Theory Germa Double Agents - Betraying Oda's Intentions

Vinsmoke Numbers Reveal Potential Events

  1. Theo Ries
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    The Germa 66 royals have mastered the art of making a regal entrance. Every time they strike their seemingly rehearsed poses, they make a statement. Perhaps Oda is making more of a statement than the casual reader would perceive on the surface. Although the following theory is somewhat speculative, you will soon discover the connections are too convenient to not have been planned at some level.


    Oda has a healthy history of mixing messages subtly amongst the seemingly straightforward frames of his epic manga. As evidence of his handiwork, decades of One Piece theorists have been busy unearthing buried clues in cover pages. For the purposes of this theory, each time Germa 66 strikes a pose and displays their digits, we will consider the events of the current chapter as well as the one being referenced by the Vinsmokes. Any significant connections will be proposed for potential plot predicitons. Secondly, since One Piece has yet to reach over 1000 chapters, Reiju’s “0” will only be applied if it is used in the middle of two other numbers. Lastly, if one of the sibling’s numbers seems to be overtly obscured, we’ll assume that Oda did so deliberately (as with Ichiji’s below).


    If the Vinsmoke’s numbers do not seem to be intentionally featured, the frame won’t be used here. Nonetheless, feel free to mention any pages from the manga that you feel should have been included (even if they discredit the validity of this post). However, please stick to the guidelines given in the second paragraph. The main goal here is to present a theory for possible future events using hypothetical hints offered by Oda in this way.

    (021) A Double Introduction for Germa Double Six:

    What’s happening in Chapter 825?

    We get our first glimpse of Germa 66 as Vito admits to being a member of the Oro Jackson forum’s Vinsmoke fan-page. Uncharacteristically, Oda also provides the first true look at one of the Vinsmoke siblings in the same chapter. Meanwhile, Luffy lays suffering from having eaten a poisonous fish skin.

    What happened in Chapter 21?

    On the cover of the chapter titled “Town”, Luffy has just eaten a picnic and is napping with a tiger. Nami is again asked to join the crew, and she agrees to a temporary partnership. The Orange Town arc is coming to an end as the soon-to-be Strawhats make a hasty getaway.

    What could this mean for upcoming events?

    This begins a trending theme of “arc finale” references. In both chapters, Luffy’s eating has him knocked out. For those who have read up to Chapter 898, “unconscious” is also his current state, so the events potentially being referenced in this panel could be nearing their moment of truth. In addition to an arc’s closing, what was the main focus of the chapter? A female crew member will have the chance to join (and this is not the only example where we will see this referenced).

    (421.0) Raid Suits amidst a Raid:

    What’s happening in Chapter 869?

    Big Mom’s soul-piercing scream knocks the Tamatebako box over the edge of Whole Cake Chateau, promising the devastating explosion that will soon bring the party crashing to a halt. The Vinsmokes get their raid suits back amidst the wedding crashers’ chaos, and the allies retreat into Bege’s castle.

    What happened in Chapter 421?

    On the cover, Robin is playing pool against three well-dressed koalas. The chapter is titled… “Gear Third” (and for good reason). As the arc reaches its conclusion, Luffy takes out Lucci with his newly revealed form. Meanwhile, the Strawhats retreat from the Buster Call that has just begun.

    What could this mean for upcoming events?

    Once again, the chapter being showcased is at the end of an arc. After comparing the two chapters, there is a subtle connection being made with the cover image hinting at the Strawhats beginning to “play nice” with the Vinsmokes. Looking to the referenced chapter for clues, it hints at two potential events: Luffy reveals a new form and a potential Buster Call to bring Whole Cake Island to a calamitous close. Unfortunately for those still holding out hope for Gear 5th, Luffy has already unleashed an upgrade (as revealed in Chapter 984 versus Katakuri). Furthermore, the Buster Call and Tamatebako explosion may actually be connections between the chapters instead of a foreshadowing of Oda’s intentions. Nonetheless, we can still hold out for a Buster Call (which will satisfy the hopes of so many theorists).

    (214) The Siblings and the Sacrifice:

    What’s happening here in Chapter 897?

    The chapter, titled “Pekoms’s Cacao Island Escape Plan”, has Sanji being pursued by the Big Mom pirates (with Luffy in tow). Pedro sacrifices himself to divert the The Big Mom fleet is crushed and sinking at the port, and Germa appears to ensure the Strawhats’ escape.

    What happened in Chapter 214?

    On the cover, an undersea village is crushed by a sinking ship. The chapter, titled “Plan to Escape from the Kingdom of Sand”, has the Strawhats being pursued by the Marines after they receive new bounties. Mr. 2 (Bon Clay/Bentham) sacrifices himself to divert the captors. Meanwhile, Vivi has been given 12 hours to contemplate whether or not she will join the crew.

    What could this mean for upcoming events?

    There are many direct correlations between these chapters; even the titles suggest similarities. We can assume that the events hinted up to this point may soon be coming to pass. Once again, an arc is concluding; once again, a female crew member is being offered a chance to join the Strawhats.

    (66) Future Events Proposed by a Pose:

    Finally, we would be remiss to not check into Chapter 66. If there is ANY true message Oda is trying to communicate, surely the numbers within Germa 66 itself would contain a connection to the larger story.

    What happened in Chapter 66?

    The leader (Don Kreig) is defeated by Luffy and then knocked out by his ally (Gin). Sanji saves Luffy from drowning.

    What could this mean for upcoming events?

    As with ALL of the other examples, we have an “arc finale” theme. In the most recent chapter (898), Sanji is “saving” Luffy as he declared he would just chapters prior. As Whole Cake Island’s arc wraps up, we may be able to witness the leader (Big Mom) be knocked out by her ally….

    One final question: Who do you believe will "knock out" Big Mom? Her daughter, Pudding? Her former head of security, Capone Bege? Another?


    In conclusion, what might we hope to see soon (if this long-shot actually proves true)?
    • The events foreshadowed will take place during the arc’s finale.
    • Luffy may reveal an epic upgrade (if this hasn’t already happened with Gear 4th Snake Man).
    • A Buster Call may bring a final end to Big Mom’s false utopia (if the Tamatebako explosion wasn’t this arc’s equivalent).
    • Big Mom will be knocked out by one of her own allies.
    • A female crew member will be offered the chance to join.
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    I really enjoyed reading this theory and you have very nice connections between the chapters!!
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