Theory Fate of Kozuki Momonosuke ?

Next victim to be saved or next strawhat ?

  1. Dave
    Hi guys this one u wont like for reasons u’ll soon know this one will be short one

    Kozuki Momonosuke is a spoiled shity brat who like to piss off in manga and anime and us too :lmao:
    but under all shittiness he is scared little kid who lost his father and mother and has been running for awhile for his life while many people think he’ll become shogun and etc …. And resume his duties as leader of kozuki house hold I WOULD LIKE TO POLITELY DISAGREE :kappa:

    MOMO {for sake of simplicity I’d like to call him momo } is become next strawhat !! There I said it :lmao: now before u throw stones at me please read till end
    Basic strawhat criteria:
    Modeled after legendary theorist @beck san basic strawhat /nakama pattern

    "Dream ,sad and tragic past ,position on ship ,role in story ahead ,uniqueness of power and quirks and a loner/outsider"
    Every strawhat up-till now every strawhat has followed above pattern hence I’ll use to show momo fits in above
    Sad Past :
    132.jpg 2.jpg

    As everyone should know by now both his parents were killed by kaido and hence sad momo wants revenge and luffy as usual will help him get it
    A Loner/outsider :
    all strawhats at some point have been loner in their past which leads their current selves like zoro’s reputation of being lone bounty hunter is fixed with name as pirate hunter ,same goes for nami still know as cat burglar ,jinbei as lone shichibukai this gives as a prospective that strawhats are not just bunch of everyday people they unique individuals hence same happened to momo even if he was surrounded by kids he intended to reject their company and yet still ended up saving them

    When luffy found zoro he was tied up and trapped by marines

    When luffy found jinbei he was tied up and caged in impel down

    When luffy found momo he trapped underground starving in punk hazard
    One Piece chapter 685 (2).jpg

    Position on Ship : Cabin Boy

    Cabin boys often aspire to become sailors themselves. As the name suggests, most cabin boys are too young or inexperienced to have any other kind of job. They rarely see combat but some are able to defend themselves.Many will argue he is too young to be on ship but dats definition of cabin boy even luffy aspired to be one and asked shanks to take him 4a.jpg
    with him .More prominent characters like Shanks-buggy and Coby-Hellmepo started out as cabin boys
    Helmeppo_Threatens_Coby.png Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 11.59.39 AM.png

    And fact is never treats anyone as a child he has shown it multiple time that he vaules everyone equally as evident by this panel 16.jpg

    Uniqueness :

    This were it gets interesting we know that both luffy and momo have VOAT [Voice of all things ] but apparently VOAT can manifest differently in different race/individual based on their linage I have discussed it in my theory ancient bloodlines and ancient beast check for more info
    short version

    • both luffy and shirahoshi can hear sea kings but only shirahoshi can control them
    • both luffy and momo can hear zunishia but only momo can control him
    • apparently purin’s 3rd eye can also function powers of VOAT but different then luffy /roger [more on this soon]
    Pieces to Raftal :

    Now in one piece there are certain characters without whom u CANNOT become true pirate king

    Poseiden :
    reason Roger true pirate king or one to become true successor to Joy Boy was Poseidon was not present in his era think one of important promises by joy boy which meant so much to him that he wrote a separate poneglyph just to apologize Poseidon and roger couldn’t fulfill that ,but luffy can becoz of shirahoshi
    Navigator :
    its not just a navigator but it requires a exceptional navigator to reach raftal which is why nami is best unlike noramal navigators name feels weather with her body #notdirty :lmao: and able to tell slightest change in weather 6.jpg
    Archeologist :
    With current luffy not able to listen to poneglyph to decipher even if he did I cant imagine he’d able understand void century history lesson hence Nico robin
    Purin :
    hate her all u want but I belive she is next strawhat :kappa: now oda introduced as next potential VOAT candidate by awakening of her 3rd eye I don’t see big mom becoming pirate queen using so she is waste along side her hence like other VOAT users shirahoshi and MOMO she’ll help luffy too
    Now main part Stonemasons :
    like shirahoshi been mermaid princess is reflected in her VOAT hence she can control sea kings hence momo who has stonemason linage has more affinity with poneglyph

