Speculation Komurasaki is NOT hyori. It's a trap!

It's just too dam obvious, and Oda doesn't do that.

  1. SotonskiMuflon
    This is my first theory here and I'll just be brief because it's rather simple.

    Komurasaki is not Hyori, real Hyori is probably dead or imprisoned, and Komurasaki is working for the Yakuza guy (Kyoshiro). He is just pretending not to believe in prophecy, probably to avoid raising panic or maybe he has his own agenda (perhaps he wants to be the next Shogun).
    My point is, that guy is really shady and I really don't believe he is loyal to or honest with Orochi. He insisted he should be the one to kill Komurasaki because that way, he made sure she didn't die.
    He faked killing her, and then sent her on a special mission, to infiltrate the rebel leadership and possibly kidnap momonosuke.

    They are preparing a funeral for her without an actual corpse? And that guy is like "ye I'm the one suffering from her death *while smiling*". That's shady af.

    Why Zoro you ask? Well he is far from being the smartest guy around (and they are probably aware of that), and he is also currently the only one of the Anti Kaido Crew who is completely alone (more people could figure sth is up).

    PS I don't claim that Komurasaki is evil, she may be forced and/or blackmailed into doing this.

    The end.. I guess.

    Comments pls.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Dominonium
    Same thought. We know Oda and it would be too obvious if Komurasaki was really Hyori.
  2. Donal D. Trump
    Donal D. Trump
    Seriously, don't listen to the comments. No idea what their problem is wrapping their head around a possible plot twist.
  3. RandaAlzifahri
    All people know is only a myth of return of Oden's family revenge. They didnt know exactly about Momo like what Komurasaki said. Also, Zoro is indeed dumb at direction, but he is not stupid, he is smart enough in battle and often find if there was something strangr or could sense a move of enemy
  4. Tony Stark
    Tony Stark
    Yaa i had same thought , kumorasaki is working for kyoshiro he wants to be shogun .
  5. MadGenius
    Your theory is debunked after Ch 928 released.

    Such a waste......
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