Theory Elbaf, Enel and the Norse Mythology

Connecting the Norse Mythology with the series (857+).

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    III. TYR
    V. THOR


    Elbaf is an island where the Strawhats are bound to go. It has been mentioned several times, and there's many people strongly believing that the Country of Giants will make an actual appearance in the storyline.

    Elbaf is already heavily linked to the Norse mythology and to the Vikings.

    1- Elbafs dress like Vikings.

    2- The Giant Pirates' ship is a Drakkar, the typical Viking's ship.

    3- Elbafs seem to believe in a God that praises brave warriors; in the Norse mythology, Odin welcomes brave warriors in the after death in a sumptuous hall, the Valhalla.

    4- Hajrudin's only named move is called "Gungnir"; in the Norse mythology, "Gungnir" is the name of the aforementioned god Odin.

    Now, let's move on to predict on which elements of the Norse mythology could be found on Elbaf.


    In the Norse mythology, Yggdrasil was the Tree that connected the Nine Worlds. It is of great importance and has a central importance.
    Yggdrasil is also sometimes alluded to as the Tree of Life.

    In One Piece, such a tree exists.

    I'm referring to the Adam Tree.
    In the Bible, Adam is also the first form of Life created by God, along with Eve.

    We also know that the country in which the Adam Tree is was always ravaged by endless wars. Could this country be Elbaf, since Elbafs are known for being barbaric?
    At least I believe so.

    Moreover, it would explain why the Adam Wood is so rare. The Giants would protect their Treasure Tree, so it'd be difficult to get hands on its wood.

    Sidenote: In the very same chapter the Adam Tree was introduced to us, Oimo and Kaashi decided to return to Elbaf, proposing to Usopp if he wanted to go along with them. This could possibly be a foreshadow of Oda.

    III. TYR

    This subdivision is inspired by @Zero Zero No Mi 's theory,
    Elbaf is under the protection of Shanks. Go check it!

    Tyr eventually lost his hand to the monstrous wolf Fenrir, just like Shanks lost his arm to a Sea King.

    Shanks is obviously based on Tyr.
    Moreover, Shanks' ship, the Red Force, is also a Drakkar.

    Finally, Shanks' epithet, "Red-Haired", is inspired by Erik the Red, an infamous Viking.

    Based on all of this, Shanks is most likely the Emperor protecting Elbaf and its Adam Tree.

    Interesting enough, Tyr can be considered the Norse counterpart of the Roman God Uranus.

    Could Uranus also be on Elbaf?


    Another aspect of the Norse mythology is that it is believed that the "World Snake" Jörmungandr is the one keeping the world assembled. It is a gigantic sea snake. In order to keep the world still, it wraps itself around the world and bites its own tail. Legend has it that once he let go of his tail, the Ragnarök will begin.

    Some people may remember that we already heard someone from Elbaf talking about a gigantic snake.
    Dory mentioned a "Great Serpent soaked in blood". But what does he mean? Perhaps is he referring to a snake, soaked in blood, that's also surrounding the world?

    The Redline is kind of a serpentine continent surrounding the One Piece World. It could appear to be soaked in blood, as it is red.

    Now, the interesting part.
    Many people believe that the series will end with an apocalyptic war, so perhaps this could hint towards the destruction of the Redline causing this war, and the submersion of the One Piece World.

    V. THOR

    Reminds you of someone in particular?

    Okay, I'll help out.
    Enel is inspired by Thor, as his signature attack bears his name. He's a God who controls thunder.

    Moreover, Thor is Jörmungandr's archenemy. This can be hinted by Enel and Nola's (useless) clash.
    If Thor is Jörmungandr's archenemy, and if Jörmungandr's fall would provoke Ragnarök, could Enel be the one to destroy the Redline and flood the entire world?

    I'd say yes.

    The tides are provoked by the Moon's location: the closer of the Earth it is, the higher the tide is.
    Enel is currently on the moon, he could make the Moon close enough of the Earth for the Redline to be flooded.


    So that is all for today, hope you liked it.

    Please keep in mind that English isn't my mother language, hence why there can be some mistakes.

    All feedback is accepted, but please explain why you're putting such rating or review.

    You can also discuss about it in the Discussion Thread.

    Thank you!

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  1. Captain_BreLion
    Outstanding theory! Very well put together!
    I know Enel has an attack name after Thor but I believe Luffy does too! I hope it’s like a Thor Gatling in Gear 5th or something that destroys it! Or maybe Uranus will destroy it if it’s in Elbaf!
  2. YiRen187

    The giant serpent soaked in blood it being the red line is very convincing, but just my own imagination perhaps it also refer to the road (red) poneglyp that is perhaps in ELBAF (and the giants use it as target practice) lol.
  3. Sniper king ussop
    Sniper king ussop
    It should be updated that in big mom origin story we can see a giant tree in the far right corner of the page when she is abondoned, there is also a shadowy figure behind it in the anime it is actually clear and almost impossible to see.
  4. Cythone578
    Interesting, very Interesting. The attention to detail was amazing and the theory itself was direct and had a great logic flow. Great Job!
  5. Afro Iceman
    Afro Iceman
    good work but can't bet when Oda sensei on other end. nice nordic theory
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