    Don’t understand wat I mean ? since momo has arrived to zou he been feeling sick
    4.jpg 7.jpg
    Sickness grows as he grows as gets closer to whale forest or Red poneglyph this is very crucial part of his powers please remember this
    13.jpg 14.jpg
    Luffy was in zou and whale forest but wasn’t a bit sick and didn’t hear anything he only heard when zunisha started to scream which luffy and momo hear at same time

    Same thing happened in fishman island he and shirahoshi heard sea kings but only shirahoshi was able speak with them
    So whats momo’s hidden power and Role in future ?
    He can find poneglyphs , when u see momo with nami or robin I sure u get angry AF (coz I do ) oda is using it as gag but I think there is symbolism to it (not the pervert part ofcourse :kappa: )

    If Momo has ability to find poneglyphs then he can help strawhats find missing 4th road poneglyph and hence helping navigator nami .This ability is comes most handy to robin as poneglyph hunter (ZoRobin reference lol ) he can help find more unknown poneglyphs faster .Beside that momo has rare dragon devil fruit whose abilities are still unknown

    Dreams :
    basic reason I don’t think momo will remain in wano aftr arc is bcoz
    Legacy of kozuki clan :
    Kozuki clan are clan of stonemason and after passing of oden all knowledge is Lost as well
    So whats duty of momo as leader to resume empty position of dimiyo ? or to restore whats his clan known for as stonemasons and to do that he has to learn ancient language who can teach that ? its robin

    Following oden ?
    With punk hazard to zou we see how much kinemon and momo have changed there out look on world and pirates. #strawhateffect
    In past kinemon and kanjuro refused to leave wano along with oden bcoz their attitude towards pirates and laws of wano But now its different I m sure they will leave with momo ,Momo’s basic goal will be to learn of ancient language and stonemason skills with help of robin and
    Truth of world :this is the secret for which oden died for ,Momo in my opinion will also follow route which his dad took and go to raftal and find secret to world accompanied by minks like pedro and carrot maybe and kinemon and raizo(Bcoz all men are obessed with ninjas )
    early illustration by Oda for strawhats who do u think this one is ? [credits to @CAMUNAI ]
    Momo has ability to find Poneglyph and he’ll strawhats to discover many of them in future ,he’ll travel with strawhats and learn ancient language and inherit knowledge of kozuki clan as stonemasons by going to raftel


    1. 2c26c00e48729914a0d4474614453d5f96x96.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. AdvancedLuffy
    Wonderful theory.

    It is true that Oda foreshadows every new strawhat abilities till they are prominent for the crew.
  2. Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose
    This makes sense, though can't stand the little pervert, though if get pudding on board she see the truth and not be like nami/robin, so i guess that's a plus

    good points on momo learning how to read the stones taught by robin makes sense, all good points you shown and backed up.

    the finding ponoglpyhs reminds me of something else.
  3. Jeffrey zorofan
    Jeffrey zorofan
    Nice theory even though i hate Momo to join since he wouldv to b protected during battles... You have some pretty good standpoints and i think you may be right... He could fit for the 4th recruit criteria... The classy pervert and meeting a shichibukai which was Law(coz i was 1 of many who thought it would be Weevil, and forgot that Law was titled shichibukai after timeskip)
  4. Cyrenz98
    Nice work again!
    It has high possibilities and i really like momo to be oden of SHs and his df might one of the true celestial dragon (in your previous theory).
    But what would be his dream?:)
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx cyrenz took u long to read ^^
  5. dr. Jazz
    dr. Jazz
    Awesome theory ,, i like the part of momo will join the crew because he wants to learn about poneglyph language like his father and follow his father step ..
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