Theory Fairy chess in Totland's arc and what could await us (plus Harry potter and Alice)

Conections between chess games,the current and future arc

    Hi guys! CAMUNAI here, this is my first post and theory on this forum (and it won´t be the last). So I hope you like it and that you are not very harsh with my speculation and English level :p. I am not a specially talented chess player but all the information I post here is easily available on the internet. Here we go!!!:raisedhands::raisedhands::raisedhands:

    Note: Please check the updates of the theory after. ( Zou arc and CP0 are involved)

    As we all know Big Mom Pirates ranks are inspired by chess pieces. For now we have seen her chess army and the rook, bishop (Bobbin) and knight (Tamago) ranks. The four sweet commanders could be based of the four generals a player has in shogi (japanese chess).


    But I suspect that Oda took many more ideas from this iconic board game. First thing I noticed was that Capone ( ranked as a rook) was protecting Luffy (future pirate king) using his castle form. I think this is not a coincidence. Any habitual chess player can relate this three concepts (rook, king, castle) into a special chess move called... CASTLING! When a rook and the king haven´t been used the player can move both of them in the same turn.


    Still not convinced? Well, just bear with me. As some of you may know in chess there are some standarized strategies. Do you know how the most popular defense that uses "castling" is called? ....(Drum sound)..... The SICILIAN DEFENSE!:cigar:

    Obviously Capone Bege is based of Al Capone, he is the stereotype of the sicilian mafioso.So he is not only Sicilian in his strategy but also in his looks .


    The sicilian defense it not the only strategy with the name of a country. "French defense" and "German defense" are very habitual too. Does it ring a bell?

    Apart from "castling" there are other two special moves in chess: Promotion and "en passant". Promotion is a chess rule that requires a pawn that reaches its eighth rank to be replaced by a more poweful piece. Basically it is a power up for a pawn. The Vinsmokes were pawns for Big Mom, they were just pieces that were going to be sacrificed for her plan. At the start of the wedding the vinsmokes were weak but after wearing their suits they are not at a "pawn level" anymore. We could say they got "promoted".

    But those Vinsmokes are not the only pawns. Sanji and Pudding have been used as pawns the most. Does another power up await for them? Maybe Sanji will perform a death kick or a galaxy kick? Will Puddings third eye or devil fruit awaken and make everyone black out and forget about the wedding?

    Deeper into the rabbit hole

    As I discovered this I started to research even further and I found more interesting stuff.
    One of them being the "Fairy chess". Fairy chess is the area of chess composition in which there are some changes to the rules of chess. Now i want to compare some of the most popular chess variants to what has already happened in the Whole Cake Island Arc:

    Beirut Chess

    Beirut Chess follows all the rule of standard chess, with one difference: Before the game begins, each player secretly attaches a red dot to the bottom of one of their pieces. This piece is called a bomb carrier. On any turn, instead of moving, a player may say "Boom!" and overturn their bomb carrier. Beirut Chess bomb carriers can be thought of as wearing suicide vests.

    Where have we seen this you ask?


    In his fight against Tamago (the tamagotchi fruit user) pedro was willing to blow up himself to finish with several enemies. In addition he has been wearing typical outfit from Arabic countries.:turban:


    The game is played on a 10×10 board with all the standard chess pieces present, and in addition, two nuclea pieces (representing nuclear missiles) and two extra pawns per side.

    The game brings the concept of modern warfare weaponry to chess. A player can launch a missile at any time to any board square, occupied or not. The launched missile "destroys all pieces of either colour on the target square, as well as on all immediately surrounding squares. The missile itself is also destroyed in the launch.
    See the chess patern?

    Alice chess

    Alice Chess is a chess variant which employs two chessboards rather than one. The game is named after the main character "Alice" in Lewis Carroll's work Through the Looking-Glass, where transport through the mirror into an alternate world is portrayed on the chessboards by the after-move transfer of chess pieces between boards A and B.

    Doesn´t "board b" sound just as the mirror world from brulees ability? Plus the mirror world looks like a chess board. Could this mean that somehow some Big Mom pirate that was outside the mirror world will end trapped there?
    See the chess pattern?

    Atomic chess

    Standard rules of chess apply, but all captures result in an "explosion" through which all surrounding white and black pieces other than pawns are removed from play.

