Speculation It's not Momonosuke x Tama...it's actually MOMONOSUKE x TOKO!!!

What furthermore we're expecting from the Wano arc!

  1. Rej
    What is this theory about? I think the fanpicture above is ultimate fiction! Alot of fans are speculating about how Momonosuke x Tama would work. But I think with the recent reveals we can find a way to debunk that thesis. Not ultimatively but well...


    Toko from now on is known as a daughter of a Daimyo too, and she shares the same fate as Momonosuke...her father has been executed. Parallels are known for bringing characters together and well....there we also have Hiyori who is the perfect dot to connect both.

    So this justifies that Momonosuke x Toko is more likely than Momonosuke x Tama.

    Now you might ask yourself if Momo ends up with Toko, then what will be poor Tama's fate? I think she might join the Strawhat Pirate's and be a novice under Luffy and Zoro. I am honest, I don't know how to reason and justify a cabineboy/girl at the age of 8, but maybe the outcomes of the Wano events will be more terrible than we might expect, even because kids are suffering heavily in Wano right now.

    Momonosuke x Toko is more likely than Momonosuke x Tama
    Tama is likely to become Nakama.

Recent Reviews

  1. Joaquin Sablada
    Joaquin Sablada
    Good theory but I think Tama x Toko is better
    1. Rej
      Author's Response
      lul!, thank you alot bro <3
  2. FelliTraydor
    Solid, just one mistake, Tama will be under Nami for Ninja education instead of Zoro.
    1. Rej
      Author's Response
      How could I forget this...Nami is fitting the bill perfectly! Great thought, also because Nami is maybe learning some irrelevant and maybe also some relevant stuff from Shinobu.

      Thank you for the review and have a nice day dude, rly! :*
  3. Nessos
    934 already hints Tama X Momo.
    She will stay at Home waiting for her beloved Momo to come home^^
    1. Rej
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review :) but I think there is not hint for Tama x Momo in the current story.
  4. Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose
    Quote: Tama is likely to become Nakama.

    Amazine theory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Rej
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much <3 I just tried to give a new perspective and a new argumentation for the fellow nakama :)
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