Theory Journey to Uranus :Winged Race

4th Ancient Weapon -Devil fruits origins & Secret of Yami Yami no mi

  1. Dave
    Well hello there I m back with another theory this is 1st part of 3 part series featuring winged race ,devil fruits origins and Uranus
    Part 2 - How to make a devil fruit ?
    Part 3-Fate of Uranus
    this also reference to my other theory
    Fairies Of One Piece
    if u haven’t checked it plz do .Now lets being :)

    Skypieans, Shandorians, and Birkans, or as we know them winged race arrived of earth in about 1000yrs before As their resources on moon were depleted Now these 3 Clans like any other normal society had different purposes
    Skypieans :
    Skypieans were the scientific field as we can see even from their present day work they are proficient in Dial technology which I believe was also there invention

    They were proficient architects and warriors as u can see the similarities between building and structures of shandia and brika on moon
    7khj.jpg 31.jpg

    They were Administrators of brika [moon] always containing a God (the leader) ,priest (aide to God and advisor) and monks serving them ,the presence of God as the leader was seen modern day brika (before destroyed by enel ) and skypiea as gan fal and village of both old shandia and modern day shandia had a presence of chief priest as their leader ,
    Shandia_Chief_1_Portrait.png Gan_Fall_Eight_Years_Ago.png
    Monks of brika also practicing Mantra [or observation haki as we know it ] as a result the modern day brika also used it as evident from enel and his followers from brika were capable of mantra unlike skypiea and shandia who don’t know a thing about it
    Now as we can see every clan of winged race inherited their core function in current time also
    Shandia –architects and warriors
    Brika -the monks and Haki users
    Skypiea – dial technology

    Now these have inspirations from 3 different civilizations as also mentioned by @MasterD in his theory 1,2, 3..ANCIENT KINGDOM THEORY TT

    Shandia - by Native Americans
    Skypiean by the Incas.
    Birkan was inspired by the Aztecs.

    The winged race is also may be inspired from popular Anime Dragonball as they share many parallels with namek and namekians

    People from alien race arrive on earth
    KamiSpaceShip.png 36.jpg

    Stay on a place above sky
    c4cd63b62bb89a2a5ea8b2663772a363.jpg Arrival_at_Angel_Island.png

    Role as God
    Gan_Fall_Eight_Years_Ago.png 2876051-dragonball_z_kami_by_princevegeta051_d4oiytq.png

    Similar to God [leader] in skypiea by gan fall and Kami ( Kami-sama; lit. "God," "deity," or "divine being") was the Guardian of the Earth. Throughout a majority of the story, the character known as Kami on Earth is a wise Namekian who no longer even remembers his real name.

    Ki and mantra
    Sensing ki the energy: all namekians can naturally sense Ki and also God ki, unlike sayians like goku ,gohan etc …goku was trained in it by kami and gohan by piccolo
    A_Kami_5.jpg e7e135d5cbbc11a9913b8d4a13cfa46a.jpg

    This is similar to observation haki (to be precise mantra ) in one piece verse was originally developed by winged race which evident by the fact they use CoO but are ignorant from others forms of haki .

    Dragonball and devil fruits:
    Namekians developed magical wish granting balls later known later as dragonballs
    1114015-dragon.jpg af556653839b07602c328b0d4ef4613b7a1e64e7de4e8c638312dce1241f0473.jpg
    Similarly winged races are creators of devil fruits which leads us to next section of theory

    Devil fruits Origins
    As we know all Ancient weapons names are derived from Greek gods
    Uranus –Sky God, pluton –underworld and Poseidon –god of sea but one thing we must understand None of above were initially intended as weapons of destruction although they given those names given the result of war which end with void century.

    Keeping that in mind I give you 4th ancient weapon Gaia ,Now lets go to flashback a little into story were Noland and calgara met were most of village was affected by a mysterious disease
    which later revealed by Noland caused by Tree rush disease which uses plants as medium and kills both people and trees in process .
    Daft_greens.png 5kl.jpg Tree_Fever_Infobox.png
    A case similar to it was used in movie strong world were daft green a tree that infected the villagers with almost identical symptoms to tree rush and villages there were also of winged race
    Daft_Green_Infobox.png Rusukaina_Daft_Green.png Ever_Anime_Infobox.png
    Now back to flashback the forest were the tree rush virus spread was called as forest of embodiment were its said that soul of ancestors of shandia resides

    Now taking this information as base we can assume winged race on moon also had similar forest or tree to be safe which represent the embodiment of their ancestors which was ‘Gaia'

    why a tree ?
    History of trees in one piece is filled with magnificent trees like

    Adam –thor’s oak

    Eve –scared groves
    Tree of knowledge ohara
    And final Tree of life Gaia
    Who was Gaia?
    Now due special environment of moon and availability of a special substance similar to SAD (chemical used by ceaser to create artificial devil fruit) this tree was able to create devil fruits.

    Winged race who worshiped this tree it’s fruits as a way to bring life to inmate objects like automata as evident from examples like
    Lasso-one piece.jpg
    And funkfreed etc ….
    More on this in 2nd part ;)

    Fall of gaia

    Although gaia the scared tree was blessing them devil fruits but it also took something in return which was resources of moon as u can see its evident the surface of moon is barren no sign of plants or water etc…

    even space pirates were salvaging for resources when enel reached,

    15.jpg 36.jpg
    due this winged race had to leave for earth , and tree of life gaia died which resulted in creation of a final devil fruit

    Secret of yami yami no mi

    The Yami Yami no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create and control darkness at will, making the user a Darkness Human ,
    Yami yami no mi was final devil fruit from gaia which was produced after the tree died


    it is written that Gaia was born from Chaos, the great void of emptiness within the universe ,along with Erebus was known as the embodiment of primordial darkness, the son of Chaos
    I believe bcoz yami yami no mi was final fruit it granted the user control over all devil fruits hence making it the ultimate devil fruit

    credits for beautiful cover @Ethan
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Recent Reviews

  1. Wai
    WOW! How did I miss this masterpiece! Awesome theory Dave, I'll be sure to check out the sequel theories too.
  2. monkey_d.luffy
    That a very good theory!
    Very well explained!
    One of the few theories with actual satisfying proof!
  3. Arcana
    Nicce Awesome theory I enjoyed it :)
    Enryu is cool lel
    I dont like him in the Moon
    Its weird lel
  4. AdvancedLuffy
    Wonderful theory Dave. But I have a question, if the final devil fruit was created after the winged people left Moon, how come it is on Earth now?
  5. Rej
    Awesome theory! I also speculated ona 4th ancient weapon after watching becks current theories about Momonosuke. I made a great theory about Joy Boy including 4 ancient weapons.
    Now I think your theory is flawless, but what if Momonosuke is Gaia?
    He is born from Chaos, what if this "Chaos" means the current pirate era, especially involving the climax of the Roger wars or the upcomming Kaido war, in symbolic means.
    Momonosukes full fourth ancient weapon power will be born in the war against Kaido.
    Why noone ever knew about the 4th ancient weapon? Because I think Wano protected it to the fullest. The possible destruction of Wano in the Kaido war, might reveal Momonosuke the fourth ancient weapon, Gaia, to the world. Just some thoughs :o
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