    As we all know the Tamatebako box may play a very important roll in the wedding. Could it explode as a fighter beats another just like in "atomic chess"? Perhaps a Big Mom pirate (pekoms?) fights against Du Feld for it and it ends in a big explosion that tilts the wedding cake.

    Fairy Pieces

    But that is not all! Fairy chess doesn´t only have different ways of playing it also has different pieces!

    As you can see "fairy pieces" are just a combination or modification of standard pieces. Some times they are reprensented
    As the a fusion of the two pieces they can imitate or others they take another look like a hawk, a unicorn a leopard or an elephant.

    Fairy pieces that may play a role

    So how can this come back in a future?
    With the CP0! Why? Because the only CP9 agents that got promoted are related to chess too.

    Spandam, repredented by the elephant:

    And Lucci represented by the leopard:

    (The leopard chess piece above)

    But how could this come into play? Remenber that cp9 needed Robin to read the poneglyph but they could even appear this arc to try to get Pudding, as she can potentially read them too.

    we also got another Chess reference with this hillarious crearure:

    The zebra and the unicorn both are fairy chess pieces! I found it very clever from oda to fuse them.​


    Here comes a heavy speculation. Could it be that Big Mom is hiding an actual fairy in her library? Furthermore, this fairy could fuse, heal or give a power-up to the protagonists. It could be a new creature or one we already saw. Maybe Manshery? A winged race person (Urouge)? There is a theory relating Monet to tincker bell (Link below) and doflamingo to peter pan too. I will explain this more later.


    There is even a chess variant ( Billiards chess) in which pieces bounce against the board. Could this confim that we are sgoint to see Gear Fourth "Bounceman" in this arc? There is another piece called archbishop, which is a bouncing rook + bishop. Could luffy semi-awaken and give capones castle his rubber properties?

    Standard pieces we know

    Absalom is working for the marines (stated by oda) so could he help the strawhats scape with his invisibility just to bring pudding to the cp0? Absalom has the hat of a bishop:


    There were people that look like zombies from thriller barc in the library, absalom could want to free them. If not maybe we see CP0 chasing pudding in a future arc.
    Pound (Paundo)= pawn


    See how Pounds boddy form looks like a pawn? Big head in a small body.

    We already have:
    Queen = Big Mom
    King= Strussen
    Bishop= Bobbin

    And now... Pawn=Pound

    The pawn is a usually underrated piece just as pound is overlooked. Pawns usually dont do much thing themselves but they are great as support for other pieces attack or defense.

    Pound looks like a nice person to me. I think that after seeing the explosion of the cake-casttle he will want to help his family even if he is hated by Big Mom. Pawns usually sacrifice themselves.

    Sanji's capabilities

    But how does all this theme affect Sanjis role? Whole Cake Island arc , inspired by chess, has been all about strategy, planning and deceiving. Just what Sanjis specialities are and what he has been built up for. I think that Sanji will not just be a mere piece on the board, I predict he will be the chess player. Remenber this is "Sanjis year". At some point his intellect will be needed and his cunning will shine.


    As for his opponent it is very clear to me. The only person that has shown chess player capacities is no other than Charlote Katakuri. His "seeing into the future" observations haki works similar to a chess master predicting the next moves of his opponent (some professional players can predict moves even 10 turns ahead). And he has been the only one giving commands and taking intelligent decisions. Remenber that Sanji gave him a death glare too.


    I know Sanjis fighting habilities are not at Katakuris level but both have great tactical skills and observation haki. At some point they may command their forces and sanji will win against him even if his pieces (allies) are not as strong as katakuris. Maybe he could control his brothers using Judges Helmet. So I hope we see an "intellect/strategy battle" between both. The numbers match, since the allied force s count with 17 peolple ( 16 pieces + player).

    Or it could just be Sanji tricking him into seeing a "fake future" and surprising him just after that. Being sanji from a "german"(and maybe he awakens his special DNA) family I think he could use some german named moves to defeat him, the following two seem appropiate to deceive katakuri:

    The zwischenzug ( intermediate move) is a chesstactic in which a player, instead of playing the expected move, first interposes another move posing an immediate threat that the opponent must answer, and only then plays the expected move.

    Zugzwang (compulsion to move) is a situation found in chess and other games wherein one player is put at a disadvantage because they must make a move when they would prefer to pass and not move.

