Theory Journey to Uranus 3 : Celestial War and Lineage of Vegapunk

technology of moon race ,lineage of vegapunk ,hidden moon race

  1. Dave
    So hi this is 3rd part of my journey to Uranus theory as this is direct continuation to 1st two parts I recommend plz read them if u haven’t

    Journey to Uranus :Winged Race

    Journey to Uranus 2 : Devil Fruit

    Summary to 1st two parts
    • Winged race had a divine tree called gaia which they worshipped and gaia gave them devil fruits ,
    • In return to giving devil fruits gaia consumed the resources of moon hence winged race had no choices but to leave
    • When gaia died it gave birth to yami yami no mi
    • A rare element was found in moon which responsible for devil fruits SAD is a incomplete re-creation of that
    Dial – Technology
    As u know by now Gaia was sucking resources of moon dry in order to cope with it winged race came up dial technology which is parallels to renewable energy to of real world applications
    As we know dial tech can be used multiple times and has number of applications like
    Dials are basically shells from exoskeleton from remains of sea and water animals
    They were recycled to use as different dials similar to den den mushi on earth
    p.txtj.jpg p.txtk.jpg
    Winged race managed to survive using dial even due to lack resources, but still dial were never meant used as weapons which leads to next part

    Threat to Gaia :
    As always if u have something valuable other people will want it making it the cause for war whether it be food ,money, resources etc…
    Similar to how skypeiains drove out shandians ,Similarly a tree which produces devil fruits was much valuable to outsiders became a cause for war of winged race and other moon races (u know there are 6 moons in one piece well that’s a lie to be continued later …:p )
    Biggest threat to gaia was existence of space pirates , with planet which was already dealing with lack of resources the constant guerrilla attacks of pirates

    Rise of machines:
    Even thou dials are simple and good tech the are not advanced tech so what lead to vast scientific advancement of moon races
    4th moon race: although not on rare species list and no appearance in anime there exists a clan of scientists with intellect far beyond normal humans.As evident from different clans/community in one piece there are people dedicated and specialized in particular fields like
    Clan of doctors –Drum kingdom
    Clan of archaeologists –orhara
    Clan of shipwrights –water 7
    Clan of stonemasons –kozuki clan
    Similarly a clan of scientists – the long faced clan {detailed on them later}
    These individuals were dedicated scientists and were responsible for creations of automata ,and dial related weaponry on moon
    As u can see from above automatas are all dressed as army clothes symbolizing they were made as a artificial army for winged race now normal automatas are like tin cans against ones having dial based weapons
    So the automatas were modified in order to counter spaces pirates by giving devil fruits, similar to real world were armies were divided into 3 parts navy ,army and airforce .the automata army was divided into logia,paramecia and zoans ,
    As u can see from the object above have same a curly patterns as devil fruits do and as we know devil fruits are also able bring inanimate objects to life Like
    a power source to power automata who are charged by electricity was the goro goro no mi devil fruit of enel
    Toys_Infobox.png 36.jpg
    The automata were not just tools for war they were also part of daily lives of winged races foreshadow to this would be dressrosa were people and toys {in-animated objects } lived together in peace ,that’s main reason why they were so sad while leaving them behind on moon

    Invention of Uranus
    Although dials were convenient in daily lives they weren’t enough to maintain a planet without any climate changes so by the collaborations of winged race’s dial tech and intellect of long faced race Uranus was created as the ultimate dial it served to create artificial climate changes like rain ,clouds and atmosphere

    the highest mountain on the karakuri island has two giant bolts (much like Dr. Frankenstein's monster had on its neck). The bolts were a weather-controlling creation of Doctor Vegapunk, but failed to work.
    Karakuri_Island.png 14cz.jpg
    As I have mentioned in my theory Ancient weapon Uranus
    So Uranus is Weapon which can manipulate weather on a larger scale capable of producing stroms and and huge lighting much much larger scale then wat big mom and nami are capable able [detail in next part and shut up @Lothar1399 jiji (¬‿¬)]

    Origins of vegapunk
    Most of Us think vegapunk is single genius who is responsible for all scientific development of marines and world govt will its true that he is genius but he doesn’t do everything alone
    maxresdefaultsa.jpg Vegapunk_Dismisses_Caesar.png
    If u haven’t figured out yet yes vegapunk belongs to long faced clan and also a part of Moon race ,Why do you think oda is keep just his face hidden? While rest of his body is shown in bits
    The World Govt believes that vegapunk research is hundreds years ahead of its time well it’ll appear so bcoz earth is still in its primitive stage in terms of technology compared to moon races which had automata long long I mean like 1000years ago and earthlings knew abt it via vegapunk who re-created them as pacifista
    17.jpg Sentomaru_Arrives_with_an_Army_of_Pacifista_at_Marineford-810x456.png
    Again they have flying ships (blue prints to which franky found in vegapunk’s basement lab) robots, imagine star wars level technology

