Theory Dragon's secret

Let's explore the 15+ year old mystery of Monkey D Dragon's tattoo

  1. Captain_BreLion
    Outstanding! I don’t remember who posted it but I think there was a theory of someone saying a Dragon would be guarding Raftel. Kind of fits! But anyway, AMAZING THEORY!!
  2. (deleted member)
    What can i say its really interesting it seems you are onto something.

    Maybe the tatoo is the final clues to that leads to the raftel.

    You just dragged me into reading one piece when i was about to drop it.

    I enjoyed reading it 10/10 , 5 is too short for the rating.
    1. Donal D. Trump
      Author's Response
      Your comment made my day. Bless your heart!
  3. Critical Mindset
    Critical Mindset
    Seems this theory is onto something. I also think that the next step after PK is RA and that Liffy will lead the revolution.
  4. Rej
    Beautiful and excellent theory!
    I love how simple this idea is and how well you died together open stuff. I always wanted to make a Dragon Tattoo analysis and you stole my dream! Great job I love it! I just would have called it something like "BEHIND THE CURTAIN: MONKEY D DRAGON" XD refering to the title of my Katakuri tattoo analysis.
    Joke aside, the Road Poneglyph theory looks not so strong to be real, but the potential, impact and neccessity is super strong and it's worth hyping and observing that idea!
    The Ryuma parallel is kinda a rumble, but tbh the complete context of the theory is making up for it! I just hope all this missing puzzles will make sense!

    Keep up dude!
    1. Donal D. Trump
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your feedback. I will edit the theory and make the "containment" part not as rushed. I took as a given pretty much because the precedent is clear in my head. I am glad you enjoyed it!
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