Theory Escaping WCI: The arabian nights and the Bustercall

Giant birds will save the crew.

    Hi guys! Hope you are doing well. In this post I am explaining how the mugiwaras could leave WCI. I want also to say sorry, because I told some people I was doing a theory on Devil fruits for this break but I wasnt expecting it to be this soon. So I am posting a much more "lighter" theory.

    The Arabian Nights
    So a very particular thing from this arc which has been pretty overlooked is the amount of references to the novel "The arabian nights" A.K.A " The thousand and one nights".


    This novel is about a King who has lost faith on finding a woman with good heart so he just spends the night with a different lover, next morning the women would be executed. Until Sherezade appears in his life, this clever, nice and beautiful girl told a story to the king every night but she did not finish it in order to leave the king with a cliffhanger until the next day so he couldnt kill her.

    For sure you will know some of the nost famous stories told by Sherezade: "Aladdin's Wonderful Lamp", "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves", and "The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor.

    So which references have we already seen?.

    Aladdin references

    -Pudding has arabic clothing and rides a flying carpet , which is called arabian) and like the princess of the tale doesnt want her parent to decide her husband.

    -Daifuku is a genie in a lamp.

    -Jinbe's second mate is named Aladdin (and looks like a genie too)

    Ali baba references
    Brook and Pedro are dressed arabic style and get into a secret chamber to get a treasure being noticed but fulfilling their purpose.

    Simbad references

    Well, this story is a bit less known. But just for you to know this may be the first tale ever told about piracy, so this took Oda's attention for sure. Simbad was a poor man that decided to travel the seas and had 7 great voyages.

    I think Oda took many inspirations from this tale not only for the current arc but for One piece in general. Let's see some of the journeys:

    First journey: Simbad arrives to an island which happens to actually be a giant whale. (Laboon)

    Second journey: simbad gets casted away to an island full if diamonds but he has no food. (Sanjis flashback)

    Fourth journey: Simbad arrives to an island where people have eating disorders. They get crazy periodically after eating a poisonous food. Simbad gets married and they capture him and make him prisoner. Later an animal shows him a escape-path. (This is very similar to WCI in my opinion)

    In the movie "The seventh voyage of Sinbad" he falls in love with a Princess and their coming marriage is meant to secure peace between her parent's realm and Sinbad's homeland.

    In addition Simbad always tells the Califa about his last journey. Sanji "fights" against Califa (the soap woman).


    Also in his last journey Simbad fights bird-people, who are actually demons. I think Sanji will fight Laffite, he is somehow similar to him for me and he has a flying zoan.

    Now the most important thing for this theory:

    In his second and fifth journey Simbad has troubles with the legendary creatures called "Roc". These are giant birds. In one ocassion Simbads crew is about to eat a giant egg but suddently a giant newborn chick breaks the egg and her mother comes to rescue him. In another time Simbad uses a Roc to escape from an island.




    Do you know where i am going??:cool:
    Check this pannels and tell me if this doesnt have a high chance of happening:

    Giant eggs to eat :

    They are considered mythical:


    We still have some:

    So yes, one of the mythical ingredients they want to eat are giant eggs. Although Perospero implied there are not egg left Pudding says there are some spared.

    The Bustercall

    The editor of One Piece said the climax of the arc hasnt arrived yet. This is not a original idea from me, but like other people in my opinion a bustercall will happen because stussy thinks the BM pirates are weakened, she is from CP0 and said "Is this the end of BM pirates...?". Plus as the youtuber @JoyBoy pointed out this cover page with the tittle "Bustercall" and a "exploded" cake says it all.

    And if you, as many other people, believe that the arcs from the New World are paralelling the ones pre-timeskip, remember we had a Buster Call in Ennies Lobby, an arc very similar to WCI. So who is coming in the buster call? These giraffes tell us the answer:


    -First giraffe: Akainu, same tattoos

    -Third giraffe: Fujitora, with eyes closed and with a poster saying "next". He would make his first appearance a few chapters ahead.