    While world govt still believes in geocentric world theory
    heliocentric-vs-geocentric-models-7-638.jpg heliocentric-vs-geocentric-models-20-638.jpg heliocentric-vs-geocentric-models-22-638.jpg the_solar_system.jpg Clan_Ohara-1-1-810x456.jpg
    Shout out to @Narya Anima who didn’t get enough credit for his initial idea of a geocentric model .Its basically not possible earth has 6 or 7 moon in one piece bcoz view for night sky with more then 1 moon will be like this
    Earth’s Moon in one piece serves as an airport from there u can easily come to earth while the other moons are actually different planets from which different races like ,giants ,long arm ,long neck ,long legs and minks etc…belong ,earth is common place for refuge for these alien races
    15.jpg 21.jpg
    Now back to vegapunk {God I got side tracked sorry } So I believe vegapunk has all knowledge passed on by this ancestor or to be precise his grand pa Dr tsukimi
    similar to zou,elbaf skypiea were moon races reside are isolated from main world karakuri island were vegapunk belonged to
    Similar to zou ,elbaf skypeia karakuri island was home for long faced clan until judge vinsmoke showed up ya dats right
    5.jpg 6u.jpg
    Judge was working with vegapunk with group of scientists on research on linage theory when world govt found this they ceased this research and royal member of world govt sold out his colleagues vegapunk and team

    13fdsf.jpg 14cz.jpg
    Vegapunk who is described by people of his homeland as kind and humane person why will he work for world govt and create weapons like pacifista
    I’ll give u two cases and one reason “Nakama
    Case 1- isshi 20 under pressure of wapol the king 20 elite doctors in-order to survive and continue there research

    Case 2- Bonney and her crew was captured by akainu and now why bonney is roaming free wearing trademark world govt hat ? [detailed theory for another day ]

    bonney.jpg CP5_Infobox.png Jewelry_Bonney_Anime_Post_Timeskip_Infobox.png
    Moral of story :bcoz of judge vinsmoke vegapunk and his team are now under mercy of world

    Now in world of One piece inherited will is a big thing now will mostly represents the legacy of a person carried on after his/her death

    • Roger-shanks-luffy
    • Hilluk-kureha-chopper
    • Tom –Icebrug-franky
    • Ace-sabo-luffy
    In most case there are two inheritors of will one is higher/stronger position next is chasing after his/her dream like Shanks and luffy both of them inherited will of roger along with strawhats , luffy in-order to surpass shanks is trying become to pirate king

    Similarly iceberg and franky both inherited will of there master Tom ,while iceburg is mayor of water 7 and still protecting legacy of his master ,franky is trying surpass his master in his own way

    So vegapunk here has inherited will of Dr tsukimi and ,Who is chasing vegapunk to become best scientist in world? ceaser clown although I hate him A LOT:shifty: I believe he is a clear candidate for strawhats nakama bcoz of this
    18.jpg Vegapunk_Dismisses_Caesar.png
    Next Final part : journey to Uranus :Elbaf


    1. Lasso-one piece.jpg
    2. Lasso-one piece.jpg
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    5. Zou_Zou_no_Mi_Infobox.png
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  1. AdvancedLuffy
    Really wonderful theory.

    Earlier I never used to believe that Ceaser is gonna join Strawhats crew, but you may have a point there, 'Inherited Will'.
  2. NikyuTai
    All of these theories have been phenomenal! Great work and research. You made some great points with the world trees, the moon, and especially the inherited wills.

    I never would have thought of Vegapunk as being related to the scientists working on the moon years ago, and Caesar Clown inheriting that will. I'm excited to see all of these things play out in one way or another!

    You've definitely brought up some points I hadn't even thought of, and makes me want to go back through and pay closer attention to the title pages! Thanks so much! I'm stoked for your next one!!
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx mate ^^
  3. (deleted member)
    Ah I am sorry missed the alerts really sorry ;-; well written theory u explanation with connection is good . Keep up the good work ^^
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      hahaha its ok glad u liked it ^^
  4. kingdoffy
    just read all your 'journey to uranus' theories.
    very outstanding work; very well presented & constructed so they are easy to read.

    love a little reference of Caesar at the end.. because I'm the minority who like 'my G' - Gangster Gastino for nakama. haha

    better be subscribed to your next theories then.. (please tag me if you don't mind)

    thanks for the awesome work, can't wait for Elbaf edition.
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx Kingdoffy and sure i'll tag ya :D
  5. Spoiler Alert
    Spoiler Alert
    Loved the theory especially the parts of roles that each clan have :)
    Also loved the part with parallels between dial technology and renewable energy :)
    All in all loved the theory :)
    And screw Ceasar we don't need him as nakama!!!
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx mate ya we dont need ceaser i want reiju instead (¬‿¬ )
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