Theory Implication of Big mom eating the weeding cake

The implications of big mom eating the wedding cake and her crew as well as her territory

  1. thabo Motaung
    The implications of big mom eating the wedding cake and her crew as well as her territory.

    We all know that big mom when she craves for something that she rages and destroys without any regard until she gets what she is craving. Jimbe confirm this as well as other big mom pirates.

    2. big mom rags on.jpg

    So currently big Mom is on rage mode because she did not eat the wedding cake that was destroyed by the straw hats in the tea party. So big mom in the flash back was introduced to Selma a cake which she did not know anything about until coming to Elbaf this is proved by the fact that they explained to her what it is for the festival.

    1. big mom Selma histro.jpg

    After eating the Selma she craves for it and can’t hold out for the rest of the days that are needed for the festival to conclude.

    3. eats selma for the first time.jpg

    After which she destroys a Giants town because she needs her Selma, the one thing that can satisfy her craving.

    4. craves selma destoys a town.jpg

    So what I am saying or confirming here is that big mom will eat the cake and be forever be hooked on to it and the big mom pirates will never be able to provide for it every time. Sanji says that he will show people the true essence of sweetness meaning it’s his recipe and only he can make it hence the need to do it himself and not with the help of the other chefs (as it were implementing his secret plan the sim sim whip cream) think that has got more to do with the 99 okama recipes or training that he went to for him to produce such a dish (i.e. like the dish of aggression on known in the kambaka kingdom)

    6. whipped cream sim sim swap.png

    The other thing which is very important is that the big mom pirates stole the ingredience of this cake from other islands, that poses a big risk as they are not indigenous to totland as if they were there would be no need to steal them. Hence the islands they stole from were probably not in their control/territory.

    5. illustious ingridiences.jpg

    So what has all of this got to do with eating the cake or danger of eating it, well it’s that sanji won’t be there to make his whip cream when it eventually happens that big mom wants the wedding cake that Strussen made, which in reality sanji, Chifton and Pudding made. So the two requirements of making the cake will be gone namely Chiffon will be leaving with bege and sanji will be leaving with the straw hats. As you can see the implications are that they can’t make the same cake even if they have the ingredient, which can be doubtful as they were struggling with money as in fish man island Tamago says to big mom” they are in need of funds as Kid sank their two of their ships “and those islands can get protection from others Yonkos making acquiring the ingredient difficult if not impossible. Maybe you might believe that they will get the other chefs that Sanji has taught or Pudding to help make it in future but with the time or deadline looming I doubt he would have had time for that everyone was focused on their tasks given to them by Sanji.

    To conclude:

    1. big mom will get addicted to taste of wedding cake

    2. big mom will go on rages wanting the cake

    3. the ingridience will be harder to source after whole tea party incidence

    4. the necessity chefs to bake another cake won’t be always be available

    5. big mom will destroy her own territory basically bring her own crew down


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Recent Reviews

  1. paulmanton
    perfect theory. Totland will suffer the same fate as the island Linlin was on as a kid.
    1. thabo Motaung
      Author's Response
      yeah you are right. i really thinks so too. thanks for the review
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