs ,otherwise luffy has displayed this multiple times that he is able understand what animals or creatures are trying to say few examples would be
    1st time he claims to sort of hear the voice of Ryu the dragon (though, this is non-canon).
    second time during the Fishman Island Arc when the Sea Kings come to save Noah.
    able to hear the calling voice of the elephant Zunisha,
    Another one of Luffy's amazing skills is his capability to tame and/or befriend creatures in a very short amount of time. Several examples are:

    Force empathy [Personality based ]
    Luffy :
    We all know that once luffy decides to make someone his/her nakama their background, past, power level and abilities etc.. is irrelevant.Its bcoz luffy is able judges a person purely based on his/her true character (of course true character means surface bullshit and acting aside )
    Lets take a example of a strawhat like nami
    She just met luffy and betrayed him to sold him buggy
    20.jpg 51.jpg
    But luffy understands meaning behind her actions
    Again nami betrays him in barite but he still insists zoro to bring her back
    He doesn’t know nami’s back story like zoro,sanji and usopp yet he understands her better them as u can see in moments of anger he displayed
    31.jpg 2.jpg 151.jpg 201.jpg

    Sanji :
    as I said force empathy is personality based haki trait its different in everybody but fundamentals remains same
    Sanji detecting lie by robin in water 7
    Sanji saving tashigi coz he heard a drop of tear ?

    Sanji understanding viola
    Sanji understanding purin
    Its basic nature of sanji’s character to love women hence he understands emotions of women better then anyone

    Fujitora displays it more clearly in ending of dressrosa as he reads various emotions by people of dressrosa we can see every is displayed with different color this is based on psychology of color

    7.jpg color-emotion.jpg

    Ultra instinct

    Nope I m not joking again :lmao: for DBS viewers this is spoilers sorry Ultra instinct is a new technique of Goku in which his body moves on its own and fights there by reducing time taking to think I admit it was inspiration for this part but seems our own luffy has already done this way before lets dive into it

    This technique is originally based of Jeet Kune Do [JKD]

    The thing is when ur fighting a opponent like katakuri who can read ur moves 2-3 steps ahead its hard to fight as we can see in current luffy vs katakuri so wat happens when luffy fights such opponents in future ?

    Jeet Kune Do literally says fight without thinking but luffy has done this in skypeia while fighting enel

    131.jpg 1411.jpg

    He completely switched off his brain ofc he was able to dodge all hits but he was unable to fight back that

    2nd time it was whitebeard –shanks convo
    As you can see shanks is sitting very close to whitebeard yet he dodges the bottle he throws without even blinking in freaking sitting position his body reacts to attack
    3rd time it was fujitora

    When doffy attacks with parasite strings it was totally random and yet fujitora just instinctively caught it

    vlcsnap-2017-10-24-01h33m22s427.png vlcsnap-2017-10-24-01h33m24s825.png
    Given shanks and fujitora have already mastered it luffy at some might master it who knows maybe in this luffy vs katakuri fight also :kappa:
    enter-the-dragon-dvd-1973.jpg maxresdefault.jpg

    Thanx for reading till end Next part limit breaker 2 : Nami


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Recent Reviews

  1. Sanji W. Smoke
    Sanji W. Smoke
    Loved it man. Explain lot of things, Zoro n Cracker scene makes sense now.

    Also "shanks is sitting very close to whitebeard yet he dodges the bottle he throws without even blinking in freaking sitting position his body reacts to attack "
    --Luffy and Sanji dodges are also pretty much the same, subconsciously. You probably made this theory before they did it.
  2. AdvancedLuffy
    Once again a master piece theory from Dave. I look forward to reading more of your theories.
  3. Sleek Assassin
    Sleek Assassin
    Sorry for being late, I've been busy irl. Awesome theory as always Dave
  4. Guiding Thunder
    Guiding Thunder
    Really enjoyed it, looking forward to your future theories.

    I really liked your in-depth interpretation of Observation Haki and its different forms, though I think Nami's weather predicting ability is also a form of Observation haki, but I haven't seen anyone else use it so I could be wrong.
  5. Lindltaylor
    Man, I really loved this theory. I'll admit those usopp lies even I was thinking the same thing. Usopp can maybe see the future. That beautiful swordsman with a lot of meat being Rebecca was so good! I never thought about that.

    About the CoC of intimidation I thought it was just normal CoC but instead of knocking them out they intimidate.
    So Zoro has CoC :kappa:

    But I really loved the Star Wars comparisons the most. I think you're right in most of it, I don't know if oda is a fan of star wars but the explanation makes a lot of sense.

    I don't know about luffy being able to see the future or ultra instinct (which I loved the DBS reference :D) I just think he has good instincts or maybe katakuri's CoO is the highest you can reach. It'll be cool if I'm wrong :)

    I loved everything else! I really loved the luffy and nami comparisons :D LuNa <3
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