Theory Journey to Uranus 2 : Devil Fruit

Mystery of Devil fruits ,SAD and Devil fruits VS Seastone

  1. Dave
    Hello guys this is 2nd part of my theory Journey to Uranus if u haven’t read it please do coz this theory is direct continuation from 1st part ]
    Journey to Uranus :Winged Race

    [Note: this theory is dedicated to @Cyrenz98 who forced me to write when I was like this
    Now as this theory is gonna be long I recommended some music along with lets begin]
    In the last theory I mentioned about Devil fruit tree Gaia which was worshiped by winged race as scared tree were souls of their ancestors reside this tree due to special environment of moon was able to produce magical fruits which are now know to us as devil fruits

    How is this possible? Can we create artificial devil fruits? I’ll try answering these in this theory.
    So after 1st journey to Uranus: winged race this question was asked by my friend @Josh how can devil fruits are create for Modern stuff like candy, biscuits etc… I started banging my head against wall for few days here the answer

    Kalpa Tree ‘Kalpavriksha’: The Sacred Wishing Tree Has Been Object Of Adornment And Worship Since Ancient Times in India

    Now why is this tree important to us ?
    In 1st part of theory I explained how various trees in one piece are important like tree of knowledge, Adam and Eve etc.. Gaia as the tree of life as u can see from above Kalpa tree is carries a parallel mythology from gaia as the tree of life

    Now how a tree fulfill can wishes? that kinda stuff doesn’t happen in One piece ,How can this tree produce such ridiculous fruits Answer to this Voice of all things [VOAT] well this is still a mystery among the fan base
    In my opinion VOAT can be regarded as a highly upgraded version of observation haki ,normal observation haki
    Again a parallelism to Hinduism after kalpa tree
    Now according to gan fall every person’s body emits a voice hearing to which can help u predict there attacks
    every object living or non living emits a voice or breath as defined by zoro in his little encounter with it, during his fight with daz in arabasta
    p.txt.jpg p.txt1.jpg
    The ground ,the stones, the leaf and steel etc…everything which exists in the world unique voice/breath this call also be defined as spirit or soul or an object [living or non living] even poneglyphs which roger read was via his VOAT ,Now from above statement we can say that VOAT includes all everything that exists living and non living

    Now normally I’d call bullshit on soul theories given recent whole cake island which is full of souls and stuff
    Is it possible the Gaia was actually able to absorb Voice/breath of all things? Given also the scared beliefs of winged abt forest of embodiment and that souls of their ancestors reside there
    Lets assume that its true that Gaia was able to absorb VOAT what will happen then normally plants take Carbon dioxide , sunlight and water etc… and give us fruits ,so Gaia also took VOAT and created devil fruits ?
    So in my opinion Gaia was able to absorb VOAT and because each object living or non living gives a unique voice like it has a soul of its own ,Gaia was able to produce unique devil fruits

    if so then it explains why there is only one devil fruit for one ability bcoz of linage factor or in common terms DNA in this world there are no two living thing with similar DNA dats why no two fruits even from same tree are same hence there are no two devil fruits with same abilities

    now when a devil fruit user dies its voice/breath/soul transfers to the nearest fruit and get re-created or reborn
    now its safe to say like all living beings plants also evolve with time so have devil fruits acquiring more higher and more powerful forms

    Leading to creations variations in devil fruits like

    magu magu no mi (akainu) >>>> mera mera no mi (Ace & Sabo) [logia]
    Ton Ton no mi >>>> kilo kilo no mi [paramecia ]
    Hito hito no mi (sengoku) >>>hito hito no mi (chopper)[zoan]
    thong-tin-ve-hito-hito-no-mi-dai.jpg Hito_Hito_no_Mi.png
    VOAT all include souls of living beings that’s why there are also fruits which are based on a personal level not related to any object like memo memo no mi memory manipulation (purin) , hobby hobby (sugar) ,revive revive fruit (brook ) ,mane mane no mi – copy fruit (bon clay ) ope ope no mi –operation fruit (law ) and age age furit (Jewellery bonney ) now u can see above fruits are not bound to any object like stone (pica) or fire/flames (sabo/ace ) they are more like wishes by a person like I wish I could wipe that guys memory , or I wish I could erase from existence, I wish I could be best surgeon in world ,I wish I could be forever young (shout out to gorosei :kappa: )