    Ending of the arc

    To conclude: How can Totlands arc end? Well, in chess there are several ways a match can end:
    Checkmate: The player whose turn it is to move is in check and has no legal move to escape check.

    Resignation: Either player may resign, conceding the game to the opponent.

    Win on time: In games with a time control, a player wins if the opponent runs out of time, even if the opponent has a much superior position.

    Draw by agreement: Draws are most commonly reached by mutual agreement between the players.

    So which will it be? Will someone be defeated? Will they make a deal with big mom (David Back Fight)? Will a time limit save the strawhats? The allied forces seem to be in a checkmate position (resisting inside capone).

    The checkmate

    And now, the big question... Will the Big Mom pirates be defeated? My answer is "probably". In chess the winner takes down the opponents King. Even if the queen is the strongest piece of all the king is vital. And who is the King? The person that created the country along Big Mom and probably had her first children (perospero) with her, Streusen. He doesnt seem strong, but if he is defeated all Totlands islands may lose their food and chaos would reign. Or it could be that the current husband of Big Mom (or Pound) will play an important role?


    Win on time

    But i actually think someone may come in time to save the strawhats.Who? A cat and a phoenix. Why A Cat and a phoenix? Well, this is a bit off-topic but Big Mom seems to be based of the queen of hearts (Alice in wonderland) and Voldemort ( she can not be named in Elbaf and has horocuxes,( zeus,prometheus, napoleon)). Both protagonist were saved by a cat and a phoenix ( Chamber of secrets book). And the phoenix's tears cured Harry just as Manshery's do.


    Big Mom ( Voldemort) also mentioned she had a griffin, a centaur (from punk hazard) and a Unicorn in her library just as the ones that saved Harry. But what a greater reference could there be when this summer of 2017 were both series 20th anniversary takes place?? ( Oda loves Harry potter by the way).


    So who are the savior cat and phoenix? First possibility: Marco and Nekomamushi. Check this chess reference:

    Here Marco names his captain "king" as the leader chess piece (even if whitebeard didnt want to be the pirate king). Wouldnt it be cool if Marco used a similar sentence refering to Luffy? (" Time is over and you could tske down the king").

    Remenber Marco could appear because Nekomamushi has gone to find him so he can ally against Kaido. But once luffy and the others appear in Wano we will have already a recap of what zoro and the others did. Another recap from Marco wouldnt fit, its much better to have it as a tansition between the two arcs. Plus, it looks lke someone has to take sanji and lufy out of there if caesar takes capone and they are outside of him.


    The hawk
    is a fairy chess piece, so who knows...

    Another way the phoenix could appear would be Monet. She would be a reborn bird (like phoenixes) after "dying" in Punk Hazard, based of a fairy from peter pan (another disney reference) , a hawk (half of it), and may be a referencing Harry hiself ( she has harrys glasses and could look like hedwig, harrys owl). Plus she is wearing a shirt that says HAppY, referencing HArrY and a HArpY.


    Hedwig's species is SNOWY OWL, indeed represents Monet, the snow logia user.
    Remenber Monet is based on a Fairy too (check the link to the theory)

    Tinker Bell is Peter Pan's right-hand, so is Hedwig is Harry's right hand. Both Tinker Bell & Hedwig has shown the apparent death. If Monet indeed survives, her status not just as an astronomer but also can be a Messenger, the way Lafitte of BB is also a messenger for BB pirates.

    So Monet is a fairy ( a kind of chess), a hawk ( a fairy chess piece) a phoenix and a magicians owl (two harry potter references) and a Disney character! Referenception!! On top of that, we still dont know why she helped the strawhats to scape in Punk Hazard.

    But maybe Nekomamushi is not the cat who saves them, the second possibility: Some people think Absalom could be the character referencing the chesire cat (alice in wonderland) because he looks like a feline and can become invisible too. That also would fit the theme because he has the hat of a bishop.



    Another relevant point is if someone will sacrifice himself. In my opinion it will. Gambit is a common move in chess. It is a chess opening in which a player, more often White, sacrifices material in order to get a better position. Usually pawns are sacrificed, maybe the germa uses his clon army doing a "great wall" with all of his soldiers together? Or as we have seen, Germa (The pawns) decided to protect Luffys and Capones crews probably dying in doing so.

