Theory Let's reveal what the One Piece is once and for all!

You know the answer already because you noticed it before but didn't put all puzzle pieces together!

  1. Donal D. Trump
    Hello together,

    this theory is based on my previous big picture theories.


    If you can't follow where I am going I urge you to read up on the theories above and this will make a lot more sense to you. Especially the origin of Joyboy is crucial to understand what my idea of what the One Piece is. On another note it should be stated that most of the conclusions where already guessed before(I even mentioned it in my previous theories) and I will not add too much onto them. The reasoning though might be a huge revelation and it could surprise you how the latest chapters contributed to the subject on what the One Piece. I hope you are pleasantly surprised!

    In my previous big picture theories I guessed what happened during the void century and came to several conclusions which I am certain will come true but I didn't focus on what the purpose of the One Piece is. I tried to guess what happened back during the void century by examining what is happening today and how Luffy mirrored Joyboy's path. What I didn't understood yet is that by looking what is going to happen we actually will understand what Joyboy wanted to accomplish. Now I am certain I brought all the puzzle pieces together and what has happened during the void century and in particular what caused it. But enough of introductions and lets get started!

    1. The latest revelations

    Lets begin by entangling the big ball of what the One Piece is with the latest revelations.

    (If you want to read up how her powers exactly work and are interested in her character you can check my previous theory)

    This is one of the greatest revelations in the entire series for me personally and it barely got any attention. We got CONFIRMATION that devil fruits existed during the void century because Toki used her abilities back then to travel into the future. Many people guessed that the "devil's" of the ancient kingdom where the fodder for creating devil fruits(me included) but now we know they existed back then. We now know that the void century wasn't caused by the creation of devil fruits. It is possible that the One Piece is a devil fruit that can do what I am later guessing it will do because devil fruits existed back then but it wouldn't be that reasonable because Luffy already has a devil fruit and couldn't use it himself. So this possibility is very unlikely and it is probably something different.

    The other revelation(its a theory but it makes perfect sense in every way) we got is that Zou was part of Wano. Here I have to give credit to Marco One Piece ( ) again because that was just an amazing catch and explains so much in the series. For example which land mass was used to be put on Zou, why the minks are retainers for the Kozuki clan(because they used to be part of it) and why the crest is there. Then it explains why Momonosuke could control Zou(because Zunisha used to live in Wano and Toki had this Poseidon-ish ability that has been passed on to Momonuske). But there is another huge mystery and PROBLEM that arises with that. Its a problem that comes up time and time again and we just dont know how to solve it unless we find out when we get to know the entire truth. I am talking about how in the hell did this colossal land mass ended up on Zunisha.

    How is it physically possible to accomplish such a feat? You can't just break off land mass that clean, its grounded into the earth miles deep and you have to cut it up and shoulder it on top of Zunisha without too much shaking and a pretty steady pace. Its a feet that is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE in our world. There is no machine that could do something of this kind in any conceivable way.

    2. Lets look at the One Piece world

    I think you understand where I am going with this because you have encountered this problem on your journey before. There are some places that look artificial and you probably can name 3 more from the top of your head. How did for example Ennies Lobby came to be?


    Just look at it. The hole alone looks artificial and the cut off land itself definitely is. So this area looks like it could have been created. Remember the current status quo and how it affects the world. An economy can't work up or develop if even save passage isn't possible. In particular on the grand line and even the 4 seas because of weather conditions and piracy. Isn't that how the series should end? By fixing the problems we encounter throughout the series that are caused by its geography?


    But how would the world be reshaped in order to fulfill such a bill? There is one more revelation I had and the entire puzzle solved itself for me. It was something I missed in my previous theories.

    3. What did I miss?


    This was part of my theory and I was foolish to miss it here. The red line used to exist during the void century. Why is this so important? It is the reason why the fishmen had to migrate. Not only for some unity with humanity, it was for a bigger plan that will CHANGE THE WORLD FOREVER. If the red line gets broken what will happen with Fishmen island? It will be destroyed as well, the red line could fall on Fishmen island or by removing the land mass even safely, the pressure change will drag fishmen island up to the sea like a knock-up stream. (Is this how the knock-up stream was created? Joyboy definitely experimented with his device and had to test it around the world!) If Joyboy wanted to change the map he had to make common cause with the Fishmen. He didn't want to go further with his plan by killing fishmen, he would never do such a thing because Luffy wouldn't do such a thing. We also know this will happen 100%(her fortune telling is always correct and will happen, we kinda got confirmation here that Luffy will be pirate king and obtain the One Piece funnily enough and we all missed it) and it is the only way that Fishmen island could be destroyed by Luffy.


