Speculation Kyoshiro's true identity!

The last big plot twists in Wano will have to do with Kyoshiro!

  1. Nessos
    For me Kyoshiro's true intentions are one of the last great secrets of Wano.
    Very often it seems like he is an evil guy who only cares for himself, but sometimes there are moments which doesn't let him look through and through evil. These moments let me think that he could actually be Denjirou the last of the great allies Kinemon is searching for.

    Lord Oden and the 3 outlaws
    The background story of Oden has shown that Ashura Douji was an outlaw and opponent of Oden before he became his allie.
    We also learned Oden admired the Hyougoro the former head of Wanos underworld.
    And found out that Kawamatsu calls him Boss Hyougoro.
    With which it can be assumed that also Kawamatsu was an outlaw. With Ashura Douji and Kawamatsu being outlaws, it becomes very likely that also Denjirou was once an outlaw.
    We also learned Ashura Douji is now called Shutenmaru and became again an outlaw.
    Denjirou might have been active in the Yakazu already in the past. And that after Oden died he also created a new identity and tried to survive in the new Wano Kingdom under Orochi as the Yakazu leader Kyoshiro.

    Kyoshiro and Komurasaki
    At the banquet in Orochis castle it seemed like Kyoshiro is going to kill Komurasaki. But right before he attacked, He asked her if she is prepared.
    And especially combined with the knowledge that she indeed survived, it seems to be fact that this was a trained act. And now we also learned that Komurasaki is like many already predicted Hiyori, the daughter of Oden and the little sister of Momonosuke.
    In my opinion with the reveal of Komurasaki being Hiyori it became even more likely that Kyoshiro is actually Denjirou. I mean Kyoshiro letting his number whore escaped doesn't make much sense, but Denjirou helping the daughter of the man He once followed does make sense.
    Many thinks Komurasaki and Kyoshiro are still evil, because they ruined old geezer.
    But I think the chance is very high that these old and rich Geezers are actually evil criminals.
    In chapter 940 it was confirmed that the old Geezers Kyoshiro and Komurasaki tricked and ruined were nothing else than evil criminals.
    So I am quite sure that Kyoshiro is Denjirou and that he knows that Komurasaki is Hiyori. But I am not sure if Hiyori knows that Kyoshiro is Denjirou. I think it is very unlikely that Denjirou protected Hiyori from the beginning, I think he found out her identity while she was already a whore and than they started their revenge.

    Did Kyoshiro reveal the symbols of the Rebellion
    If Kyoshiro is indeed Denjirou some might come up with the idea that he is the one who revealed the infos. Especially in the chapter were Orochis man started to hunt down members of the alliance we Kyoshiro with the card in the hand, mentioning that Orochi is angry, because of these cards with a smile in his face.
    But in the end it wouldn't make much sense, if the one who protected Hiyori and helping her to escape is also the one who revealed everything about the alliance. Thats why I would say He is definetly not the betrayer. But who could actuay be the one revealing the symbols of the Rebllion? I would say it is the Witchinghour Boy. The Witchinghour Boy is portrayed to be the Robin Hood of Wano.
    He appears rduing Witchinghour and Brings Money to the poor people of Ebisu Town. Sounds like a good guy, but in the other hand Orochis Ninjas directly knew Robin is not the Witchinghour Boy.
    This have me the feeling they actually know the real Witchinghourboy. So I came up the idea the Witchinghour get payed for informations, this would actually make him a spy of Orochi. And I think the Witchinghour Boy is noone else than Yasu.
    I mean he is a citizen of Ebisu Town, he always carries bag and he was able to pay Zoros Sushi. I think he will definetly betray the alliance and feed Orochi with informations.
    For me chapter 940 backs up the idea of Yasu being the Witchinghour Boy and a spy of Orochi. He showed a shady and happy face after he got new informations.
    And he was even ready to sell his daughter to get money for Ebisu Town.
    I mean a man who sold his daughter for his hometown would also sell informations about a rebellion.

    Another interisting point his daughter is actually Toko. And that it was said that he got Money from her. I doubt Toko has enough money, but I think Yasu gets informations from her like the information about the card.
    Finally it was confirmed that Yasu is the Witchinghour Boy, but not only that he was also a Daimo who fought alongside Oden.
    The big question is can he still be the one who leaked the informations?
    The answer is yes!
    We also learned that Yasu regrets 2 things and that want tell something to Orochi!
    One of the things he definetly wants to apologize for is definetly the fact that he sold his own daughter, who is right now in the way to him.
    But was ist the 2nd thing he he regrets?
    My bet that he didn't trust Tokis prophecy and leaked the informations about the rebellion for money.

    But also interisting is that Orochis fears Yasu!
    So the thing Yasu wants to tell Orochi could have to do something about how he became Shogun.

    Also interisting Zoro, Brook and Hiyori are following Toko! This could end up in Orochi finding Out Komurasaki is still alive, which means it will be revealed soon, if Kyoshiro is Denjirou or not.

    Kyoshiro is actually Denjirou of the 9 Red Scabbards. He found Hiyori and together with her starts to take revenge on evil rich Geezers who supported Orochi 20 years ago. Denjirou helped Hiyori escaoing so that she can searching for her brother. Even if Denjirou is currently working for Orochi he never revealed the symbols of Rebellion. The one who revealed the symbols was Yasu who is actually a spy of Orochi and als known as the Witchinghour Boy.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Oreki
    Though few things are here and there I definitely love this, for reason: like good writing, putting all points together and Kinda small theory plus good at the same time which hard to find. Nice!
  2. Hades
    Good attempt...but I am still skeptical that Kyoshiro is Denjiro not to mention Hiyori said she didn't know where Denjiro was unless she was lying...anyways we might get confirmation on Denjiro part in 3 or more chapters...until then...
    1. Nessos
      Author's Response
      I think Hiyori doesn't know that Kyoshiro is Denjirou. I mean 7 or more years have past before they met again and Hiyori was a little kid.

      Not to mentioned noone realized Tonoyasu was actually Yasuie
  3. Rej
    Although I dont agree I have respect for you collecting all this ties of this topic. Well written and who knows it might have a chance. :)
  4. Xatch
    Idk if its just because I know you and confuse some of our PM's with other theories (but i swear you have posted this before lol) still great job well supported and highly likely

    keep up the great work
  5. Rider
    Bravo nesso I give you 5 stars becouse I always had a special vines about kyoshiro and all this might just be what we knew to confirm it
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