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alien races in One piece

  1. Dave
    Hi guys there are alien races in one piece who arrived from the moon we know them as winged race or shandia ,skypeia and brikia but in these theory I'll try to proof that they not only ones who arrived at period

    One of biggest questions one piece is when will we meet space pirates or travel to moon?
    My answer to that is "never" ,Now there are 6 moons in one piece universe and we only know about one which is brika homeland of winged race .Similarly I believe 5 different races arrived from other 5 moons before void century .Hence I believe we may not actually travel to moon instead learn about them via these 6 races,we have already met winged race.

    1.Winged Race
    Shandora was built in 402 by the Shandorians, the ancestors of the Shandia . During the Void Century , Shandora fell to the Twenty Kingdoms that would soon become the World Government . The Shandia fought to protect their poneglyph . After the Void Century, Shandora crumbled to ruins but the Shandia continued to guard the city.
    The word "Shandora" stems from the Sanskrit word for the Moon, "Chandra", which is where the Shandorian race originated from.

    2.Minks Tribe
    The Mink Tribe is a race in the One Piece world. They were first mentioned in the list of slave prices that Duval showed to Sanji. They live in the Mokomo Dukedom on top of Zou, and have largely remained isolated from other human civilizations for 1000 years
    The minks of Zou are extremely loyal to their friends, sacrificing themselves and their country in order to protect them. This is prominently displayed by their strong bond with the members of the Kozuki Family from Wano Country, long-time friends who they consider family.
    a2b533e247ba703a7f43900481946b14e1800f65_hq.jpg kinemon.jpg
    Kozuki, but actually it is wrote 'Kou-tsuki', 'Kou' or we read it 'Ko' from 光 means light, shine, or gleam. And 'Zuki' from 'Tsuki' 月 means moon or month. So I can say it means "Moon light".At some point within the last 1000 years, the Mink Tribe established the Mokomo Dukedom on the back of Zunisha.This kingdom was also established Around same time as shandora Was built .

    Some more evidence: of minks to moon
    4.JPG pirates : minks show a great amount of resemblance to space pirates
    3. Space pirates use electro which is traits particular only to minks as mentioned by carrot also


    Over 900 years ago, the dwarves set out to sea in search of resources. Around same time as winged race and minks since they also ran out resources .The Donquixote Family proposed a treaty in which they would provide shelter and resources in exchange for manual labor. As Gancho puts it, this was the darkest period of the Tontatta tribe. The Donquixote Family enslaved the dwarves and the humans of Dressrosa prospered from their labor

    I believe they are creators of Giant Jack

    Why because their ability to grow giant plants which we have seen in dressrosa ,What does giant jack has to do with this leads us to next Race
    Giants of Elbaf:

    Giant Jack is a beanstalk, a reference to the English folk-tale of Jack and the Beanstalk .
    The winged race used balloons to ascend down from moon same can said for minks and tontattas but for giants it's not possible hence they climbed down via giant jack to earth

    To be honest these 2 are pure speculation as they included in same fairy tale settings as tontatta,winged race and giants


    myths, Klabautermann is said to be a male seafaring spirit that aids ships of crews that truly deserve it, rather than being an incarnation of the ship. Klabautermann means "ship's kobold" in German, a kobold being the spirit itself.
    Merry8.png Klabautermann-610x380.jpg
    There is also one bad omen associated with it. The spirit only makes itself visible to the crew of a doomed ship. This is shown to be true in One Piece, as Usopp saw the spirit fixing Going Merry back in Skypiea, and in the end, due to various events occurring, Going Merry was broken beyond repair and had to receive her Viking funeral.

    Viking funeral of merry go by fire may also be foreshadowed to elbaf which is also Viking themed according to me
    The Snake Neck Tribe
    The Snakeneck Tribe (蛇首族, Hebi kubi-zoku ) is a tribe in the world of One Piece . They are mentioned in the list of slave prices that Duval gives to sanji
    The Snakeneck Tribe are valued as slaves by normal humans considering the standard price for a Snakeneck Tribe member is 700,000.

    Why this tribe :

    This tribe has several factors common with above races like

    1.we can consider them a isolated tribe similar to minks ,winged races we have not even seen them up till now that 65% of one piece is completed

    2. We can also see. Them along with races above

    • Apart from Klabautermann all of above races are isolated races in even in current timeline
    • They all arrived in between 1100-900 years (that is 100-200years before void century)

    Note : why title is fairies of one piece because moon was named as fairy vearth by enel and skypeians
    special credits @Yasin for wonderful cover


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  1. L E T F A R
    L E T F A R
    Good read. :) Damn I don't know what to write so I'm just typing to suffice the minimum word count. :) HAHA
    BTW, I'd like to request if you can make a connection between the Tontattas and the tree of the Devil Fruits, just like with the Giant Jack. :D
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx and abt tonttaa and DFs i'll think abt it ^^
  2. Gumshoe
    First time I've heard of the mink's connection to the space races and the viking funeral of the Going Merry. Good read!
  3. Ace D See
    Ace D See
    Amazing work!!! Very good research and analysis. Keep doing like this! Tks
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx mate ^^
  4. Blue gear
    Blue gear
    nice that you add a link in your other post "journey-to-uranus-winged-race" to this one! really cool summary and connections! also never read it before about the snake tribe! thumbs up mate.
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx bluw gear :D
  5. Navy_Force
    I love it. You've connected the myths to our fables in a believable and understandable manner with plenty of logical deduction. A well deserved 5 star :D.
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx navy glad u liked it :D
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