Theory Elbaf: Connections to Ragnarök? Part: I

Hajrudin is the key to Ragnarök?

  1. Randomite
    Hello OJ. Its been a while. I am here for a theory.

    So lets start.

    As a huge nerd of Nordic mythology, i have investigating our beloved giant Hajrudin. As you guys know, giants and Elbaf are connected to Nordic mythology. How do we know?

    First; Hajrudin’ s attack named after Odin’ s spear: Gungnir.

    Second; Big Mom’ s daughter, Lola is going to marry with Loki, who is an Elbaf Prince. Sound familiar? He is the Trickster God of Asgard in Nord Mythology.

    Third; Hajrudin’ s ship named Naglfar(according to One Piece Wikia).

    That bothers me a lot, beacuse Naglfar is not an ordinary ship. I did some digging and found out that;

    - Nalgfar means “nail ship” in Old Norse which will be captained by Loki.

    - It’s a ship made entirely from the fingernails and toenails of the dead.

    - Also Snorri Sturluson in the Prose Edda refers that “lest unpared nails from the dead be available for the completion of the construction of Naglfar, the ship used to transport the army of jötnar at Ragnarök.” (Jötnar=Giants)

    Ragnarök? It’s the Ragnarök. Final battle between gods and giants. Ragnarök ended with deaths of Loki, Thor, Odin, Fenryr, Tyr and many other gods. So we can think that Ragnarök will be the subject of Elbaf arc? What can cause an apocalypse in OP universe?

    It will continue with second part.

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  1. Maxpower818
    This makes Big Moms claim on how powerful the Giants are. Sound far more realistic to me. Never thought about them having GOD like strength that fits whatever Norse GOD they represent.
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