Speculation Kyoshiro's true identity!

The last big plot twists in Wano will have to do with Kyoshiro!

  1. Yasu is Witchinghour Boy confirmed (ch. 941)

    Finally it was confirmed that Yasu is the Witchinghour Boy, but not only that he was also a Daimo who fought alongside Oden.
    The big question is can he still be the one who leaked the informations?
    The answer is yes!
    We also learned that Yasu regrets 2 things and that want tell something to Orochi!
    One of the things he definetly wants to apologize for is definetly the fact...
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  2. New informations (chapter 940)

    Chapter 940 confirmed that Komurasaki and Kyoshiro tricked and ruined evil criminals.

    Chapter 940 backs also up that the thought about Yasu being the Witchinghour Boy and a spy of Orochi
    • He showed a shady and happy face after he got new informations about the Rebellion.
    • He was ready to sell his daughter, so why not also informations about the Rebellion?
    • His daughter is actually Toko. This could be an explanation how Yasu found out the informations about the card.
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