    Alice comes to play
    As said before Oda seem inspired by "Alice in wonderland".


    Now I want to share something interesting I found:

    What you see in the picture above is alice with two friends the mock trutle and the griffin. How does this relate to WCI arc? It's simple:
    does this relate to WCI arc? It's simple:


    As a lot of people speculated time ago Pekoms is based of the mock turtle. But I think no one mentioned that Big Mom has a griffin in her library:


    As we all know Pekoms wants to get to the chateau but there is no way to get there since Persperos stairs melt time ago. Unless... He gets there flying on his "friend's" back!
    See how the creatures that are inprisoned want to scape. I think the tamatebako will open a hole that will liberate the prisoners and Pekoms will do as Harry did (use a griffin to leave the prison).

    Remenber that the library is at the bottom of the whole cake casttle/tower so of the bomb falls into the floor it will be placed in the perfect place to destroy the prison and to be available for pekoms to get there

    Will the Hawk chess piece be enbodied by the griffin? The hawk moves like a knight or a bishop.
    If you want to see a more updated version of the theory please check the "Escaping WCI: The arabian nights" (linknin the description)

    As an aditional fact, Totland means "deathland" in german and Death has been depicted playing chess in multiple ocassions.


    Phewwww!!! That was all! It seemed shorter in my mind! I hope you enjoyed my speculation and even if you don´t agree on everything I am sure you learned some interesting thing about chess!
    But this doesn´t end here! You can still make much more predictions based on Chess! Do you know any famous mach between a german and a french player that could suit the wedding ceremony? Any Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland plot point?

    What about pudding you ask?? Unfortunately I couldnt find any chess relation to her character. There is a fairy piece called "princess" but thats all. Anyway I found an interesting pattern. Pu has arabic clothing, rides a flying carpet and has been hit by a genie. See where I am going? Her theme is the "1001 nights" novel. I feel like somehow she will be related to Aladdin ( Jinbe's second). In chapter 870 being able to fly was highlighted, it looks like she is the only Big Mom pirate able to fly. She could scape to the Sun pirates ship. It could be that she ends up in fishman island ( Luffys future territory).

    Special thanks to
    @Naomi Rose , @DevilChild93 , @YakkiOnigiriZoro and @Zero Zero No Mi

Recent Reviews

  1. NamisOrigin
    Although many things were not what happened.... But may happen in future. Loved it.
  2. Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose
    hmm i still don't understand chess, but I understand as you pointed out oda hinting to fairy chess, and point you made.

    also Smoothie could be unicorn (did theory on her possible have unicorn df, since he design and traits match the unicorn, but she has dehydration fruit, and can heal poison out like unicorn, close enough.)
  3. Cpt.
    Cool connection with Pedro and Capone (I was aware of Sicilian defense but didn’t think about Capone being from there and chess). A lot of things were too far fetched after that, but nice ideas to see.
  4. Birdy
    A very entertaining read. You pointed out some references I would have missed otherwise. However, Streussen is not the king. The king is valuable, though unable to fight, and the game is won when the king is toppled... hmm, I wonder what was toppled during the climax..? The cake! The cake is king! Notice how the strawhats are making a new cake, which means that they also have a king. When their king stands, and the opponent's king is toppled, that's when they will win the game.
    1. CAMUNAI
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Well, now that we got more chapters it could be said that Katakuri can be the King. He isn't as powerful as Big Mom but he is commanding the rest of the people. He is also veery similar to Luffy and Luffy wants to be the king, so...

      Now I have other idea about what could happen if youre interested please check my "Escaping WCI..." Theory
  5. Zoro.Senpai
    Amazing work ! 1st time to realize connections to Harry Potter !
    From what I know about Oda, He always gives hints, but never the full info. That's why we can never be 100% sure about what will happen :D
    But since WCI arc resembles a chess match, what if we could represent the arc with chess pieces and moves from the very beginning. And with each chapter, we move the game accordingly (BM moves -> Move the queen of the BM team, Luffy moves -> move the king of the SW team ...etc), maybe that's how Oda is thinking after all !
    1. CAMUNAI
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review Zoro! Well, the second part of this theory is already out, the "hawk" piece could actually be choppers birds. I think most of the things stated in both theories are still probable (except for the strussen thing, I wrote that weeks ago).
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