    This is why I stated it was important to look what Luffy is going to do in order to understand what Joyboy wanted to do it. Joyboy's "will" is the thing he left behind in order to fulfill it. Thats what the One Piece is, a mechanism that enables you to terraform.

    4. What is the purpose of destroying the red line in its current form?

    To create the first and only real continent (hence the name "One Piece")

    This is the purpose of the One Piece. To ACTUALLY unite the world and create a similar world to ours where people can live in countries next to each other and trade. If Luffy creates this super continent by using the land mass of the red line a new war could break out if he doesn't set the stage for peace and approval of the kingdoms beforehand. Without their concent a war would break out to obtain the most land mass for all the individual countries that can or worse, the entire world government would take over because the world can't oppose them without the members of the world government themselves being willing to share. With the approval of the kingdoms within the world government and outside countries the new continent can be shared by all of them. The world can finally start a real economy through trade by roads and not by shipping solely. Most countries survive from growing their own food in the One Piece world and world can finally have real peace based on individual flourishing of the citizens of the world. Thats why Luffy has to first unite the world and make them want to create a super continent.

    It would be a sin not to mention one of the most important reveals here.


    Thats what Whitebeard is talking about, a battle that will engulf the entire world because the entire world wants to fight for this continent. It benefits everybody except the ones that are currently in power. They don't want to lose supremacy and don't want others to grow to a point where they can't control them. By letting them be separate literally they actually are metaphorically separate and can't unite and take back control of the world.

    5. More irony from Oda that I thoroughly enjoy

    Another revelation we got semi-recently was this:


    When I first read the name "Pangaea" castle I fell off my chair because it was too much on the nose(in case you don't know, Pangaea is what we call the original land mass of the earth before it broke off into the several continents we have today). I thought he was playing with us and that there is no way that the One Piece will actually be a terraforming device that could create exactly this kind of land mass. Now I think that the reason why the celestial dragons called their castle "Pangaea" is for victory purposes. After they defeated Joyboy(by whatever dirty trick they used) they named their castle probably after what Joyboy wanted to name the new continent as mockery to him. But there is more. I already guessed that Imu-sama used to be a member of the ancient kingdom and betrayed Joyboy. This adds to this theory because how did Imu-sama know that name? It is because he heard it from Joyboy himself during his time in the ancient kingdom and about his dream to create it?

    6. Why didn't Roger use the One Piece?

    Now we also know why Roger couldn't fulfill Joyboy's will. The answer is time! Remember, Roger was dying. In order to use the One Piece and terraform the world he had to go around the world and make common cause with the world and convince them to create a continent that would be shared by all. He must have even taken on the world government and change their mind. Roger also had to convince the kingdoms of the world and in particular Fishmen island of this idea and that takes TIME he didn't have. Thats why he couldn't use the One Piece because it would have forced the hand of the world and created more chaos then unity! The world wasn't ready until you create a scenario where it can be used. One of those scenarios would be to expose the world government and what happened during the void century. All the pieces fall into place now.

    7. Some final thoughts

    That the One Piece is a terraforming device even explains why Buggy doesn't care about it. Its not gold and he would be taken down by the world government day 1 if he obtained it. Buggy can't defend it and it would be more of a liability then actually useful for him. It also explains why Shanks gave Luffy the straw hat. He believes Luffy is a person that could unite the people of the world like Joyboy before him. A device like that is only useful for a person like Luffy who can defend it and unite the world. You might even say pirate king=king of the world. Only someone who doesn't want to conquer anything but has the strength to defend it should have the One Piece. Thats why only someone like Luffy can end what Joyboy started and ultimately fulfill Joyboy's will. (Another funny point that made Oda probably chuckle is that Roger explained to Whitebeard what the One Piece is. He explained it to the one guy who actually has a similar ability to the One Piece with his gura gura no mi and Whitebeard really has no use for it. Its funny to say the least that Whitebeard really didn't need to know about it. He could possibly take down the red line himself.)

    It also explains why the void century had to happen and why this knowledge of a possible continent had to be systematically whipped out. Joyboy was seen by some people(20 countries and Imu-sama) as a terrorist and they have a point. The guy goes around the world and possibly creates/gathers ancient weapons(mermaid queen with Poseidon, whatever Toki/Momonuske have, Alabasta with the location of Pluton) and now he created a device that could terraform the world and possible destroy the red line? Additionally this new continent would ruin the world government because they lose all their power by making it impossible for Imu-sama to hide. He had to live alongside other countries then and more. The situation would be intangible for Imu-sama to keep his power as the shadow ruler of the world. The same is true in our world. Joyboy was a threat to Imu-sama like Luffy will be in the future and they wanted to stop him by all means necessary. They also wanted his(in the sense that he has access to them) ancient weapons and the One Piece he created. Thats why Joyboy HAD TO HIDE the One Piece. Its the one thing that can save the world permanently and Joyboy knew that unless the map changes most problems would remain. Thats why his ideas where too dangerous.

