Theory It was actually profitable for the mink tribe's emperors to fight each other. - A "what if"-theory!

A really deep take on Inuarashi vs Nekomamushi vs Jack! + some Oden thoughts!

  1. Rej

    So welcome guys this will be a quick one but a really deep one imho. I dont know if there is any kind of theory like this so I decided to just make one for fun and for the count. This one is about the in-depth dynamic of the fight Inuarashi and Nekomamushi vs Jack. We learn above about the system and how this evolved, talking bout the system of two dukes ruling over a kingdom in a kind of day and night shift. Also Sicilian says that this effect applied to the whole civilization and that this is affecting their combat situations aswell. Beautifully written as this foreshadowed the fight between both dukes and Jack which lasted over 5 days.


    So Jack was entitled a "monster" several times during this chapter and I believe this is due to his endurance. He showcased fighting on some fictive "king-level" over days, and by now we know a single duke is monstrous, comparing him to the levels of Jack, Shutenmaru. Again Oda proved that only "dirty trick" would allow to break this created "defense" by the minks.
    The theory itself is simple: What if both wouldn't had fougth each other over the past 20 years?

    The answer is simple: They would have shot out their powers on the first day and probably Jack would have broken this defense. Zou would be dead or conquered and this would not be an arriving point for the strawhats. History would have been destroyed as stated by Inuarashi during the fight with Jack, relatively at the start of the fight.

    Again if we look closely at Oden-sama, he was a man who changed people, we can see it with Shutenmaru/Ashura Douji, who seemingly changed in the past 20 years after Odens death. He evolved some kind of mentality and I believe this can be the case for other people that followed Oden and got inspired by him and his mentality. Oda lays down a common thread revolving around Oden and how influencal he was on the current time-line. A prove is this scenario I explained. Oden passed away and both Dog and Cat were fighting until a danger appeared, they only were able to hold this fight because of their "naturally" developed combat style, I mean this day-night-tag-team-thing going on.

    On the other side Oda shows us how beautifully two opposite thinking indivudals can complete each other and this completion is making each other grow together. I think this mentality can be applied in other future situations, especially within characters that were conflicted with Oden, hence in Wano or it is possible that Luffy will carry on a similair shematic in future.

    Just rought speculation in the end, but this was my theory lol. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose
    Good theory Rej and explanation on what would happen if they broken the system they set up, early on. It is effective method and works. Always like opposite ideas.

    Also this prob be used within sh crew later on, as People are mention sh need night shift. So rest can get there sleep etc.
  2. AName
    original and weird idea, but not a bad one. We'll never know what would have happened if they both fought jack at the same time, maybe jack would have simply used the poison earlier...maybe fighting at different times of the day just delayed the inevitable. about the consideration concerning two opposite thinking individuals that can complete each other, I think this is why people miss so damn much East Blue saga, where Zoro and Sanji, Luffy, Usopp and Nami were indeed fully characterized and not stereotypes yet... where we used to discover new side of their different personalities chapter by chapter... ok nostalgia is hitting hard now. Sorry for the digression, just wanted to say that Oda's been doing this opposite complete each other from the start, if you think about it in a broader way. anyway, I Loved reading this theory, please don't stop!
    1. Rej
      Author's Response
      Oh sorry I really forgot about this review.
      Your review means much to me it inspires me to try off new things,, especially this deep takes and analysing scenes from a different perspective. Also I always hope to learn more from Oda! Thank you much, I won't sop, but maybe one day I will be out of ressources and I will need my breaks haha. <3
      Have a nice day man! =)
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