    So all in all I come to conclusion by absorbing VOAT Gaia essentially became the wishing tree hence providing every possible devil fruits one can imagine ;)

    How to prepare a Artificial devil fruit ?
    Now coming to how to prepare a Artificial devil fruit, Now as I have mentioned in previous and this one due to special environment of moon Gaia was able to create devil fruits from this point onward we shall call it element X
    Now ceaser invented a cocktail of liquid which is able to create devil fruits which is S.A.D ,Now so far ceaser and vegapunk both have produced only zoan based devil fruits like Momo’s dragon fruit or smiles why

    This is mainly due to few reasons
    1. They are unable to create a tree like Gaia which can absorb VOAT ,hence no more wishing trees and create Logia and paramecia types
    2. Unable to create Element X ,as I said element x was exclusive to moon’s and like sunlight ,water it was also essential for growth of Gaia
    3. Ceaser was however able to replicate a substance closer to element X which is now a part of SAD ,due to SAD being not a complete portion smile users have incomplete transformations unlike regular zoans

    So what else is mixed in SAD ?

    Answer is Fossil Fuel
    Yes SAD is an mixture of fossil fuel and element X making it a biochemical manure to for a trees to produce devil fruits

    So what exactly is role of element X ?
    Element X helps to bind the element/abilities by VOAT to the linage factor so without element X its impossible to create devil fruits

    Similarly in case smiles or artificial devil fruits it links the DNA of various animals inside fossil fuel to the fruits
    As u can see in smile factory of dressrosa the SAD is given to plants like manure
    However vegapunk being the genius he has found a way incorporate some abilities of devil fruits into pacifista like kizaru’s laser
    and so has judge vinsmoke incorporated into is children hence forth giving them abilities of a devil fruit user How ?

    so both judge and vegapunk worked on the project together and solved the mysteries of devil fruit by discovering blue prints of life AKA the DNA next step in this process was
    1. Genetic engineering
    2. And cloning
    Which Modern the day world is also experiencing
    Genetic engineering
    By use of genetic engineering vegapunk included kizaru’s laser inside pacifista, similarly judge created the hardened exoskeletons from insect DNA, and may have incorporated some other abilities which we’re yet to see
    4.jpg 6.jpg
    If u don’t know it by now germa’s clone lab is filled with clones :Kappa:
    Devil fruits Vs sea stone
    So this long discussion on devil fruits we come to its weakness why are devil fruit user weakened by seastone ?When a person eats a DF his body synchronizes with abilities of DF Hence forth combing abilities devil fruit with body of user

    and as I mentioned before Element X helps bind/combine the ability of devil fruit to the DNA/linage factor of the user

    Now sea water contains a chemical called Pyrobloin which is produced by volancanic activity from ashes which are mixed with sea water
    p.txt (2).jpg
    It is stated by Pagaya that Seastone contains a compound known as Pyrobloin which when separated from Seastone can help to create Island Clouds or Sea Clouds

    Pyrobloin is a element which is polar opposite of element X which is why it cancels element X like + and - do each other so when a DF user falls in sea water the link between Devil fruit and its user is cancelled leading to a temporary state of paralysis and as we know devil fruit abilities do not disappear under water and body of user is also not harmed by sea water just bond between DF and its user is severed
    Journey to Uranus 3 : Celestial War and Lineage of Vegapunk

    credits for beautiful @Sanzen sama :cigar:
    thanx for reading till end :>if u want to be tagged let me know :yaaa:

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  1. AdvancedLuffy
    Wonderful theory. The way you have presented the theory is really amazing. Easy to understand and to think ahead what you are coming at.
  2. Salah Eddine
    Salah Eddine
    Many interesting ideas !!
    Keep up the good work x)
    1. Dave
  3. Vlad D. Implaer
    Vlad D. Implaer
    Nice of @Cyrenz98 to force you. Damn gud theory, finely comprehensive
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx uphaar ^^
  4. Cyrenz98
    I've waited for this! I can see it happening. The evolution of DF's is very well explained. Gaia absorbing VOAT and SAD explanation is truely amazing and unique. You never disappointed me! :D I'll wait and force you again for part 3 xD
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx and wat again ;-;
  5. God_Maggi
    Really good theory. Great job Dave1.
    Even though the cat really distracted me. I'm waiting for the next part.
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx dave2 dats not cat its me (¬‿¬)
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