    -Fourth giraffe: Greenbull ( the japanese name doesnt mean "bull", it is a more geneirc word), look at his tattoo pattern. Now look to the tattos of the left arm of this Bisson:

    Perfect match!

    Now... So then who is the second giraffe??? Easy, the other admiral left, Kizaru. His Star pattern is a symbol of light and he also has that confident/mocking glare he gave to marco and Beck Beckman.

    So what does kizarus giraffe tattos tell us? To me the skull simbolizes Totland. Totland means deathland in german and we already have seen 4 people die before the climax arrived, that is a lot for One piece. Jinbe also has the skull pattern on his kimono. So Akainu will tell to Kizaru to go to Totland and end with the Big Mom pirates.

    And as @dizzy2341 noticed, the G-77 tattoo, well it can be related to a change in Germa double six. What change? I dont know but maybe kizaru arrives in a "bustercall" and kills Judge. Making Reiju taking the command of the new GERMA DOUBLE SEVEN.(Sanjis first bounty is 77 million). A fight between Kizaru and Sanji has been teased already and a lot of people want to see it, if kizaru killed Judge that would be extra hype for the future.


    Most of the people would prefer Greenbull to appear but I think he should shine in his first appearance and now its not the moment for that.

    With a Reverie in the near future sending an admiral is a big deal, but if Stussy called the headquarters saying " I've seen the big mom pirates falling from the top of WCI, they are weak now" I can see akainu really going crazy to take down a yonko. He is not like sengoku, he wants absolute justice and doesnt believe in the power balance. And that could be a mistake he does that can take a role in a future.


    The Escape

    The bustercall would be perfect to make the Big Mom pirates forget about the strawhats. And at that moment the typical "deux ex machina" will happen.

    While Sanji is preparing the cake a giant egg will open on the sunny with an enormous chick crying for his mom. Everyone will be on panic since they can't cook the wedding cake and the buster call appears. Later a bunch of giabt birds appear and the mother will consider the Sunny looks like a perfect nest. Some pannels later this will happen:

    Isn't a birth in death-land very poetic? After so many people dying a newborn could save the protagonists.

    A bunch of birds will take the sunny and the strawhats will escape from totland flying, avoiding the bustercall and the Big Mom pirates. Since the colorspread says " the winner takes it all". They are probably taking the ingredients with them. The colorspreads shows flour and sake containers. (They may be eating cake for a week haha).

    The thousand sunny got his name because it would travel " a thousand seas of sunny days" similar to the thousand nights of tales from the book. In the colorspread I posted it looks like the birds are using ropes to take the ship.

    This would be the perfect moment for Luffy to use his voice of all things to control the birds. Or it could be that Chopper spent the timeskip with giant birds for this moment, remember Chopper can speak to the animals too.


    Flight has been teased to be important to escape. And also, i
    n a recent theory video by @JoyBoy he reminded people that at night the candy-sea gets solidified and that it is not possible to navigate on it. Nami specifies that they will get to cocoa island at night so they wont be able to escape Totland by normal means. This means that they will need to escape flying or underwater


    How does the chick get into the sunny?

    The plan is to bake the cake is cocoa island and to bring it to the sunny on another ship.


    What I think could happen is that while the three cooks are baking the cake one of those eggs breaks and the chick appears. As you may know, newborn chicks believe that the first thing they see as of their mother, this would make the chick attached to sanji , pudding and chiffon. Once the cake is coocked the chick will follow them to the sunny in a comical way.

    Also remember how obssesed I was with a Hawk saving the strawhats this arc?? Well, this fits my chess theory nicely! Did you know chess origins are related to arabia? If you dont know what I am talking about please check it in the description.


    As you know the epithet of Judge is "Garuda", another giant mythical bird. So maybe he is called so due to his most powerful artifact being a giant sentai style aeroplane. An alternative would be that the strawhats are saved by this giant plane of the vinsmokes

    Btw Sanjis beautiful outfit is an arabic mehndi:


    can Monet appear since she is a bird-person just like in the seventh voyage?


