Theory How to make a poneglyph

Poneglyph, haki, black sword

  1. Sakkeru
    Yes, I do hope to see a huge portion of Wano talking about blacksmiths and now that we have this discussion of Haki-infused blades, it is a good connection. My only criticism is that there has also been talk of "liquor iron ore" in Dressrosa with regard to weapon trade etc, and I would guess that this was not mentioned meaninglessly.
  2. RevolutionaryOfThe6Paths
    Yeah i'm of the same opinion...i thought about it yesterday and it makes a lot of sense
  3. LSM
    This is really interesting! I was wandering, do you think that the red poneglyphs could be infused with conquerer haki? I don't usually follow the anime but I think conquerer haki clashing with other conquerer haki is usually red. Maybe I'm overthinking it. Great theory!
    1. TheFrenchNewbie
      Author's Response
      It totally could, I've thought about it but didn't write it wanting to keep this theory short. The conqueror's haki could either be from the king of allied nation like the shogun of wano, the king of fishman island, the king of elbaf and the king of the shandia. Since they are the only one being portrayed as AK allies or with the same sort of mind (shandia, and elbaf). Or from the AK king.
  4. Sandman
    Interesting idea, i think it could happen and we'll see soon enough
  5. flappy
    Bienvenu. The link is very interesting and could indeed be true. If this is true it could even be made out of ordinary stone.
  6. aptop6
    Quite a interesting take it might be possible ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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