Speculation Im is not your typical main villain

Im might be something different

  1. Seventy
    Do you remember Klabautermann? ,,is said to be a water spirit (or fairy) that dwells on ships and is basically an incarnation of a ship that has been well cared for. It is a merry and diligent creature that is said to warn sailors when a ship's in danger and help in bigger ways sometimes.''

    In other words, the embodiment of ship, in that case, Going Merry.
    So, what this has any to do with Im?

    I beleve, that Im is embodiment of goverment or throne or something else connected to Void Century. I think, that he will don't fight with anyone, but rather he will be defeated with some unconventional way. Do you remember Tom Riddle from second Harry Potter movie?


    Maybe Im will be kill when throne will be destroyed? That would explain, why nobody can sit on it.

    PS.:Sorry for bad english :/

Recent Reviews

  1. demiurge
    so im might be a Tulpa a tulpa is a concept in mysticism and the paranormal of a being or object which is created through spiritual or mental powers. It was adapted by 20th century theosophists from Tibetan sprul-pa (Tibetan: སྤྲུལ་པ་, Wylie: sprulpa) which means "emanation" or "manifestation" Modern practitioners use the term to refer to a type of willed imaginary friend which practitioners consider to be sentient and relatively autonomous
  2. aptop6
    "nobody can't sit on it" means that everybody can sit on it.. a very unique idea...
  3. Buggy D. Clown
    Buggy D. Clown
    Very interesting and unique theory! I like the parallels you used with Harry Potter's Tom Riddle and the Klabautermann from earlier in the One Piece series.

    I would love to see where this would go in the future.

    Small suggestion: While reading this, I was curious if this was the embodiment of the giant straw hat we saw in the Holyland or something to do with that as well.

    Overall, good, albiet short, theory and there's nothing wrong with that!

    I look forward to hearing more from you in the future!
  4. Donal D. Trump
    Donal D. Trump
    I came around to the idea because it actually fits the theme of the "night" quite well. The absence of light(D=Dawn; life giver) is symbolized by someone without life. This goes beyond Imu simply being immortal but might be actually what the opi opi no mi does to you. Though what I can critique and I would give you less * if you wouldn't be a newcomer is the lack of evidence. It is just the idea in general without the ramifications for the story or if its even plausible to begin with. The theory is thematically actually quite fitting so you should probably share more of your mind to improve the experience.
    1. Seventy
      Author's Response
      Just a shower thought.

      I also think, that I should describe it more accurately, but I didn't have time. Maybe later I write something more
  5. Critical Mindset
    Critical Mindset
    Such an original thought and a really interesting one at that. It's sounds crazy enough to be true. Keep up!
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