    0,0001% chance, but:
    Also those eggs look similar to the egg from the orojackson. If the egg on the orojackson was the one creating the storm this egg could be thunderbird eggs. Or they could even be dragon eggs, the country they got the eggs from had a medieval knight and those dragons could head to Wano. @Saffron Kaizoku posted a picture in his last theory were dressrosas toys had the look of other characters: Moria, Inuarashi, Luffy, bonney... And another one looks like that Knight. Could those knights get in th alliance? European style dragons may live in wano too since the dragon ryuma killed was european style.

    Could this foreshadow Wano alliance????
    images (31).jpg

    We see nami, the sunny,carrot, fujitora inurashi, perona?, King riku?, Moria and.... The knight from the island of the eggs! ( Right below)

Recent Reviews

  1. CIVIC
    Dude, this is fantastic. I stopped reading at half because you are literally giving the spoilers lol
    1. CAMUNAI
      Author's Response
      hey, thanks a lot! To me the evidences are there, let´s see what happens! It´s funny because it is my simplest theory yet the most possibe one.
  2. Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose
    Good parallel to character and connection you made with the legendary egg linking to the roc, mythical birds. That would help in escape! though it reminded me of something ^^
  3. NikyuTai
    I absolutely LOVE this theory!

    The Arabian references are on point, great eye! Good point about the foreshadowing with the Buster Call title page, Idk how else the SHs would be able to get off of the island without some kind of MAJOR distraction, and the Marines would be perfect. I like the ties you made with the giraffes as well, Akainu and Kizaru are a definite!

    You start to lose me a bit with one of the eggs hatching while they're trying to make the cake. But at the same time, that would make for another great layer on top of everything else that would be going on. But I guess for WCI, nothing is impossible lol (I hope they end up flying away from the island too!!!)

    Such a great theory, I love it! Solid research was done and ties were made. Thanks!
    1. CAMUNAI
      Author's Response
      really? The egg hatching is the key of the theory though haha. Now that we know that there will be three hours of cooking and ten of traveling with the ship something extra needs to happen for sure. But with the sun pirates probably appearing, Luffy vs Katakuri, Big Mom free... I have no idea what could actually happen. The thing is that only sanji and luffy are on land and active. Will nami and the other find Pound?
  4. (deleted member)
    Great Theory!
    I have only two things i could nag about...
    1. Bird-Demons reminds me more of Doflamingo who is also called "Yaksha - heavily Demon". But Laffite is also possible...
    2. Borsalino Vs. Sanji wasn't hinted at all...sure a lot of fans want that fight but there isn't much for that to happen...

    But like i said: it's still a great read with good research. I think this one is one of few theorys i enjoyed since a loooong time. So thank you for that. I might check your other theorys.
    1. CAMUNAI
      Author's Response
      Glad you enjoyed the theory, actually enjoyment is as important as feasibility to me. But my other theories may feel much more "dense".

      Well, those two points you wrote are pretty secundary, is more like a speculation. I didnt want to go into much detail with them but it seems that every strawhat has a paralell in the Blackbeard crew. Lafitte for example is probably the cook of BB pirates, he may have the siren zoan, if you are into the four horsemen theorh he may represent "famine", he is femenine similar to an okama, etc...
  5. Sir D. Crocodile
    Sir D. Crocodile
    Good theory, Buster call could be a good connection and fits with the whole idea that it all repeats itself, they get into a situation with no scape and end up scaping a buster call again.
    1. CAMUNAI
      Author's Response
      You are right! Tbh I didn't think about that. First they rescue Robin, now Sanji, Spandam=Stussy. So Kizaru also let the supernovas escape in Sabaody, he may let do the same this time. Actually this sound really repetitive I dont know if this argues in favor of the theory hahaha.
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