    Now I hope it all makes sense and I might add to this later because there is tons more. Like Raftel being created by the One Piece itself, it was dragged down into the ocean or wherever Raftel is hidden. You yourself can probably add easily 5 more things to this theory because we all had similar thoughts before.

    Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Take care everyone!


    In the last SBS Oda addresses "pangea" castle and called it "supercontinent" which I did 2 months ago...I can't believe it. Take from it what you want. I think this is confirmation.

Recent Reviews

  1. flappy
    Yes you added some small ideas yourself and maybe explained some ideas a different way. But all the theories you put together I already read somewhere else. The only thing you did is put them together and with that you did a good job. But saying they are all your ideas is not going to get you more then 2 stars from me. Also you use the word "where" a lot when it is supposed to be "were"
  2. Critical Mindset
    Critical Mindset
    You pieced together some interesting clues to make your case and it's well put together.

    When you say that the revelation of her df power and that, therefore, devil fruits existed during the Void Century 'went over people's heads' I think you may come across as somewhat of a braggart (you probably didn't mean it that way and it's not like Im here to chide you or anything but rather something to think about) and also since I don't think it's too hard to figure that one out for yourself. What's more interesting, though, regarding the revelation, I think, is why she hasn't told Kinnemom and Kanjuro that they have devil fruits, seeing that they don't know what they are and attribute their powers to ninjutsu or even 'magic'. For some reason she may have not wanted it to be known that she is knowledgeable about devil fruits that or maybe she didn't even realise it was a devil fruit power to begin with, perhaps until Gol D Roger visited the place and explained all about it (which would explain why she used the typical nomenclature for devil fruits when she called it 'time time ability' with the name, hence repeating the name of the ability (time) twice). Perhaps devil fruits were mostly used by the 20 kingdoms and she wouldn't have learned more about devil fruits either if she's lived in Wano where, of course, they seem to know nothing about devil fruits.

    Keep up!
    1. Donal D. Trump
      Author's Response
      Thanks for you review. I can understand why you would think that but I tried to be as detailed as possible in my description and thought process. It is true though that I didn't have seen anybody mention that we got confirmation of the existence during the void century in this chapter whatsoever. Not on this platform or any other. I also wanted to spice it up and make people guess and more interested in what is to come, so it was more stylistic then actual grandstanding but I take your point. (I probably will change it to make it sound less snarky)

      You brought up a very interesting point with the naming of her ability that went over my head. She called it "Toki toki no mi" implying she knows its a devil fruit and how its usually names. I don't see the reason though for Roger educating her about it when she probably knows more about devil fruits than him. Hell, she almost certainly knew Joyboy who pretty much knows everything about the world(all ancient weapons, devil fruits, One Piece).

      That the samurai never explained their devil fruit powers was always a goof for me because their fruits are basically just for comedic purposes but there might be a mystery here that they are not consciously aware of it. Very interesting indeed and I am going to be open about ideas.
  3. TheHeroOfSyrupVillage1030
    Well somebody had already did this thing before with much further explanation and a lot of connections like the One piece and the All Blue . - when there is a big hole like in the ennies lobby, fishes will all be dragged into the middle of the red line then red line along with the Mariejois will be destroyed and at the same time the wolrd map nami is trying to draw will be finished.

    Well, not that I don't disagree with this idea it's just that I've already read it somewhere, KUDOS bruh.
  4. AllEyez
    The red line won't be the first and only continent in One piece universe

    Red line serves it's role as a super continent and a special landmasses at that that is above all others

    Considering there has been and is ice continents(Chinjao) it's highly likely there is continents with mutiple countries in it in the OP world.

    Plus economy wise OP countries already do trading With each other.

    Infact it's likely OP countries border each other and already do road transportation trading.

    I would breakdown the rest, but ur theory rest on Luffy bringing the world its first real continent/ land with mutiple countries(which is not true) and improving economics(which ur description for them is also not true)

    And both those things r either not true or almost practically not true. Due to some facts we know about OP world(like that they have continents outside of Red Line)
  5. RandaAlzifahri
    Good theory, I really like and enjoy to read it. Good job, dude. Keep work on it
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